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Ron Forbes' amazing MAX'S Challenge transformation

  • Before
    106 kgkg
  • After
    97 kgkg

"The challenge was so simple to follow,no guessing about calories or protein/carbohydrate requirements,quantities of supplements and the times to take them were all clearly explained.Planning ahead for training and meals ensured success."



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Reason to start The Challenge

Completed last year's challenge,loved the results.Plan to shred more fat and gain a bit of hard muscle.Had a few hurdles last challenge so hoping for a smoother 12 weeks of shredding.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The challenge was so simple to follow,no guessing about calories or protein/carbohydrate requirements,quantities of supplements and the times to take them were all clearly explained.Planning ahead for training and meals ensured success.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The mental struggle was the hardest thing for me to deal with.I regularly questioned my diet,am i eating too much?am i eating enough?should i skip a meal or two?Even after many hours reading through the forums i would still hop on the "old scales" every morning expecting a change,knowing that this was not advised(throw away your scales).Positive experiences came from family members as well as all the XXL clothing now off to the welfare bins.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

My life used to revolve around watching rugby,consuming large amounts of alcohol and take aways.New habits have been developed replacing the old,now i am happy planning healthy meals,going to the gym with a bit of rugby in between.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

This challenge is more than just a body transformation,you will have access to the best health/fitness coach's,mental coach's,and a meal/training plan that will guarantee success.I would recommend committing to the 12 weeks and watch the your body respond.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I have completed the challenge with my wife which has been incredible,she has been there with words of encouragement,sharing the cooking,meal planning and training,i really would have struggled without her help.Being on the same page with the challenge is a huge advantage,thank you Tarn.


  • Ron Forbes
    15 May 2015
    7:30 PM

    The end is near,Shoulders and back completed,work tomorrow then a wipe on tan for my wife and I,should be interesting. I have been drinking a heap of water,the only problem is finding a toilet while out on the road,touch and go sometimes. Planning on taking a heap of photo's,maybe even turn up to the gym in the middle of the night for some shots there.Would be nice to capture the hard work and clean eating in a few good shots.Exciting time ahead.

  • Ron Forbes
    13 May 2015
    8:49 PM

    Plans have been put in place,tanning Friday,photo Sunday.Thinking of taking a few extra shots on Wednesday.My weight has been sitting at 97.5 which I am pleased with,originally set 95 as my goal.I still think that could be achievable if I keep a tight rein on the diet for a few more weeks. i have had a positive response from fellow gym members which is encouraging,the important thing for me now is to hold onto what I've achieved and not slip back into eating too many calories. My Wife has had an amazing transformation,I can't wait to take her final photos.She is now a firm believer in doing waits as opposed to only doing Cardio workouts.As with a lot of woman they fear there muscles will get huge,if only they new how difficult it is to be huge,and lean.

  • Ron Forbes
    10 May 2015
    11:53 AM

    Happy Mother's Day.

  • Ron Forbes
    7 May 2015
    8:34 PM

    Counting each day down,the challenge has flown by so quickly.My wife and I were just saying how this diet is now the Norm for us,obviously with a few more carbs and a couple of treats every now and again.We looked back at a few photo's before the challenge and were shocked,not just the weight loss but the colour of our faces,the redness has gone,we now look so healthy.I am sure when we catch up with family and friends in New Zealand they will notice the change,we do realise not all feedback will be guys are too skinny etc,etc,...That will give us something to smile at.

  • Ron Forbes
    5 May 2015
    8:39 PM

    Back/shoulders combo today,another good session,felt very weak walking out of the gym.The protein shake certainly refuells the batteries. I compared different body measurements yesterday(taken at week one)...the only real change has been the waist measurement which has gone down by a whopping 10cm.Having lost 7 kilos to date the results prove that I have been stripping fat without losing muscle mass...I think with the far loss I probably have converted it to muscle....Happy with that.

  • Ron Forbes
    4 May 2015
    8:43 PM

    Day one,week 10.Attended a funeral today of a dear friend who lost the battle with Cancer,She was a very fit motivated lady who was known for her tough gym sessions,53 years young.Very moving ceremony.I hope to put in a little bit more this week in her memory.RIP Alma.

  • Ron Forbes
    2 May 2015
    11:57 AM

    Leg day,love that light headed,can hardly walk feeling,is there something wrong with me?lol.Kept a close eye on the gym clock,rests were as per Max's programme,had me struggling for oxygen ,barely able to stay standing between sets...Refuelling time.Just over 2 weeks to go,diet is strict,keeping myself busy between meals to stop the thought of snacking...seem to be craving salt/sodium.

  • Ron Forbes
    30 Apr 2015
    7:22 PM

    Cape Grim eye fillet(grass fed),oh so nice.Had the local Super butcher cut up for the wife and I,the Boys aren't having any of this. Training has been going really well,have been slowing the negatives right down getting a massive pump and really struggling to finish the last couple of reps. I have stopped having milk with the protein after training for the next couple of weeks and plan to complete the weights sessions with a light walk on the Treadmill. Weights have been increasing each session...squat/deadlift = 100 kg/120kg chest..flat DB =30 kg incline DB = 22.5 kg flyes = 15 kg. A couple of old injuries causing a bit of pain,but not serious....paying the price for crashing the motorbike and years of rugby union. time for the nite time protein and a good night sleep,love the sound of rain on the roof.

  • Ron Forbes
    28 Apr 2015
    9:07 AM

    Week 9,weight has dropped below 100,YES,hoping to get down to 97 without losing any muscle mass.The new training has been intense,supersets,trisets,I have not been drinking the usual fluid during training as rest times are just long enough to get my breathing back.Meals are now a lot more bland as I have cut salt and condiments.My mind is having doubts ,will the last couple of kilos of belly fat melt away?should I do extra? After reading the forums and blogs from last year's top ten I need to trust the system,keep up the training with the Max's product,be patient.

  • Ron Forbes
    20 Apr 2015
    7:40 PM

    First weight session for week 8 complet,the 1+1/4 reps were a lot more difficult than expected,12 reps actually felt like 24...first 6 reps were easy then the pump kicked in making the last 6 a real challenge,huge pump...The roll out/ jack knife combo gave the lower Ab's a good shake up,def need strengthening in that area.Love the new programme.

  • Ron Forbes
    13 Apr 2015
    8:59 PM

    This week has been a little testing,the bathroom scales seem to have been stuck on the same value for a couple of weeks now,Wednesday was the first rest day I have had over the last 6 weeks.I worked away that day and neglected to hydrate sufficiently resulting in feeling very flat with a nasty migraine.I must say the rest certainly charged the batteries as Thursday's workout was a ripper...Saturday was another day off due to being an unexpected 16 hours away with work...So sunday was a double dose of training...just over 4 weeks left now,really hoping for some good results,just need to stay true to the little snacks!

  • Ron Forbes
    4 Apr 2015
    9:00 PM

    All going smoothly over Easter,big weights session this morning,added drop sets for bi's and tri's and increased plank time to 2 min for the first One minute for the second. Cardio was an extra long session,one and a half hours on the treadmill and stationary bike...this was perfectly timed with the Chiefs rugby team playing the Blues,well done the Chiefs.Who said men can't do two things at once. Beautiful baked snapper with salad for dinner,this should help with recovery and shred more of that LARD.

  • Ron Forbes
    30 Mar 2015
    9:31 PM

    I have to confess,a couple of vodka's were consumed while listening to Billy Idol last night.They were on ice with a slice of lime so the calorie intake should of been off-set by my terrible attempt at dancing,it was a warm,muggy night with a lot of perspiration. Training was a killer again,who ever thought it was a good idea to combine legs,chest and back on the same night must be a very evil person,lol.I just wonder what they could be thinking of for the last 4 weeks.

  • Ron Forbes
    28 Mar 2015
    9:57 PM

    Cardio at 5am before work,weights at 4pm,feeling very exhausted,nothing left in the tank.Early night tonight with another early cardio tomorrow before my wife and I head out to see Billy Idol and others at Mt Cotton winery.We have our meals worked out so no falling off the wagon.

  • Ron Forbes
    26 Mar 2015
    10:25 PM

    Chicken for my wife and I over the next couple of days,cooked on the George Foreman grill,I have to say the grill has been worth every cent,we use it nearly every night,fat drains away,cooks the meat super quick without heating up the house,bloody hot still in Brisbane still. Hit the gym later than usual and skipped dinner,having a shake straight after training and the nighttime shake just before bed,not ideal but I think it was the best choice...another early start in the morning.

  • Ron Forbes
    25 Mar 2015
    6:47 PM

    CARDIO...what I call my triathlon-10 min on the ERG,15 min on the Wattbike and 20 min on the Treadmill.i try to maintain a heart rate between 105 & 120...completed with a good stretch out with the TRX bands to finish off...time for the Shred shake I skipped before cardio...yum yum.

  • Ron Forbes
    24 Mar 2015
    9:53 PM

    Had a great session in the gym,ploughed through the Shoulder workout and super settled the bicep/triceps,the Arms responded really well.Finished arms with dropsets for bi's and Tri's.Trying hard to have my core locked in with each rep.Time will tell if this brings out those elusive Ab's.

  • Ron Forbes
    23 Mar 2015
    9:34 PM

    Absolutely rooted! What a tough session tonight,decided to superset legs and chest workouts too save time.Was feeling good until I got too the back session,that's when things got tough.Still managed 4 sets of 8 pull-ups(strict).Hope the BCAA's etc do the job overnight so another huge session can be completed tomorrow. Cardio this morning was 20 min HIIT on the Wattbike,1 min @ 300 watt with 30 sec rest.

  • Ron Forbes
    22 Mar 2015
    8:52 PM

    Just completed the fitness test,definitely some improvement.Unable to input results,page for inputting appears to have vanished? Anyway,pushed bloody hard and felt a little dizzy afterwards,only to realise that we are alllowed a minute rest between excercises.Haha,no pain no gain.

  • Ron Forbes
    25 Feb 2015
    9:42 PM

    Cardio session done..10 min on the erg,15 min on the wattbike,20 min on the treadmill...Nice easy pace

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