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"the physical changes to my body, and the help and encouragement from the coaches and ambassadors"



Get Shredded Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

** Instagram: Tribezmen**

3rd time entering. Trying to improve on my last result.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

the physical changes to my body, and the help and encouragement from the coaches and ambassadors

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

moving to QLD from VIC during the challenge was very tough. For 3 weeks in the last quarter, I had no job, no gym, and wasn't able to prep my meals. so trying to get back on track from that was difficult. Putting on weight during this time, I wanted to quit, but was motivated by my family to continue.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

the challenge has taught me I can achieve anything regardless of what life throws at you. If you are determined, anything is possible.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

I think its a great opportunity and helpful tool to get your fitness goals on track, and anyone can do it.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

being my 3rd attempt, it doesn't get any easier. this was the toughest challenge for me, but I was proud that I was able to complete it, and take the final photos.


  • Joshua Pillay
    17 May 2015
    12:03 PM

    I completed the challenge!!! so many times I didnt think I would take these photos... and I feel a great deal of accomplishment. this challenge was by far the hardest, due to the move, and no job, but managed to get there. Feel great, and didnt loose too much weight which was my goal! here is a few photos from the photo shoot! now time to shower and eat

  • Joshua Pillay
    8 May 2015
    5:12 AM

    Started my job on Monday so good to bqck into the swing of things again. Been pushing hard but life always throws in obstacles. Food and training inder control again but it could be too little too late

  • Joshua Pillay
    28 Apr 2015
    9:24 AM

    Im in sunshine coast yay!. Unfortunately at junk for for 4 days during the drive and the trip..but found a gym..and making up for those 4 days. I found a job which I start tommorrow so that will help with my daily routine. Fired up for the last 3 weeks so hoepfully ive done enough in the first 8 weeks to get me across the line

  • Joshua Pillay
    25 Apr 2015
    7:02 PM

    moved to the sunshine coast sucessfully. unfortunatly it took 2 days to get here, and the only food I ate was takeaways.. I have found a gym, and prepped some meals , so back to some routine, however I am still in holiday mode, and with the kids, have been eating things I shouldnt, so It has been hard to adjust back to the diet, however I am trying. over the weekend I put on about 1.5kg, so just working hard to get back on track

  • Joshua Pillay
    19 Apr 2015
    7:34 AM

    WEEK 8 PHOTOS DONE. TOMMORROW I MOVE TO SUNSHINE COAST. im not sure if i will be able to continue the challenge from up there, however if I can find a gym, and get my food sorted I night be able to see this out. its been a challenging last 4 weeks with the move and everything going on, but ive given it my all.

  • Joshua Pillay
    3 Apr 2015
    7:57 AM

    a few photos from the week. on track and on my way.

  • Joshua Pillay
    31 Mar 2015
    5:16 PM

    picking up the pace this week, after a great weekend of sticking to the diet. I definatly enjoy the 2nd half of the challenge more due to being able to visually see my body changing, and more lines and definition appearing. training is going well, with out injury, and motivated enough now to sticking to the maxs diet about 95% of the time. single digit body fat is the goal, and hope to finish around 82kg the move to queenland is just around the corner, and not sure how that will effect this challenge, but at the moment its one day at a time.

  • Joshua Pillay
    22 Mar 2015
    10:15 AM

    Everyone has a story - This is mine. July 2013 .. the point I wanted to change my life. This first picture was taken 4 weeks after surgery i had for bilateral hernias, which I had for over 14 years.Having the hernias, I was unable to lift heavy objects or exercise because of the pain it caused. I wasn't able to stand for longer than 30 minutes, and working as a concreter was a struggle. I had to wear a hernia belt for years, just to do everyday chores. I didn't have an athletic body. I was tall, lanky, and over weight. Unhappy, unhealthy , and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, I knew a change was coming. I wanted a change not only for myself but also for my little girls. Up to this point , I have never set foot in a gym. I knew nothing about fitness, nutrition or how to exercise ......and I was 34 years old. This was the first ever photo I have taken with no clothes on which i took for the Maxs muscle up challenge . It was confronting, embarrassing, and was one of the hardest things I have had to do. I joined a gym in September 2013 . Going to the gym and being able to exercise wasn't just about wanting to change my appearance. I was able to overcome depression from a marriage break up , I was able to overcome a drug addiction , and it motivated me to give up smoking. It started becoming a snowball effect. I quit Djing because I was still surrounded by things that were having a negative effect in my life. I stopped drinking and I started to learn about food and nutrition. Slowly I started seeing small changes in my life. I was able to gain my self confidence back , and I started to feel happy again. Present Over the last 2 years, I have been to the gym nearly every day. Its something I enjoy, its something that helps me stay focused, and its something that keeps me pushing the boundaries of my mind, and my body. Its never to late to change. whatever your circumstances, whatever your lifestyle, theres always a way around it. It all starts at one point, and thats the decision to make a change.

  • Joshua Pillay
    22 Mar 2015
    8:20 AM

    so took my 4 week photos. excited to see a change, i knew I had dropped 5 kg but kinda didnt notice much change. biggest difference I can see this year is how my legs have changed. MASSIVLY excited about that. the garage was unavaliable to take the photos because I am moving to sunshine coast in 3 weeks so its full of stuff. the photos came out darker than expected, but nothing i can really do about it. because of the move I am expecting to complete my final photos in week 8 ... unless I can get my food and a new gym shorted quickyl when I get up there to resume my training. so aiming to be shredded in the next few weeks.

  • Joshua Pillay
    14 Mar 2015
    9:24 AM

    caught a glimpse of my legs in the reflection of my dirty glass door should clean this thing today.... so thought I would upload my first progress shot. 5 weeks of dieting, definitely happy with the results so far.

  • Joshua Pillay
    8 Mar 2015
    10:10 AM

    couple of small breakthroughs this week. first major one, was being able to step AWAY from the gym this week. I had a rest day on tuesday and saturday, simply due to the fact my body was feeling exhausted from training 7 days a week for nearly 2 months straight. the 2nd was making it through to today with out buying or consuming a cheat meal. I decided im not a dog, and deserve a treat everytime i loose some weight... its always hard going to coles on a sunday after leg day and not thinking im allowed to eat what ever I want , because ive trained hard, and now is a good time to eat something im not allowed too. I did buy some no fat yogurt, and will be having a protein/oat flour pancake in about half and hour, then maybe some white rice later on. So today was the first time this week I trained my legs since last tuesday, and it felt awesome... due to the rest days I had this week. I was able to go heavy, and with out any tweaks or injuries to my knees or back. was able to get this done in just over a hour. Ive been making an effort to also shorten the time im spending in the gym. before the challenge i was spending about 1.5 to 2 hours each session. Now im trying to spend only 1 hour max. 3 sets - standing calf raises - 15 reps 3 sets - seated calf raises - 15 reps 4 set - leg extensions - 15-20 reps 4 working sets up to 400kg - 10 - 15 reps 3 sets - hack squats - 10 reps 5 working sets up to 140kg - squats - 10 - 15 reps

  • Joshua Pillay
    5 Mar 2015
    9:04 PM

    todays message was to smile and be positive, so here is my smiley face. suprisingly I noticed I have those thin smiley lines on the sides. good work maxs

  • Joshua Pillay
    1 Mar 2015
    8:49 AM

    Had a couple of blow outs over the weekend. not really sure why, but it did happen. Ive Already moved on. This week is a new week. so set my goals to keep the diet tight. Looking forward to do some cardio next week. today I will be working shoulders and back.

  • Joshua Pillay
    25 Feb 2015
    8:49 PM

    not a super great start to the challenge. somehow Ive hurt my knee, and my shoulder during a back session. hopefully its not too bad, but feeling sore, and a bit sorry for myself. managed to do my first cardio session this morning. not my favourite thing to do at 4am. trying to stay postive, but 12 weeks seems like a daunting task atm.

  • Joshua Pillay
    24 Feb 2015
    4:48 AM

    fired up ready to do this.

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