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185 cm


Lean - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

I have been going to the gym for a long time but never seem to get any fitter or get any shape I need the help and extra drive to reach my goal

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The challenge was set out very well so it was easy to follow. 4 weeks was a great time to change the plan as your body was getting used to the exercise and diet by the end if the 4th week. Help was always available if you needed any questions answered.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Diet is always the biggest challenge. No matter how strict you think you are there is always constant temptation around you. It all comes back to will power and determination, to complete the challenge with the best physique possible. Training is hard being strict on your diet is harder

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

Its made me more aware of how my body reacts to different foods like carbs and sugars. Having this knowledge will help me continue to shape my body and keep building lean muscle in the future. It will also enable me to guide and help others on there body building journey. Who knows I could look for a job in fitness now as I enjoyed it that much.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

If you want to change you body, loose weight and gain muscle, Max's Muscle up Challenge is one challenge that gets results, just by following an easy step by step plan. This will change your life.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

This was the third time I have done this challenge and this time I committed from the start to the finish. Never cheating on my diet and trained 7 days a week for 14 weeks straight. The hard work and deamination paid off at the end and I am in the best shape of my life. I cant believe my total transformation and thank the challenge for changing my life. Without this I was doomed to fall off the fitness wagon!!


  • Ryan Goodwin
    27 Nov 2016
    11:47 PM


    Well the top 10 week is about to start and wow I'm gonna be busy. I would of loved a nice easy week to focus on Friday's trading day but that's not gonna happen. Can't wait to get to Melbourne and train with some top notch coaches in an iconic gym!! It's gonna be an experience of a life time!

  • Ryan Goodwin
    24 Nov 2016
    10:32 PM

    What a great day had my photo up on the Max's intergram page felt stoked then made it into the top 50!! Really hoping to make to top ten tomorrow!!! It's been a great ride😁

  • Ryan Goodwin
    22 Nov 2016
    10:56 PM


    Wow want a up and down week. It's a hard work showing yourself off try to run up votes but at the end of it all I really happy with my transformation. It's great to see so much support i received in the public votes it's really over whelming as I never though I had a chance at that. I can not believe how many people have made contact with me wanting me to help them start there body transformation in the coming months, all because wha I have achieved. It's going to be exiting passing on what I know and help train people who want a heathier life. Thanks Max's I feel like I'm already a winner😎

  • Ryan Goodwin
    16 Nov 2016
    11:09 PM

    Well it's all done and dusted training finished and photos taken. Finally chose my photos and uploaded them. It's a lot of stress picking the correct photos as you want to make sure all your hard work is reflected in these images espicslly the paper photo as it's the first one anyone will see. Hopefully everyone will like what I chose and support me. It's been a fantastic ride over the last 14 weeks and I enjoyed every part of it. Now to sit back and see what Australia thinks of my transformation it's exciting and terrafiying at the same time!!

  • Ryan Goodwin
    11 Nov 2016
    10:35 PM


    Well it's the night before the big photo shoot and feeling pretty pumped. Have been loading up on carbs to make sure my muscles are nice and full and got all my stuff ready to jump into action in the morning. It's been a Tiring old week but I have made it through. My Weight was at my lightest in the comp so far this morning which is exactly what I wanted before I pump myself back up!! Has been a great experience

  • Ryan Goodwin
    10 Nov 2016
    10:12 PM


    Ok all done training completed woohoo!! today and yesterday had some light squeeze and pump training to keep done blood pumping into the muscles after being on a tight diet I don't want them to disappear! Rest night tomorrrow and photos on Saturday. Waxing done hair cut done tan on Saturday morning and the big photo shoot saturday afternoon can't wait to show my transformation !!! Bring on the finals 💪💪

  • Ryan Goodwin
    8 Nov 2016
    9:45 PM


    Last offical night of Max's training for us!! Biceps and shoulders!!! Just a couple of pump up sessions before the big photo shoot on Saturday🎉🎉🎉bring it on 🤘 #maxchallange2016 #wearechallange

  • Ryan Goodwin
    8 Nov 2016
    9:00 AM

    2 goals achieved in my maxes challenge so far, under 80kg and under 7%bf. next goal make the top 50 and then I'll only have a few goals left to achieve on this challenge. Love the final week💪🏽💪🏽 #maxchallange2016

  • Ryan Goodwin
    6 Nov 2016
    5:04 PM


    Sunday arvo training time!! Been feeling pretty tiered today. Have been drinking lots of water to water load leading into the last week also reduce my salt. I have cut all my sups except creatine before and after my work out. Only natural protein from here in. I'm only having some sweet potato at lunch and that's my only carb for the day. Not long now!!!

  • Ryan Goodwin
    4 Nov 2016
    8:09 AM


    Been a funny week felling like I'm on a roller coaster some days i think I'm smashing it others I feel fat and tired. Have been fighting off the flu this week which has made me increasingly tried but have been pushing through keeping up my training and sticking to my diet got a fat test done giving me 6.8% which has motivated me for my last week of training really hoping to make the cut in the finals!

  • Ryan Goodwin
    31 Oct 2016
    8:30 AM


  • Ryan Goodwin
    31 Oct 2016
    8:29 AM

    Had a big few days away from home travelling to Mackay then to Brisbane, back to Mackay and then home. Kept my diet intact even with all the temptations at the airport and all around me. When to my first concert sober and really enjoyed it. I even fought off the Krispy cream vendors offering me there tastes Halloween donuts!! After a 9 hour drive home I got changed and went straight to the gym! I think I did Pretty well especially driving that far with NO coffee!

  • Ryan Goodwin
    27 Oct 2016
    11:09 PM

    Had to work away from home this week so it's been a little tougher. Still been strict on my diet sticking to the menu, doing cardio every morning and training at the gym at night. Will have to miss a night a the gym as it's not open and won't work in with my traveling times. Really looking forward to the last 2 weeks i believe I have what it takes to win it!!! Eating lean training mean and keeping keen!!!

  • Ryan Goodwin
    16 Oct 2016
    9:56 PM

    Start of week 8 and I'm really looking forward to taking it up another gear. Just finished the first night of the new program and I like the changes with 5 sets now. I'm really focusing on my diet after already loosing a fair bit of weight and getting my body fat down to 10% I'm going to work extra hard and continue dropping fat to get to my goal of 7% or less.

  • Ryan Goodwin
    9 Oct 2016
    10:31 AM


    Another week down. Felt really good this week lots of energy and focus even increase some of my weights. Weight loss has slowed down which is to be expected weight going up and down slightly but mostly down by small amounts

  • Ryan Goodwin
    29 Sep 2016
    8:22 AM


    Having a week off work at home with the kids makes it a bit harder to keep your diet clean always being around food and making meals. For some reason I'm always hungry. My training has backed off a little on some days but I'm still trying to push myself a little each session.

  • Ryan Goodwin
    24 Sep 2016
    8:29 PM


    Day6 week 5 and I'm training really hard and still getting good results nearly dropping 10kgs now the intensity of the training is picking up and I'm really pushing myself

  • Ryan Goodwin
    18 Sep 2016
    9:20 PM

    End of week 4 now. Really looking forward to the new training plan with a bit more to challange myself with

  • Ryan Goodwin
    14 Sep 2016
    9:47 PM


    Half way through week four and getting done good results. Can really see the change. Weights still increasing in the gym and body fat is dropping. Only concern is the size of my upper body as it's starting to shrink but I'll just have to push more weight to build more muscle

  • Ryan Goodwin
    31 Aug 2016
    9:44 PM


  • Ryan Goodwin
    31 Aug 2016
    9:43 PM

    Half way through the second week and going strong. Increasing the weighs as the days go on. Have the mean plan down pat and looking forward to seeing my first 4 weeks results

  • Ryan Goodwin
    26 Aug 2016
    2:26 PM


    First week nearly down got a bit tired last night doing my legs but pushed through j didn't have a rest night I just make it extra cardio

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