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"I was able to push myself to new limits this time. On my first try last year I had a weight loss I had not experienced in over 20 years. This time I achieved new goals with my overall fitness and physique."



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Reason to start The Challenge

Got to top 50 last year hope to make top 10 this time

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I was able to push myself to new limits this time.
On my first try last year I had a weight loss I had not experienced in over 20 years. This time I achieved new goals with my overall fitness and physique.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

I thought it would be easier second time around, but I was wrong. I lost 4kg in four weeks and then only 1 kg in the next four weeks.

I had to learn to push both my training and diet to the next level to achieve the result I wanted.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

This time I got into the challenge to be part of a team including my son and a work colleague. When they began to waiver and then quit it tested me. People close to me then questioned why I kept going?

"Because I hate to fail" was my response

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

It is a great way to improve mind and body. It helps keep us sharp and instils discipline

The work is hard but the results are worth it.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Thanks again to the team at Max's. I met more of you in person this time at the Arnold Classic. I enjoyed the products and the advice on line as well as great training plans.

I will continues this journey!


  • Steve Finlayson
    15 May 2015
    10:01 AM

    Max's Supplements - the best!

  • Steve Finlayson
    14 May 2015
    2:12 PM

    Arnold Classic 2015

  • Steve Finlayson
    14 May 2015
    2:10 PM

    Gym time!

  • Steve Finlayson
    5 May 2015
    12:18 PM

    Into the final two weeks. I am writing this blog to remind myself how tough this is. When I got down to my BMI i really started to struggle to get the weight down. I also celebrated my sons 21st and my own 52dn birthday. Enough for the excuses as I have trained very hard and will leave nothing out to the finish. It is funny how i also tried to pass blame as when I visited the Arnold Classic I (had to purchase about 20 Max cookies) I have eaten them all and was correctly Scolded by my trainer. The other supps were good of course and the night protein is perhaps my favourite (next to the cookies) No more excuses I am off to the Gym to get training

  • Steve Finlayson
    3 Apr 2015
    4:14 PM

    I am getting back on track change back to shredding as I was just easing off and getting bigger is not the goal

  • Steve Finlayson
    30 Mar 2015
    4:23 PM

    Succesfully changed goal to build size. While i really do not want to get any bigger I was dropping my weight below BMI and when I real goal is to look and be in good shape I need to be a least around BMI weight. So enough distractions time to go harder!!

  • Steve Finlayson
    22 Mar 2015
    10:27 AM

    A little off target as I wanted 82kg flat its only 200gms short but I know I will need to improve mI have be up and down on 82 -83 for a week now and will need to knuckle down to be a contender mI had the privilege of training with Chris Cormier yesterday mall I can say is wow i am going to take it easy today and heads down for the next eight weeks

  • Steve Finlayson
    16 Mar 2015
    9:42 AM

    Still have a little bit of a cough it seems to go and then return. I am getting through my workouts though. Went to the Arnold classic on the weekend and found it very inspirational. Bought a few things from the Max stand and got a free magazine with a lot of great tips. Weighed in at 83.2kg which is ok and on target to get down to 82kg by end of week/week 4.

  • Steve Finlayson
    10 Mar 2015
    1:59 PM

    Two weeks in and still have not recovered from that Shanghai/Spartan challenge cough I developed. At least I feel a bit better and have done some training. Weight at 82.9kg which is ok

  • Steve Finlayson
    3 Mar 2015
    2:23 PM

    Week one was tough due to this cough I cannot shake i still kept pretty active with 5 cardio sessions and 3 work outs with weights weighed in at 84 kg on Monday so a good start considering the health issues

  • Steve Finlayson
    23 Feb 2015
    5:42 PM

    Day one and I am still sick from a trip to China followed by a Spartan challenge which I was too sick to do,but did it anyway. It is time to start treating my body better and enjoy the process. I had a great Christmas break as well as so very focused on getting this right

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