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179 cm


Lean - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

I did Max's challenge a little over a year ago and was really happy with the results and the way I felt at the end.This past year hasn't been so good for me as I moved away to start a new job that I wasn't happy with and haven't kept up with diet or training only making it to the gym a handful of times this year. As a result I'm the heaviest I have ever been. I want to do Max's this year to get in the best shape of my life and stay that way as I'm now in my mid thirties and I know the older I get there will be health consequences with being so overweight.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

having a structured diet and training program makes it so everyone can do the challenge you don’t have to be a professional in the health and fitness industry. It takes the guess work out of it which is something I have struggled with trying to lose fat in the past.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Trying to get to the gym even when I wasn’t feeling like it. In the past I would just not go but I found during the challenge once I was at the gym I felt so much better that I turned up.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

It’s had a massive impact. Before the start of the challenge I had only been to the gym a couple of times in a year and had no motivation. I was shocked to find out I was 28% bodyfat which is in the obese range. It’s the biggest I have ever let myself get and I was feeling the health consequences, not sleeping well and pretty unhappy with myself. Doing this challenge I put in the best effort I could and didn’t let myself make excuses like I had in the past. I’m feeling so much better now losing over 17kg of fat and ready to continue my fitness journey.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a positive change in there life. The challenge isn’t easy but has made me stronger physically and mentally and is well worth it.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

It took me a while at the start to decide weather or not I was going to do this challenge but now I’m really happy I did.


  • Stephen Ganter
    18 Nov 2017
    9:59 AM


    Did a comparison pic today from week one to week 11 was pretty happy lost about 15kg. Feeling so much healthier and sleeping much better without all the extra weight.

  • Stephen Ganter
    25 Oct 2017
    11:25 AM


    Week 1 to week 8 comparisons 10kg down, really gotta push hard in the last 4 weeks

  • Stephen Ganter
    17 Oct 2017
    6:39 PM


    6km walk today after weights this morning feeling good this week.

  • Stephen Ganter
    3 Oct 2017
    3:04 PM

    Did my four week bodyfat calliper test today was pretty happy with results down 5.4% which puts me out of the obese range and into normal.

  • Stephen Ganter
    18 Sep 2017
    8:24 AM


    Nice breakfast to start off week three, starting to lose some weight and getting better in the gym every session.

  • Stephen Ganter
    14 Sep 2017
    12:28 PM

    Thursday lunch probably my favourite chicken and salad sandwiches👌

  • Stephen Ganter
    10 Sep 2017
    12:58 PM

    Amazing how good tuna salad and almonds tastes when your not eating any junk food

  • Stephen Ganter
    5 Sep 2017
    12:42 PM

    Did my bodyfat pinch test and measurements at gym today, my bodyfat for my height 28.4% is in the obese range which is a wake up call really gonna have to knuckle down now.

  • Stephen Ganter
    4 Sep 2017
    12:42 PM

    Got my supplements ready to go

  • Stephen Ganter
    29 Aug 2017
    1:46 PM


  • Stephen Ganter
    29 Aug 2017
    1:44 PM

    Side view fairly depressing pic but things are gonna change.

  • Stephen Ganter
    29 Aug 2017
    1:41 PM


    Start of challenge 113kg the heaviest I have ever been gonna have to put in a real effort over the next 12 weeks

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