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174 cm


Lean - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

After having our second child mid way through 2017 I realised I am getting what my mates call the 'Dad bod'. After always being in to sports and relatively fit and in good shape I felt like it was time to get back into the physique I felt my best. Also being a career firefighter I have lots of motivation from my crew to be fit for duty.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

This one is a tough question to answer as there was so much to love. From the simplicity of the menu plans and work outs to having the recipes readily available using everyday normal ingredients. Then you add in the forums, community, podcasts etc. and there really is so much on offer which all played an important part in my journey.
All in all though I think what I have liked most about the challenge is the mindset change in me with my relation to food and alcohol. I think differently to ever before. Its a hard one to explain!

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The hardest part was probably the temptations available at work! We have an ice-cream and cake economy at work so anytime something happens in the work place or to someone at work i.e. birthday, overtime shift etc. they bring in a cake or buy ice-creams for everyone! Avoiding these with added pressure from colleagues was tough!
Giving up alcohol was also a tough choice I made from day 1. Peer pressure and social events made this tough but with determination and will power I made it through (just!).

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

A huge impact! It has changed the way I look, feel and want to continue living. I feel so healthy and alive it is amazing. I look at food differently - I look forward to my meals and crave veggies and quinoa (a food I had snubbed before.)
My future looks so good and I am looking forward to continuing this lifestyle, raising my children with knowledge and experience to ensure they learn from the best role model I can be.
The impact is unmeasurable.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Do It! Whether you gain muscles, lose fat or both one thing that is for sure is you will learn, grow and inspire yourself!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

It truly has been a transformation. My wife joined me on the journey for support and not only has my health and fitness improved so has hers. As a well controlled type 1 diabetic she now has even better control over her sugar levels so if you think you cant do this for any reason stop questioning yourself and give it a go.
Thank you Max's Challenge and I look forward to seeing you again in the May Challenge.


  • Paul Hey
    27 Apr 2018
    9:51 PM

    3rd place... im a very happy man today. Thanks to max and maxines and all of the challenge community who made this a fantastic experience...

  • Paul Hey
    25 Apr 2018
    7:59 PM

    Just found out I made top 50. Absolutely over the moon. I never really set out to be part of the competition but as the challenge progressed my competitive side started to kick in. Cheers to the judges for selecting me in the top 50....

  • Paul Hey
    16 Apr 2018
    11:14 PM
  • Paul Hey
    16 Apr 2018
    10:57 AM

    Size measurements start to finish. R Arm - 33cm remained steady L Arm - 33cm remained steady R Thigh - 60cm down to 58cm L Thigh - 60cm down to 57cm Waist - 91cm down to 82cm Chest - 99cm down to 97.5cm Hips - 106cm down to 98cm 8.7kg Weight loss As per body composition scan - fat lost, muscle gained. WINNING! :)

  • Paul Hey
    15 Apr 2018
    10:35 PM

    First Challenge complete and what a life changing 12 weeks it has been. Had a celebration night out last night and this made me realise what this challenge has done for me. After a few drinks and canapes I soon found my off switch which I never knew I had as I would have kept eating and drinking as if it was my last chance prior to the challenge! From being what I would consider a relatively healthy eater I have learnt a lot. The way my wife and I know look at food is a total transformation. We look forward to our meals and are not getting tempted by the alternatives! Doing this alongside my wife has been amazing and together we have changed our future. Body composition scan results: Toxic Fat down 196grams Arms - 9% decrease in fat Legs - 9% decrease in fat Trunk - 10% decrease in fat 7.441kg of pure fat loss 1.58kg lean muscle gained Total body percentage 21.2% decreased to 12.8% putting me in the top 4% for my age. Wife results - Toxic Fat down 57grams (she had a lot less to start with!) Arms - 12% decrease in fat Legs - 9% decrease in fat Trunk - 8% decrease in fat 6.66kg of pure fat loss 1.39kg lean muscle gained Total body percentage 27.6% decreased to 19.8% putting her in the top 2% for her age.

  • Paul Hey
    14 Apr 2018
    8:18 AM
    27 Burpees
    63 Push Ups
    77 Crunches
    56 Alternate Lunges
    301 Plank
    60 Jump Squats
  • Paul Hey
    11 Apr 2018
    11:35 PM

    Was asked today by my Pilates instructor to be part of their FB advertising! Really happy with the body and how it's developing thanks to the challenge. 😊 Not over yet, a few more days of hard work left for me.

  • Paul Hey
    9 Apr 2018
    4:16 PM

    Chest and stomach wax done... wow... im glad thats not an everyday thing. Chalk that up as another new experience due to the challenge.

  • Paul Hey
    8 Apr 2018
    10:31 PM

    Week 11 done and dusted. Seeing some great results and very happy with my commitment to the meal and workout plans... Bring on the final week and cant wait to see everyones transformation...

  • Paul Hey
    5 Apr 2018
    10:55 PM

    I have been extremely lucky over the past 11 and a half weeks. My fantastic wife deserves a huge shout out. She wasnt sure why i wanted to do this in the first place but organised it as a christmas present. Then once it was all about to start she helped with meal preperation and ensuring that i was doing the right things at the right times. She even allowed me to extend the home gym. The whole way through she has been amazing and is seeing fantastic results in herself by having the same meals as me and hitting the gym everyday. Not only is she up at 5:45 every morning working out but she is a full time mother of 2 and somehow manages to run her own business in addition. The results i have achieved are definately a joint effort and she is the reason i have done as well as i have. So thank you.

  • Paul Hey
    1 Apr 2018
    11:41 PM

    Just signed myself up for Round 2 of the Challenge. Looking forward to seeing what the Lean Advanced can bring 😊

  • Paul Hey
    25 Mar 2018
    10:41 PM

    1st week of the new food and workout plan. Both are amazing.... Still waiting to have a meal or workout that I dont enjoy.

  • Paul Hey
    18 Mar 2018
    9:47 AM

    Another fitness test down. Feeling strong. Good to see the improvement. Didn't think i could fit anymore into a minute from the last test, but turns out you can....

  • Paul Hey
    18 Mar 2018
    9:45 AM
    25 Burpees
    60 Push Ups
    72 Crunches
    48 Alternate Lunges
    237 Plank
    55 Jump Squats
  • Paul Hey
    13 Mar 2018
    2:42 PM

    Finished another sesh in the gym and feeling awesome. Feeling alot of strength and fitness gains. Looking forward to the fit test and having a crack at the next 4weeks of work outs and eating plans...

  • Paul Hey
    7 Mar 2018
    12:37 AM

    After missing a couple of days in the gym due to a squash tournament (full on few days of cardio) it was great to get back in... felt strong and ready to smash the next 6 weeks..

  • Paul Hey
    24 Feb 2018
    9:33 AM

    I have been tracking my progress old school (pen and paper) and have realised that this is just as easy... All fit test results have improved from the first time so feeling good...

  • Paul Hey
    24 Feb 2018
    9:30 AM
    23 Burpees
    55 Push Ups
    68 Crunches
    46 Alternate Lunges
    182 Plank
    50 Jump Squats
  • Paul Hey
    24 Feb 2018
    9:29 AM
    22 Burpees
    41 Push Ups
    60 Crunches
    39 Alternate Lunges
    122 Plank
    43 Jump Squats

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