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170 cm


Lean - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

We all have our daily challenges and struggles in life, whatever they may be, we look for different outlets and sources of motivation to overcome all obstacles in our way.
At times one requires a little push to go the extra mile and achieve great things. All great journies start with one little step, and signing up for the challenge is this step for me.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I loved the genius concept that incorporated he enhancement of one's self in a fun, competitive and supportive challenge!

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The hardest obstacle in the challenge was the mental aspect of complying with a healthy diet that was not carb based, considering I come from a background where carbs are the backbone of every meal!

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

I can confidently say the challenge has helped me evolve as a human being and a person in 3 short months, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Not to mention the incredible influence it has had on all people around me which has lead them to healthier choices, mainly my little son whom is enjoying fruits and veggies!

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Do it, no ifs, no buts, no delays, just do it!
it will exceed all your expectations, and keep surprising you as it takes you to a whole other spectrum gradually, but surely!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

This challenge has been one of the greatest experiences I have had in a long time, it is a fantastic community whom support and guide you throughout your journey and give you all the needed tools to continue on for years to come beyond the challenge. It is a great big bundle of goodies!


  • Karrar Alalawi
    16 May 2016
    11:28 AM

    Had my niece's birthday on the weekend so didn't really help having all the foods/sweets on the one table but I did control myself and I refused to cheat(90%) This last week has a lot in store for me, with a major project, a major presentation and exam preparation(civil engineering) which doesn't help when trying to smash training for the final week. On another note, we are getting very close to our second baby being born, its the crucial last couple of weeks! with all that been said, looking forward to spreading my time evenly to do all that needs to be done and of course the final photo coming up! let the fun begin =D

  • Karrar Alalawi
    12 May 2016
    4:30 PM

    @Steve Hodder, mate tell me about the bloody bottom abs! I did the dexa scan yesterday and the lady was kind enough to make me feel better by saying "you are doing everything correctly, the only mistake you've done is choosing your parents" apparently I am an apple shape so all the fat goes where it doesn't belong! we will find a miracle, even if I have to draw them on or sleep with a 6pack attached to my stomach for the next week ahahaha

  • Karrar Alalawi
    12 May 2016
    1:59 PM

    "Comparison is the THIEF of JOY"

  • Karrar Alalawi
    12 May 2016
    10:23 AM

    Mitch you are a crack up mate, I was just catching up on the posts and everyone having a laugh so had to look for the original post. This Challenge may be onto something, the culture of beer and junk food has faded, guess we gotta hold on to something, gambling, thongs, short shorts and the wife beaters lmao? some of the odds you've mentioned are spot on but im pretty sure there are some owls hiding at the moment which will put me at $100 on your list lmao, Gotta step my game up. Best of Luck to all the boys on here, its been awesome going through this amazing journey together, yet in our separate paths!

  • Karrar Alalawi
    11 May 2016
    7:28 PM

    Done my first Dexa scan ever which was quite a surreal experience. sitting at 12.6% fat and still weighing 77.6 since week 8 check in....I think its time to look for a miracle over the next week!

  • Karrar Alalawi
    10 May 2016
    4:38 PM

    whats on my mind right now? 5pm, that is right gym is 2 minutes away from work soooo looking forward to punishing my shoulders and back, and hopefuly some cardio today! We have come a very long way from where we started boys!

  • Karrar Alalawi
    7 May 2016
    12:22 PM

    no weight lost, no weight found...

  • Karrar Alalawi
    3 May 2016
    12:28 PM

    Last night I copped a panic attack after work as I think the reality of the situation just hit me regarding the fact that we have commenced week 10 already. Therefore I rushed tot he gym right after work and did a pump class for 40-50 minutes. After that 15 minutes on the treadmill waiting for a mate! Started chest bies, tries and abs day and I can honestly say as exhausted as I was I still pushed myself to the limit with 45kg db presses. I think the panic must have charged me up! I feel sore and quite embarrassed coming to think of the weights I was doing in the pump class!

  • Karrar Alalawi
    28 Apr 2016
    11:39 AM

    Last night I went into the gym with a well planned schedule, high hopes and soo much under estimation for the new legs program. I get started with the squats, Happily pushing all the way up to 100kg for the last set as part of the superset and going on to realise midway through the workout that I need an extra set of lungs, felt like I was being chased by a bunch of angry cops. Long story short as I pushed through and finished the workout I barely could breath and have uploaded a photo to give you guys an idea, hope the facial expression gives you an idea of how I felt! my legs feel like they have been violated hahahah

  • Karrar Alalawi
    22 Apr 2016
    3:20 PM

    I have been trying to quite smoking over the past couple of days as I truly am hating this terrible and unhealthy habit but something always pulls me back. This hasn't helped with the dieting at this stage as when I quite smoking my appetite becomes monstrous, and to add to this going through personal situations and stress instead of running to the smoke which kills my appetite it seems that the first thing that comes to my mind is food! bad timing for it all....will push through and sweat it off at the gym tonight hopefuly....so much for a birthday lol!

  • Karrar Alalawi
    20 Apr 2016
    3:38 PM

    So barely have lost any weight over the past 4 weeks which is quite upsetting, although looking at the next 4 weeks program, I'm already breaking a sweat just thinking about it, oh the sweet pain! p.s some incredible changes with some of the challengers, well done boys, keep up the good work!

  • Karrar Alalawi
    19 Apr 2016
    12:57 PM

    When you take a moment to read other challengers stories and their journey prior and during the challenge it is quite motivating and admirable at the same time. You truly learn to take a moment and think twice before judging the book based on the cover!....Some great work and some extraordinary accomplishment by some challengers so far. Well done and best of luck to all.

  • Karrar Alalawi
    18 Apr 2016
    11:59 AM

    Ok, So Sunday afternoon I had a great legs sessions, I was on the dot with my diet, until I was put through the test at night when I had the whole family over for my first and only son's first birthday...now being a first birthday and having all the kids in the family in the one room, I have put all that could possibly cross any kid in the rooms mind in treats, not to mention the cake! yes the child in me also got involved and had a bit of a mischievous night with my diet. Have made a deal with myself to avoid fallouts for the next 5 weeks! also will have to go hard at gym tonight to make up for it!

  • Karrar Alalawi
    17 Apr 2016
    8:35 PM

    Let the knee recover for a week and today i punished the legs for slacking off for a week! Pushed my leg press limits...320kg i have the happy pains already =D!

  • Karrar Alalawi
    14 Apr 2016
    12:15 PM

    The knee is kind of feeling a bit less sore today. So hoping to get a cardio session and legs done today. this week has been a very unproductive week for me as I have had a couple of falls with my diet but also haven't been doing cardio because of the knee. Not to mention I accepted a mate of mine as a training partner which wasted a couple of my gym sessions...Hoping the downhill ride I've experienced this week ends already!

  • Karrar Alalawi
    12 Apr 2016
    10:40 AM

    Ok so was going great with my workouts and over the past week I have managed to push through the Plateau with my training, I have managed to surpass myself and the weights I was pushing over the past few months. One downfall though, I managed to injure my knee doing squats...and the funny part is it wasn't when I was doing my heavy set, it was the extra set I always do after each workout with the initial weight I start of with...walking around all funny today!

  • Karrar Alalawi
    11 Apr 2016
    1:00 PM

    Change is coming!

  • Karrar Alalawi
    8 Apr 2016
    12:12 PM

    I have come to realise that the only constrain I have had at the gym is my weak self holding back my strong self from developing and moving forward. The mind is an incredible creation, we can achieve so much if we can break the barriers we set up for our selves. Yesterday I walked in with the same attitude to the gym, but as I started my work out, I made a deal with my self, I will not do more than 1 set with the same weights, I must go up with every set, and if I shall stay where I am or go lower I shall punish myself with doubling the reps. Coming to think of it I reached heights I have not reached at the gym over the past year almost. I am glad I have reached this state of mind at this stage of the challenge as it will help me push through and hopefuly enable me to achieve to the best of my ability.

  • Karrar Alalawi
    6 Apr 2016
    12:02 AM

    Sore chest, sore shoulders and semi sore legs. Looks like we are getting somewhere! On another note, as i been training legs twice a week plus the treadmill, bike and stairs my legs have grown some planets on them....refusing to jump on a scale as my legs are telling me ive stacked on some weight i lost from the upper body lol...back where we started!

  • Karrar Alalawi
    24 Mar 2016
    12:28 AM

    At last, long day at work then school right after for 4 hours, then some homework...all in all i am not too happy with the first 4 weeks outcome knowing i could have done so much more. The check in following the Arnold expo is a great wake up call and motivator. As Kai Green said on Sunday 'you are the inspiration'

  • Karrar Alalawi
    21 Mar 2016
    3:09 PM

    Start of a new week and also nearly the end of the first quarter of the challenge. I have filled up my motivation/aspiration and inspiration bucket yesterday at the Arnold Expo, meeting with my personal favourite Kai Green and also Rich.P =D this week is going to be awesome!

  • Karrar Alalawi
    18 Mar 2016
    10:40 AM

    Have had a long night, my little 11 months old boy is sick and managed to keep us up all night, than straight to work and a wedding tonight again....seems like Challenge Friday already but will definitely go and smash my shoulders/arms session today. actually looking forward to just letting it all go at the gym! Please 5pm come quicker.

  • Karrar Alalawi
    16 Mar 2016
    9:19 PM

    Wedding tonight, if anyone has been to an arab wedding knows my pain right now! Even the salad is dipped in oil.... :(

  • Karrar Alalawi
    16 Mar 2016
    6:05 PM

    This is the least I have to avoid on daily basis at my parents. Yes it is a mission to break out of dietary habits, especially when you have adapted for many, many, many years!

  • Karrar Alalawi
    12 Mar 2016
    10:35 AM

    To be, or Not to be, That is the question! I will be facing my biggest sub-challenge this long weekend, as the whole family is gathering, mom's going to be cooking enough delicious food to feed a few countries, and I will be resisting and sticking to the plan(first time to challenge myself into saying no to her food)! wish me luck =D

  • Karrar Alalawi
    10 Mar 2016
    5:31 PM
    15 Burpees
    35 Push Ups
    30 Crunches
    12 Alternate Lunges
    20 Plank
    21 Jump Squats
  • Karrar Alalawi
    10 Mar 2016
    5:26 PM

    An early morning cardio session, I was running on the treadmill like I was being chased, the Summary just gave me a good idea of what it takes to burn all the junk we eat! Now on a happy note, here is my late lunch/early dinner, food makes me Happy!(healthy, appealing food) =D

  • Karrar Alalawi
    9 Mar 2016
    2:59 PM

    With all the help from the support team and members of the challenge, I am glad to say leg day yesterday was a great success, Already looking forward to the next leg day!

  • Karrar Alalawi
    7 Mar 2016
    4:34 PM

    The biggest mission I am currently facing is moms cooking when I go over for weekend visits...yes I did crumble under the pressure of the exotic aromas this weekend :(. I will work harder and focus stronger this week and try my best to not give in to temptations, wont be a good example for my little 10 months old boy if I do!

  • Karrar Alalawi
    3 Mar 2016
    10:43 PM

    This pain in my legs should be a good lesson not to skip legs day for as long as I shall train! walking like a penguin all day, not a good look!

  • Karrar Alalawi
    3 Mar 2016
    1:41 PM

    Lunch time, im glad that healthy food can look great and taste delicious!

  • Karrar Alalawi
    29 Feb 2016
    9:02 PM

    First day of the challenge, and also first day back at the gym as I been recovering from a nasty chest infection. Feels good to be back!

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