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Steven Hawke's amazing MAX'S Challenge transformation

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178 cm


Return Challenger Advanced

Reason to start The Challenge

I did the challenge in 2013 and got great results. It is time to get fit again.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I liked having a set diet and workout routine, also having a set finishing date gave me extra motivation to push harder in the gym and be strict with my diet. The final result of twelve weeks of hard work is definitely something I am happy with.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Trying to keep motivated and not cheat on my diet.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

Dropped 10 kg feeling a lot healthier and more energetic.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Do it. If you follow the program, you will loose weight, gain muscle and feel better. You might even need to buy smaller clothes.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Thanks again for a great Challenge. As a repeat challenger, I knew what I was in for and what to expect and once again I got some great results. The type of results I would not be able to achieve without the support of the Max's team and community.


  • Steven Hawke
    29 Jul 2018
    7:21 PM

    Black eye from AFL Masters just in time for final photos. Lucky I had a bad head to start with.

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