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190 cm


Lean - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

Structured program, great support and motivation are provided through the challenge and I am looking for this to get my training back on track.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

Fantastic variety in food and exercise making a challenging time both enjoyable and rewarding. The Challenge also has great support networks that encourage you and provide lots of information and answers. the most enjoyable thing though has been completing this challenge with my wife - its much easier with a training buddy and support network, we motivated each other.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Sticking to the eating plan was tough, the training was physically hard but you can push through a gym session in an hour, maintaining healthy eating options for 24 hour was at time difficult.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

It has bene more life changing for me then the first time I completed the challenge in 2014. I am now much more confident in the gym and find myself encouraging others. Healthy habits and behaviours are now fundamental parts of my life, this isn't a challenge as such but an insight into what your life can be like.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

What are you waiting for. people often ask me whats the secrets and well, there is not secret aside form hard work and determination, but Max's is actually the secret as it provides the answers to getting results, follow the program - it does work.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

The challenge is fantastic, but it is a challenge. If you apply the same effort to your life you will e the same results, if you want better results your effort needs to be better. Enjoy life, be kind to each other and go hard......


  • Rj Keen
    19 Nov 2016
    10:40 AM

    Post challenge and 1 week in with the t Dex capsules, so wished they were available a little earlier. Feeling tremendous benefits already after just one week.

  • Rj Keen
    11 Nov 2016
    8:47 PM

    Officially completed my last gym session this morning, bit of an all over upper body work out, short, sharp and light. Feeling euphoric at the moment, proud of my discipline and results and thankful for having the opportunity to complete the program. Photos, check in then done.

  • Rj Keen
    8 Nov 2016
    9:04 PM

    Haven't weighed myself for a week or so, clothes getting looser and think I might yet just squeeze under 100. probably haven't been drinking enough water but training the house down and heaps stronger than last time in two o fourteen. Benching 100 kg and 95 on incline today for the first 2 sets anyway. Focussed on core a lot this time as well and not really running beyond 6km. Have to laugh when people ask me what my secret is.... hard work strict diet and a great program....

  • Rj Keen
    3 Nov 2016
    7:58 PM

    Back today and 5km pb in the pm. Emotional run tonight late nephews 17 bday today and he was with me every step of the way, big pb. Rest in peace Hamish and thanks for the company tonight.

  • Rj Keen
    31 Oct 2016
    7:29 PM

    Breakfast- done Morning gym-done 9 to 5- done Pm jog - done (and a pb on likely the most scenic running track in Aust) Dinner- done Homework with kids- getting ready to do Exercise and healthy eating Are not tasks but a way of life, something as cumpulsory as all other things.= mindset change and new approach

  • Rj Keen
    30 Oct 2016
    10:03 AM

    Had a mindset turning point this morning. I have noticed my approach to food has changed substantially in the last few weeks. Eating is not a time filler- those times I would reach for something to eat are times when I am not actually hungry, I am now eating balanced and nutrious food and replacing snack time with water or something more appropriate, celery sticks or almonds etc. exercise is not a chore, it's a regular part of my day, like sleeping or going to work. Might not sound like much but I feel like I have established structure and habit which I hope to maintain well beyond the the next 2 weeks.

  • Rj Keen
    26 Oct 2016
    9:13 PM

    Getting there, 101kg, 2 weeks to go......

  • Rj Keen
    25 Oct 2016
    7:56 PM

    Feeling anxious about the final weeks, ripping in as hard as I can, dialled down my cardio a little bit this challenge relative to 2014, I weigh more but fit into smaller pants, I am lifting more in some exercises and less in others, little,bit of self doubt creeping in, have hit the 101kgs, I will get under the 100s, I won't hit 95 ?? Or will I.

  • Rj Keen
    20 Oct 2016
    8:29 PM

    Another double session, shouldeRs am, 6km pm. Head said no, body said no, heart said no, just so flat but managed to get 6km out at close to 12km/h. Good sweat but spent.

  • Rj Keen
    17 Oct 2016
    8:01 PM

    Double sessions today, gym am for shoulders, quick 3km in the pm in the pouring rain, pouring rain. Cracked into the 102kgs, going to smash through 100 these new workouts are battering me

  • Rj Keen
    15 Oct 2016
    7:58 PM

    Well doubled up and just belted out the new leg program, not sure where the energy came from, pushed hard, good to get a double session in...

  • Rj Keen
    15 Oct 2016
    9:39 AM

    Second day of new workout plan, not sure how i can do this for another 4 weeks.... one day at a time. Feeling like it is not really kicking in 100% for me right now, pumped to try and smash it but a little deflated by the 8 week check in. Time to up the intensity to 120%.

  • Rj Keen
    12 Oct 2016
    9:30 PM
  • Rj Keen
    12 Oct 2016
    9:30 PM
  • Rj Keen
    12 Oct 2016
    9:29 PM
  • Rj Keen
    11 Oct 2016
    8:23 PM

    Legs today... went heavy, feels really strange pushing legs to failure. Slight twinge in my calf pulled me up short during my session, hopefully it is fine in the morning. On point with diet, cracked into the 103s this morning, very pleased with that.

  • Rj Keen
    10 Oct 2016
    8:20 PM

    So tired today, exhausted, but pushed out a shoulder and back session in the a,m and then 4km run in the pm, nice short sharp run. In 2014 I ran the house down and decided this time nothing too long, focus more on strength, 4 weeks to go......., into the 104kgs but won't hit the 100 I was after by week 8 check in. Hope to hit 103 and then drop another 5 in the last 4 weeks. New goal 98kg

  • Rj Keen
    9 Oct 2016
    8:10 PM

    Hectic weekend. Kids athletics carnival today, 645 start to 4pm, get home and then hit the gym. Tough for a Sunday arvo but smashed out chest and arms, felt good, first time having a pre workout in the afternoon, good really feel the pump today, hopefully will still get to sleep ok tonight.....

  • Rj Keen
    8 Oct 2016
    9:20 AM

    Legs legs legs legs legs. Nothing like a good leg session to start the day, leg pressing to failure today at 8 plates each side, 320kg. Legs gave up and had a split second panic but the safety stop did the trick....

  • Rj Keen
    4 Oct 2016
    8:56 PM

    Worked hard on shoulders today, 20kg x 10 front raises with a plate, when I started I was tapping out at 10kg at 8 reps, pleased with progress, focussed on pushing beyond my comfort zone in every set. Diet on point and a lunch time cardio session to top it off, 20 mins treadmill, 5 rower and 5 stepper. Topped up on black tub of Max's shred today, grabbed the Max's gold,token , didn't realise they were on the tubs... Have heaps now so will be sending away for my freebies.

  • Rj Keen
    2 Oct 2016
    10:43 AM

    Loving it at the moment, really seeing improvements and noticing more strength. Legs day today and really need to amp things up now. Leg pressing feels really strong, 15 deep drops at 7 plates a side and tapping out with the leg extension, goes to 130 so pleased with strength gains. Might be the beta pump black... have added 30gram of oats in half protein shake prior to workouts and notice the difference. 105.4 this am, will be short of 100 by week 8 but will go big this week and see what happens, really want 95s so bad by challenge end.

  • Rj Keen
    1 Oct 2016
    1:24 PM

    Shoulders and back today then a good core session, followed by a 2km run, short and sharp. Nutrition on point. Feel a little sore from yesterday's chest workout, legs tomorrow on grand final day.

  • Rj Keen
    30 Sep 2016
    8:59 PM

    Actually decided I would make a conscious effort to feel more energetic - mentally blast myself out of the doldrums from the start of week 5 program. Well it's been working and seem to have sufficient energy to get the job done, into the 105s now as well, don't think I will make 100 by week 8s end but might get closer than I have been

  • Rj Keen
    29 Sep 2016
    8:52 PM

    Clothes getting looser, managed a double session today and a pb of 320 on the leg press. pretty hungry right now so slimmed down my nite time protein and that did the job. Feeling heaps leaner, and still six weeks to go....pushing 105kgs now

  • Rj Keen
    27 Sep 2016
    8:15 PM

    The day the energy levels returned.... felt great terrific push day benched 140kg by 4 and 20 reps at 100. Arms felt good as well, so pumped did a short sharp cardio at lunch time.(10 mins on bike, treadmill, rower and then stepper) Barramundi for dinner and little to no cravings, bring on tomorrow

  • Rj Keen
    26 Sep 2016
    7:59 PM

    Been feeling bloated for a couple of days, not sure why. Keeping in plugging away with the program. Weight loss has slowed , really need to amp up the cardio. Legs today was a battle. Mind was not in it but body got me through it. Hit 6 leg presses at 300kg and did some high rep leg extensions for a good burn. Tomorrow is another day.

  • Rj Keen
    25 Sep 2016
    11:55 AM

    Nice little shoulders and back session today, love supersetting front raises with ball slams a d side raises with behind the back side raises. Find I am having to push heavy volumes to get a good pump in. Really tough session today, felt tired but a double shot of beta pump black got me going. New bbq purchased yesterday and had a steak last night. Might have to tweak the diet a little as feeling tired and don't seem to be getting definition. Still following to plan.

  • Rj Keen
    24 Sep 2016
    9:33 PM

    Good chest and arms session today followed up with some interval training outside, approx 3kms of sprints. So hungry, so so hungry

  • Rj Keen
    23 Sep 2016
    9:20 PM

    Legs today, leg pressed 320kg 4 times which is a pb, very pleasing, can feel every bit of muscle in my legs. Feeling fit and light. Was a 430am start today looking forward to double sessions tomorrow, chest and cardio, bring it on . Diet was 100% on point again today

  • Rj Keen
    22 Sep 2016
    6:07 PM

    Double session today, shoulders and back plus 6km run tonight, cracked 106kg, so pleased as it felt like I had plateaued, chin ups to 9 reps and then did some with 20kg attached, really feeling benefits of one arm rows. Beta pump black seems to be making me a bit emotional about half way into my work out each day, sort of euphoric.

  • Rj Keen
    21 Sep 2016
    7:07 PM

    Chest and arms smashed today, bp 140kg at 4 reps ss to 100kg x 12. And 2 sets of 120 at 10. Worked the inclined db press as well at 30 degree ss to 60 degrees, got a good pump from that, wrist felt good doing arms as well so smiles all round.

  • Rj Keen
    20 Sep 2016
    7:24 PM

    Legs legs legs another big session this morning, diet on point today. Leg pressed 280kg by 4, leg extensions at all plates, lunges at 16kg db, leg curling 65. Feeling really strong planking and continue to focus on core every session. Sleepy tonight, long drive home and lower back a little sore

  • Rj Keen
    19 Sep 2016
    7:44 PM

    This is a challenge indeed... Energy levels feeling a little down, could eat a horse but 100% on point so far. "Push" day today and did a quick 2km tonight, shoulders felt good, run was fun but was not in the energy space to do it, was right once I started

  • Rj Keen
    18 Sep 2016
    12:05 PM

    Chest and arms today, felt a little bit weaker, benched 100kg at 15 reps only hit 3 at 130kg. New bar at the gym, felt a little loose..... Did inclined do press at 30 degree and superset to 60degrees, that was fun.... Off for a mountain bike ride in the rain now, t Round trip supposed to be 22km but we will see how we go.

  • Rj Keen
    17 Sep 2016
    7:02 PM

    Officially the hardest day of the challenge so far today, tough leg session this morning then feeling so flat all day, fell asleep twice and pretty much chilled out the entire day, massive carb cravings, feeling the change in eating plan already. If it was easy everyone would do to and it wouldn't be a challenge.... Good dinner tonight, steak might get me back on track.

  • Rj Keen
    17 Sep 2016
    9:42 AM

    Big big leg day, pushed until,there was nothing left and legs were cramping, feeling exhausted and that was a major battle, tightening of carbs being felt already but soo much determination. Beautiful spring day, in the 107s this morning. Aiming for 100 by the end of week 8, 7kgs to go in 4 weeks, I can do this, I will do this, one day at a time.

  • Rj Keen
    16 Sep 2016
    9:19 AM

    Shoulders and back this am with the wife. Really focussed on getting a good pump going. Mixed up the sets as well after watching muscle to... Shoulder press superset with plate front raises really got a good burn going, also hit side raises with side raises from behind my back, attacked a different angle and can feel it still. Will try and get a jog in today as well. Using the beta pump black for the first time, gave me a little bit extra which was fantastic

  • Rj Keen
    15 Sep 2016
    7:31 PM

    Chest and arms today, maintining bench press ranges from 100kg x 18 to 130kg x 4. Hit plenty of extRas today as well, db flies into db press, cable flies into cable curls. Ramping up arms now as well, 22kg curls and the wrist was fine....... Bring it on

  • Rj Keen
    14 Sep 2016
    8:48 PM

    4 down 8 to go, restocked and ready to smash it, both my wife and I

  • Rj Keen
    14 Sep 2016
    8:30 PM
  • Rj Keen
    14 Sep 2016
    7:38 PM

    Huge leg day today, really pushed heavy and battled to 15 reps. Good sweat on right throughout great day felt exhausted and twitchy to lunch time

  • Rj Keen
    13 Sep 2016
    7:00 PM

    Shoulders day.... Loving it have tweaked my work out a bit to get a good burn going. Hit 40kg db press by 6 reps, 36 at 12 both by two. 12 kg don't seated side raises at 20 reps into 15kg slam balls by 12. A nice superset that one... Increased weight on shrugs as well. Back was good, wide grip chin ups by 8 to four sets, one arm rows superset with seated rows, burnt for a solid hour.....

  • Rj Keen
    12 Sep 2016
    7:42 PM

    Chest and Arms, 100kg by 18, 120 by 8s, 140 by 4, 28 kg flys by ten, 46kg db inclined press, arms at 20s, good session which some extras thrown in. Tightening up the diet will be the focus for the next few weeks

  • Rj Keen
    11 Sep 2016
    6:08 PM

    Leg day Sunday.... Big battle at midday following afl gf for young fella. So hungry I want to eat everything I see......, legs are a little crampy, taking magnesium to assist., nearly at week 4😊

  • Rj Keen
    10 Sep 2016
    4:28 PM

    Good shoulder session this morning, shoulders and back. Noticing a lot more strength in the plank as well, feeling fitter and enjoying my rest time as well.

  • Rj Keen
    9 Sep 2016
    9:41 PM

    Chest and arms at lunch time, arms back up to 20kg db, still well short of pre injury strength but getting there. So so hungry in the mornings, lunch normally gone by 930 but then that gets me through the day

  • Rj Keen
    8 Sep 2016
    3:37 PM

    Had cupping done today for the first time, felt good removed a lot of tightness. Should get some interesting looks at the gym tomorrow.

  • Rj Keen
    7 Sep 2016
    8:35 PM

    Into the 108s now woo hoooo. Feeling good, chin ups up to sets of 8, pushed shoulder press hard today from a high volume perspective. Sets of 32kg at 12 and finished with 6 at 40kg then 15 at 20kg. Sit ups and leg raises for core, nothing in the pm due to upset stomach 🤕

  • Rj Keen
    6 Sep 2016
    8:03 PM

    Chest a.m and cardio pm, 18 min jog, speed slowly building, course done in 18.2 minutes, best time so far, 6 minutes faster then the first time I did it. Feeling like I am losing some strength, bp 100kg 15 times, normally hit 20'reps, arms are increasing in strength , up to 18 kg curls still nursing my wrist through it. Diet Was not quiet 100% today. Weight dropping off, nursing a sore lower back and sore hand but nothing major

  • Rj Keen
    4 Sep 2016
    10:16 AM

    Father's Day, chest and biceps.... Getting some strength back in my arms, wrist still sore (injured approx 9 months ago mountain bike riding - haven't done arms since then). Up to 16 kg db curls, did some cable curls- saw them on muscle tv, thanks Max's for the idea, did triceps as well, felt good getting some blood into my arms. Trained with wife this morning, she's smashing it, pushes me along as well. Hit my chest hard, felt I haven't been getting in well to my chest so really went hard today and could definitely feel it. 26kg flys, straight into db press, then dropped to 22 same process then again at 10- that got a good pump on

  • Rj Keen
    2 Sep 2016
    7:15 PM

    Survived my first test, away for a night for a kids school thing. Kept the diet 100%, took dinner, had a plain chicken salad. Was a cold day could have strangled a pie but too much will power, back to gym tomorrow, just shifted my rest day no dramas....

  • Rj Keen
    1 Sep 2016
    2:21 PM

    Hit the wall it feels like.... Feeling a little weaker than usual, this morning at the gym, have dropped 8kg already so it may just be my body readjusting itself. Feels like I am dropping some size upping the glutamine + to try and counter and catabolic activity occurring, still lifting same amounts so may just be feeling flat. Will focus on making sure I have my protein portions right. Had chobani low fat, with chocolate brownie protein and 2 chopped strawberries, omg inhaled that quickly...

  • Rj Keen
    31 Aug 2016
    6:44 PM

    Chest and arms this morning, 4Km at lunch at 5.30km/minute, easing back into it and trying to get some Kms in my legs slowly. just slowing building up on arms only 14kg db curls, same as my wife...... Still have a sore wrist. Little bit of lower back stiffness as well at the moment, feeling light and fast woooo hooooo.

  • Rj Keen
    30 Aug 2016
    6:37 PM

    Felt good today, smashed legs and felt it all day, super strict with diet as well, smashed under 110 and getting some feedback at gym. Tempting to belt out a run tonight but it's a long 11 weeks to go. Would,be great to drop 1 kg a week from here but wantbtompush really hard, targeting 95kg.....

  • Rj Keen
    29 Aug 2016
    8:15 PM

    Feeling a little lethargic but really focussing in eating tight and as per plan, one belt hole down already. Worried about losing strength but all good so far. Increased rep range today, looking to put in some extras as well but hard to fit cardio in during say light hours. Changed my ab workout to hit core harder. Hoping this pays off in week 8-12, program consists on planks at 60 by 2, side planks by 30 and then sit ups Russian twists etc. need to find time for cardio, looking for a big couple of weeks strong in gym and clean on eating. Loving the food so far and the new protein range as well. Glutamine seems to make me feel some bloating. Trying to find a local dexa scan as well. Big session on Saturday, legs and then an 8km bush walk up a mountain, beautiful but tough. Felt like hitting the gym on Sunday but opted to rest

  • Rj Keen
    27 Aug 2016
    9:22 AM

    One week in, have been eating clean, hitting gym, picked up cardio as per program, down 6kgs very fast under 110 now maintining strength so far. Loaded up on the new protein range as well thanks to xtreme warehouse, chocolate brownie shred system is too nice..... Lots of food cravings but so determined. Drop one hole in my belt as well.....

  • Rj Keen
    22 Aug 2016
    6:38 PM

    Want to track progress and fitness levels Bench press; 130kg *4 reps, 100kg* 20 Shoulder press;38kg db *6 Leg press:240kg*7 Chin ups*5 Front raises side raises; 12kg *12 reps Shrugs, 20kg *20

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