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169 cm


Lean - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

I'm nearing my 40's (39 this year) and I've noticed that things are starting to get a little bit tougher in terms of maintaining weight and a sound physique.

I've always been interested in fitness and have been training for years, but never really took it too seriously, especially the diet.

After a little research it was clear that the Max's Challenge was all about eating right (clean and healthy foods) and training to ensure maximum benefits.

I'm quite a committed guy and thought I'm going to mentally and physically challenge myself for 12 weeks and 'do the right' things when it comes to me and my health. I've also got my wife (who is also doing the challenge for the first time) and two small children who I want to educate and show that when you put your mind to something it can be done.

Let's do this!

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The challenge is so well structured, which meant all I had to do was follow the outlined training and meal plans - that's literally it!

In support of this, the ability to ask questions of the Max and Maxine Coaches and Ambassadors meant that you were always were receiving the best advice along the way - having it online meant it was always accessible and I didn't feel like I was on my own at any stage.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The hardest thing was changing old habits - especially when it came to food. I was always of the belief that you needed to 'restrict calories' and 'limit carbs'. The first few weeks of the challenge meant I was eating WAY more than I used too, which was very difficult to comprehend - especially after seeing previous challenger results and their significant changes (I thought to myself how do I lean up if I am eating more?). I was constantly reminded by the Coaches and Ambassadors to trust the process and the results will come, well they did!

The 4 week check-in was where I started to see some early results and from there I just continued to follow the plan 100 percent. I'm a smaller guy and the eating plan (which as I mentioned was not what I would normally eat) got my metabolism going and soon I couldn't wait for the next meal. The concept of eating more (good healthy foods) to become fitter and healthier was the hardest thing to overcome mentally for me.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

It has changed not only me, but my family.

My wife also did the challenge (for the first time as well) and we now look at food and training totally differently. The biggest noticeable impact it has had, has been on my children (especially my 3.5 year old). She now bounces out of bed in morning as she wants to 'eat what daddy is eating for breakfast' and is interested in all types of healthy foods. We now cook our omelettes together (she choses her eggs), which is generally followed by some oats and a splash of milk - its our little thing. I see it as my role as a parent to educate and teach my children about all facets of life, with food and health a big part of that. The Max's challenge has given me the skills to start this education journey.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Sign up today, seriously.

In this day and age with social media and alike, there is so much information and 'advice' on the health and fitness industry. Max/Maxine's works as its about doing the 'right' things to get the 'right outcome'. Its all about putting in the effort, by training properly and eating healthy foods - its certainly not a quick fix - its a lifestyle change!

I'll leave you with my first piece of advice from the Coaches/Ambassadors: "trust the process, it works".

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

This is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. The energy and new mental outlook are significant from 12 weeks ago - it really does work.


  • Michael Adams
    30 Apr 2017
    11:36 AM

    Wow, I did it! I set out 12 weeks ago to give this thing my all and well, I have. I'm a busy professional with two kids (3.5 years and 7 months) and I did it! No excuses. I've literally followed the plan religiously for the entire time - have never missed a training session and followed the nutrition guide 💯 percent. This has thought me so much, my top learnings are: - good healthy food is sooo important - don't use the scales as a guide - fuel your body after you train hard (this is clearly where I fell down in he past as I was not eating anywhere near enough) - eating more (healthy foods) aids in weight loss I'm now a different person, have more than energy, less moody, less anxious and bounce out of bed. I didn't think this challenge would affect me so much, let alone my family. My 3.5 year old now 'eats what daddy eats' for breakfast and she is interested in food - in a good way! This is the best thing to come from this whole thing. My life has changed and I've can't thank this community enough for the support, information and guidance.

  • Michael Adams
    27 Apr 2017
    4:29 PM

    Just competed my final legs session for the 12-week challenge! Been hanging for this day well, for 12-weeks! I'd have to say that legs were probably a body part I haven't spent too much time on over the years - was eye opening to train them so hard for this challenge. The first session of legs I did meant I was sore for over a week and literally couldn't sit down or walk properly. Let's just say I still get DOMS but no where near as bad as then.... I know it's not over for legs, we will meet again and I'll look to continue to focus on them. I've learnt that legs are an important area to focus on both aiding in mental wellbeing and for muscle growth for the whole body. So bloody happy right now though!!!!

  • Michael Adams
    26 Apr 2017
    10:50 AM

    Rest day today and I'm going to take advantage of it! Been hitting the weights hard these last two weeks in particular. Body needs a days break. Ramping myself up for my final legs seasion (tomorrow).....I'm going to have a massive smile when I hobble out of the gym.

  • Michael Adams
    24 Apr 2017
    3:08 PM

    OMG felt like an absolute beast today! Was the chest and tris day and I upped nearly all my weights across the program. Feeling good at this point in the program, which I think is a combination of FOLLOWING THE PROGRAM 💯 percent. Was told to trust......well I'm converted well and truly.

  • Michael Adams
    20 Apr 2017
    7:20 AM

    Managed to up ALL my back weights this morning! Really pushing hard to that finish line!!!

  • Michael Adams
    19 Apr 2017
    9:25 PM

    Been a while since my stomach has been this flat....with abs.

  • Michael Adams
    18 Apr 2017
    2:37 PM

    Just had one of the toughest weekends as our 7 month old was admitted to hospital on Friday night and spent all of Easter there. Was one of the toughest things to see my baby girl in so much pain. Luckily she has bounced back really well and we were able to get home yesterday. Whilst she is only a bubba, her determination to get better and to not let this thing get her down was inspiring. Funnily she has now given me the boost I needed and a reminder that when things get tough, you have to fight. Looking forward to these last few weeks and a healthy family!

  • Michael Adams
    18 Apr 2017
    2:32 PM

    One of the things I set out to achieve was to teach my little ones (esp my 3.5 year old) about good healthy food. Well this morning she wanted an egg omelette like daddy. I'm already a winner!!

  • Michael Adams
    29 Mar 2017
    9:12 PM

    Oh! I had my first long black coffee today and it wasn't that bad!

  • Michael Adams
    29 Mar 2017
    7:34 PM

    Checked in today and was perhaps looking for a little more progression. There's 4 more weeks to go, so will push harder now!

  • Michael Adams
    7 Mar 2017
    12:57 PM

    Feeling a little flat today.....got through my session but not feeling as bouyed as I was last week. Thinking positively and hopefully get the morale back up.

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