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186 cm


Lean - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

I am a police officer in Western Australia and when I graduated from the academy I was only 80kg and did not have any real strength. This made it difficult to do my job sometimes as their was always someone bigger than me I had to arrest. I got tired of being small so I started eating a lot more and trained heavy to get my strength up. Unfortunately I ate all the wrong things and in about 2 years I put on 70kgs and got to 151kgs at my peak. This made it hard for me to do my job again as I was always out of breath and even struggling to hold a conversation. With two active kids and a newborn on the way I decided to make a complete change to my life and in 12 months I lost about 40kgs and I am at the strongest I've ever been. Nothing would mean more to me than to make my family proud and give my kids a great role model they can look up to and feel proud to say "He's my dad". Now it's time to take my discipline and training to the next level. I have never had a 6 pack and now it's time to reveal that once and for all!
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What did you like most about The Challenge?

The team at Max's did an amazing job in the structure and planning of each meal and training routine. Finally being put on a set meal and training plan made it challenging while basically guaranteeing great results. Keeping the food wholesome and healthy, while maintaining an active workout routine made burning calories a breeze.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The discipline. Living with children and watching them eat ice cream and cake for dessert made temptations run wild! I always thought about giving in BUT I never did.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

I have never felt better in my life. I now feel confident taking my shirt off and going for a swim at the pool where people can see! Now having the energy to run around with 3 active children has definitely made a great positive impact on my life. Also some arm candy for the wife!!

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Do it! Do it now! Don't waste any time. It will change your life, it will change how you see yourself and how people see you. No more feeling embarrassed, no more feeling self conscious and no more gut! Trust me, there's abs under there!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

My biggest challenge was at my peak weight of 151kgs. I wasn't confident, I wasn't healthy and I wasn't really happy. I lost a bit of weight but I was finding it hard. I found out about the challenge, started training in preparation then it was all systems go! Now with a 22kg loss on the Max's challenge and an overall loss of 61kgs, this is now the time to start living and loving my life!


  • Nathan Bertolini
    22 May 2016
    6:59 PM

    Photo shoot finally done! Very very pleased with my results. Definitely better to see it in a pro photographers camera rather than in a mirror. Will upload my shots when I get them back on Monday or Tuesday! Can't wait to see everyone else's photos and I can't wait to share mine. Great job everyone again! Time to get my post refeed on!

  • Nathan Bertolini
    22 May 2016
    12:31 PM


    This is it! Today is the day! Had my second coat of tan today. Looking very different than yesterday as I looked like an open tube of toothpaste! Photo shoot booked for today and getting really nervous but excited! Looking forward to someone else taking the photos rather than me taking gym bathroom selfies or video screen shots. Everyone who had put up photos all look amazing! Great job done by all and it really shows what hard work, dedication and discipline can do. Time to now start this new chapter in mine and everyone else's lives!!! Great job everyone!

  • Nathan Bertolini
    11 May 2016
    11:47 PM

    Mitch Carter, $6.50 for me are good odds! Sometimes its the middle runner that surprises everyone!! Still smashing things as hard as i can but i have a little sum sumin up my sleeve! Everyone will have to wait for the final photos next week!! I cant wait to see everyones results. Troy, looking like a strong man competitor, probably going to use his prize money to buy a big ass steak to celebrate! Livingstone, looking like a caveman with a big dirty 11 week beard! Im just jealous as it would take me 11 months to grow a beard like that!!! Ill put $1,000 on my name taking the winnings up to $6,500 which is roughly what 1st prize got last time around!! Week and a half to go now fellas! Hopefully see everyone in Melbourne when our tickets get paid for!

  • Nathan Bertolini
    11 May 2016
    6:08 PM

    Had a bit of time to spare this morning so we decided to take the boat out for a while up and down the river. Nothing like some cruising to clear your hungry mind before a workout!!

  • Nathan Bertolini
    9 May 2016
    2:58 PM


    700 grams to go until the 20kg lost mark!!! Feeling and looking great! Hungry but great! Definition without even tensing now which is pretty awesome. 2 weeks to go!!!!!

  • Nathan Bertolini
    6 May 2016
    8:24 PM


    Pretty good session of back and shoulders tonight. Seeing more and more definition while doing these new Super set workouts and meal plans! 2 weeks to get rid of the rest! Also saw my first group of veins in my shoulder! Finished it off with 16km bike ride. Bring it!!!

  • Nathan Bertolini
    4 May 2016
    6:08 PM


    Ouch ouch ouch! Legs are killing me! I have been riding an average of about 15 km every day. To and from work is about 6km then try to finish my gym sessions with 10km. To top it off I absolutely smashed legs today and pushed as hard as I could. Now time for my final cardio! Loving it though and only 2 and a half weeks until the end! That trophy. I can feel it!!! Almost lost 20kg too!!

  • Nathan Bertolini
    29 Apr 2016
    7:23 AM


    Another night shift down, second last one for the week then a day and a half off! its been pretty yough as i knock off at 6am and dont get to sleep until about 730 once the kids are going to school. Getting up at 2pm and only eating brekky before my 6pm training sessions! Ive cut my meals back as i am seeing great results, but now its time to kick it up a bit notch! Had 180grams of chicken for lunch/9pm meal and only 100grams of chicken in my stir fry. Its hard when the guys are downing pizzas, but nothing tastes as good as ripped feels!!!!! Seeing some great definition everywhere now and tonights training session showed me some veins in my shoulders and chest which ive never ever seen before! Almost 20kgs down during this challenge and i suspect that ill be under 90kgs by the end of it all! say good bye fat!!!

  • Nathan Bertolini
    25 Apr 2016
    12:53 AM

    Submitted my photo tonight. Pretty happy with how far I've come! The progress is great and the dedication is showing. I'm always hard on myself but I keep reminding myself where I've come from and what I've achieved so far cheers me up. Can't wait to tighten everything up in these last 4 weeks!

  • Nathan Bertolini
    17 Apr 2016
    5:25 AM

    Night shift... Night shift... Night shift... Been on since 8pm, its not 3am and another 3 hours to go! My wife made some beautiful cake balls for the guys... not for me though... Chicken and salad, and a stir fry to hold me off for the night! It doesnt help that the guys microwaved them and now the smell of chocolate cake is all through the place. I havent broken, and i dont plan to! I will have my cheat meal in 5 weeks!

  • Nathan Bertolini
    14 Apr 2016
    9:15 PM


    Tuesday night was my first night back at work after 6 weeks of holidays! Have made a hell of a lot of progress in my first 6 weeks. Loss of around 14kgs. More definition. Still sticking around the same strength as i've finally come to terms that i am not training for strength for the time being! I did find it tough as i was working from 2pm to midnight on Tuesday, and i was looking after operations in the office/lock-up, and i was the only one in the office. The social club here has a nice collection of chocolates, lollies, muesli bars, nutri grain bars, chips, ice creams and cool drinks. Tempting... very tempting... But i wasnt about to let that 6 weeks of insane work go to waste! I walked straight past the delicious food and went straight to the water fountain. Every time i get an urge to indulge, i just close my eyes and picture myself on stage with that massive trophy, my wife under one arm and my little boy in the other!! Why give your body something it doesnt need anyway!!! BRING IT ON!!!!

  • Nathan Bertolini
    6 Apr 2016
    10:17 PM


    First time in 4 years that I've been under 100kgs. Don't know how much more I've got to go but that's 13kgs down in just under your weeks!! I've been training hard and I'm not stopping for anything!!

  • Nathan Bertolini
    29 Mar 2016
    11:23 PM

    Tonight was tough. Probably my own fault for not being prepared... Went out for my dads birthday at a restaurant, expecting to see some chicken on the menu i could ask with only salt and pepper and veggies, however there was none. So i sat there and watched everyone eat the chorizo covered steak and pasta. Good thing i had my SuperShred bar to keep me going! Especially when the cake came out... Still sticking to the plan and not going to give in. My first born turns 1 on Thursday and we are having a party for him on the Weekend. Im sure he wouldnt like it if i didnt share some of his cake, so i might have to have a small bit!!

  • Nathan Bertolini
    27 Mar 2016
    10:57 AM
    24 Burpees
    49 Push Ups
    52 Crunches
    24 Alternate Lunges
    93 Plank
    30 Jump Squats
  • Nathan Bertolini
    19 Mar 2016
    2:55 AM

    Great shoulder and tris day today! 35kg dumbells up for 12 reps. I did a few extra things such as shrugs to really work my traps as well. 2 sets 12 reps of 180kg shrugs. Definitely felt the burn after that! My wife cooked me up a lovely chicken and salad for dinner while they had bacon and cheese hot dogs! Then at 7 pm we all went down to the basketball court for about an hours worth of mucking around. Feeling tired now and it's time for a shake and bed!

  • Nathan Bertolini
    16 Mar 2016
    9:06 PM


    Almost half way through week 3 and definitely feeling it! Weight is just dropping off me and I'm seeing great results. My abs and obliques are becoming more visible and I'm appearing .more vascular in places like my shoulders, traps and triceps. It's tough.... I'm hungry but I always keep reminding myself about what my diet used to be like. It's a complete 180 change and it's Cleary working for the better! I'm still pushing and becoming more and more motivated. The 2XL shirts I own are becoming looser by the day. It's great!!

  • Nathan Bertolini
    12 Mar 2016
    11:14 PM


    Week two nearly done. This challenge is pretty tough. Im loving the work out plans but down as low as 1,500 calories some days is the hardest part! Not going to give up though. I have to shed that unwanted fat somehow!

  • Nathan Bertolini
    10 Mar 2016
    9:56 PM


    Week 2 and just finished my favorite exercise, a day of back! So far so good but I'm very hungry! Hopefully that surpasses as I don't have any bad habits! @Bertolininathan

  • Nathan Bertolini
    2 Mar 2016
    3:37 PM


    Day 3 has come already. Feeling great and just finished my fitness test. Now that's the basis of what my fitness levels will only be at for now. Only room for improvement now!

    19 Burpees
    40 Push Ups
    40 Crunches
    21 Alternate Lunges
    75 Plank
    26 Jump Squats

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