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If you want to be the best version of yourself both physically and mentally then the challenge is the first step to take.



187 cm


Lean Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

I retired from playing rugby league 2 years ago due to injury and have used it as an excuse not to train to my full potential. I want be fit and healthy for my family and be able to run around with my children without feeling tired and drained, and I want to feel that sense of achievement again like i did when playing footy.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

Although the challenge overall was tough, it was a simple process to follow. There is no thinking involved and you just need to trust the process.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Cardio and eating breakfast. I've always been one to "say no to cardio!" Until starting the challenge I always believed that you would get enough out of weight training alone.
I'd never eat breakfast as I was never a morning person let alone eat oats or yoghurt. Again I just had to trust the process and do what "success demanded!"

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

I have more energy from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. I have more of a positive outlook on life, not just fitness. My eldest daughter actually has that look of pride in her eyes when she looks at me and that's when i know I have made the right decision to turn my life around. I'm now a walking example of health and dedication to my family and friends. All my old footy injuries don't hurt as much anymore which allows me to be more active.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Just do it! Tomorrow never comes. If you want to be the best version of yourself both physically and mentally then the challenge is the first step to take.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I have loved every minute of the challenge. Before it i had not played rugby league for 2 years due to a career ending knee injury. I had nothing to train for and fell into a form of depression. I was miserable to be around for my family. I would be the one to suggest maccas for dinner because cooking was to hard. I would make up some crap excuse not to do something with the family because it was an effort. Now I'm the food conscious one making the right choices, offering to do the groceries and getting up early to make lunches for school and breakfast for the family. The challenge has given me the positive kick in the backside I haven't had for the past 2 years.


  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    8 Nov 2015
    9:57 PM

    So tomorrow I upload my pic and answer my questions, then it's time for a recap of the last 12 weeks and see where I want this journey to take me. How far can I push myself, what is going to be my new motivating factor. My family are all so supportive and tell me how proud they all are. My wife mainly tells me but when my 6 year old tells me then I honestly feel proud of my own achievements as 6 year olds don't know how to lie. No matter what the public think, I'll put my pics on social media and be proud as punch. I don't want votes, I just want all my family and friends to realise that in 12 short weeks they too can turn their lives around! Congrats to you all and I can't wait to see all your transformations.

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    3 Nov 2015
    10:09 AM

    The view for this mornings cardio. Head phones in, classic rock pumping and fresh country air in my lungs. Been to the gym and ripped through the session. muscle fatigue hitting faster and faster every session. Just gotta keep on keeping on! Enjoy the final week!

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    31 Oct 2015
    9:32 AM

    So I placed an order online at the start of the week as my Lean was getting low. Arrives on Thursday, just in time! Open the box and it's the wrong product. Not only type of protein but also wrong brand. Living in Central West NSW I've had to do the ring around as I was on my last couple of scoops. Mad rush 2 hour turn around trip to get my tub of heaven On a Friday afternoon. A tub I shouldn have to buy but I can't just have any old rubbish shake. Guess when my other tub turns up Monday I won't need to order for a while. Also want to give a shoutout to Will Hampson, a champion bloke that has been smashing this challenge with no excuses and providing plenty of motivation and inspiration to others. Goodluck to you all in your final week of the challenge. #thisisonlythebegining

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    20 Oct 2015
    11:26 AM

    Had the gym to myself at the end of my morning session so I took a few sneaky selfies. First one describes how my back and shoulders felt after training. The second one shows how personally satisfied I feel with my efforts so far!

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    16 Oct 2015
    3:51 PM

    Another day of training done and dusted. The intensity is off the hook. Who needs cardio when you have these workouts? I do! Bring on legs tomorrow.

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    15 Oct 2015
    7:33 AM

    This new program has me hurting from start to finish of every workout. Working out which weight to use is the hard part, but super sets are just what the doctor ordered.

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    12 Oct 2015
    12:06 PM

    So i missed my cardio session this morning due to my wife giving birth to my 3rd princess last night. She sent me home this morning to make sure I had my breakfast and told me that I wasn't allowed to miss this Arvos weights session. Happy man and proud dad!

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    5 Oct 2015
    9:03 PM

    A good day in the gym, 1 hr fasted cardio this morning and chest this arvo. Was feeling flat over the weekend and just pushed through both sessions but today I was back to normal and gave it a solid nudge. Counting down to check in!

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    4 Oct 2015
    8:17 AM

    Cardio done and dusted. Day light savings got me good this morning. Now time for a day of rugby league grandfinals. Who needs beer watching the footy when you can have a shake?

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    3 Oct 2015
    11:57 AM

    Doing legs and all the young punks look at me and watch. You can see it in their faces that they're thinking- "this blokes 100kg and that's all he can front squat?" Then I move to sumo deads and they are doing 1rm back squats with 10kgs more then what I was lifting for 3x10 and they have shit form with no depth. When you get your arse to grass come see me boys! Haha. Rant over.

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    23 Sep 2015
    5:09 AM

    So, alarm goes off and I get out of bed and the old pins almost buckle under me. Then I remember that yesterday was legs day. Haha! It's gonna be a great day!

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    21 Sep 2015
    5:32 PM

    2 really good sessions today. Getting some positive feedback from other gym goers! Topped the day off with an order for more Lean and Night protein. #getinmybelly

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    20 Sep 2015
    7:41 PM

    Had a sleep in today and felt better for it. Usually get to the gym by 6.30am on my days off work but instead opting out of the optional cardio on Sunday I had a sleep in to recharge and hit the gym in the arvo. Feeling very refreshed. Can not wait to get back into the grind tomorrow morning! The photos are just a reminder that when you're at home resting, someone is out there doing the hard yards. #gymtomyself #sundaysesh

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    19 Sep 2015
    8:19 AM

    Second leg session done for the week. Was still sore from Tuesdays session but feel good now. Those sumo's are heart breaking. Loving the new program!

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    16 Sep 2015
    7:04 PM

    Really enjoying the new program so far. The variations are really making me work hard.

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    16 Sep 2015
    5:09 AM

    Walking after last nights legs session= struggling

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    14 Sep 2015
    9:16 PM

    Week 4 day 1 complete. Was national chest day today but luckily enough I got it done. Glad I don't have to have tuna again for a week. Loved dinner though!

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    13 Sep 2015
    7:11 AM

    So, I've made through the first 4 weeks. Dropped 4.8kgs and feeling great. Still have urges to break away but I'm staying strong. Have followed both plans exactly and will continue to do so. 1 third down! Bring on the next chapter of this challenge.

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    9 Sep 2015
    9:08 PM

    Checked in this morning. Pretty happy with my progress. Just gotta keep on trucking!

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    8 Sep 2015
    8:13 PM

    Cardio this morning and legs tonight= spent. so I shortened my recovery times today and man it was one tough sesh, not that legs are ever easy. Don't think I made any friendsat the gym tonight as I was in the zone and wouldn't give anyone the time of day. to bad, I'm on a mission.

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    7 Sep 2015
    4:08 PM

    Start of week 4. Had some really tough challenges so far a conquered them all. Can't wait for check in this week and start chapter 2!

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    6 Sep 2015
    8:45 AM

    Father's Day cardio done and dusted. Off to watch the local rugby league Grandfinal for the day. Gotta stay switched on and will take my lunch And water bottle with me. I'll even sit on the other side of the canteen. Nothing better than tuna salad and watching the footy??????

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    5 Sep 2015
    8:04 PM

    Up the cardio today. Hitting the gym nice and early on my days at home so I can enjoy the rest of the day with the family. Even snuck in a little manna nap this arvo. no rest for Father's Day tomorrow. Gotta stay in that daily grind.

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    3 Sep 2015
    7:33 PM

    Today was tough. The toughest yet. Was tired all day at work, feeling irritable and unmotivated. I haven't and won't weigh myself until week 4 check-in. I was asking myself- "why am I doing this to myself?" "Is it really worth it?" I don't feel bloated anymore, diet is on point and I'm training my ring off but I look in the mirror and see the same me. I could have just just got in the car after work and went home. But I didn't. I went to the gym and I used this frustration to have a really good session. Still 10.5 weeks to go. Plenty of time for change. Just bring it!

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    2 Sep 2015
    8:35 AM

    Up early for a light cardio session. Legs are a little tender from last nights session, but the light work this morning really helped. Now it's a waiting game for tomorrow's workout!

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    1 Sep 2015
    8:36 PM

    4am cardio, only 9 more of them to go! improving every week. loved legs tonight. Squats into deads really makes me want to spew, but the satisfaction of getting it done makes it worth the pain.

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    31 Aug 2015
    9:57 AM

    Day 15. Hit the gym this morning feeling positive. everything on point, and doing it solo. Living in a small town it's hard if not impossible to find someone that understands what or why you're doing this to yourself. Then, I come across another Challenger so we had a chat in our respected rest times which really helped with motivation as he understands. To top it off the new owner of the local gym pulls me up after my session and asks what I aim to achieve out of this experience? This has giving me more than enough motivation to complete the 12 weeks without sin! Do yourselves a favour, if you're struggling any day of the week, tale some time to talk to someone that understands!

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    30 Aug 2015
    9:06 AM

    Tough gig last night. Out to some friends house for a birthday dinner. Prepped well and took my beef stir-fry with me. Temptation everywhere I looked, from chips, lasagne to ice cream. Fought the fight and won the battle. 6am cardio this morning and had the gym to myself! they must have junk food hangovers!

  • Jamie Szczerbanik
    29 Aug 2015
    9:10 AM

    Day 16. Feeling really good. Haven't missed a session and have had my meal plan on point. Although I don't feel my physical appearance has changed, I have lost the bloated feeling and my energy levels are increasing every day. I walk past the scales every morning wanting to jump on but hold myself back. Before the challenge it wouldn't be uncommon to have up to 5 coffees a day and plenty of lattes on weekends, so to adjust from that to 1 coffee in the mornings only is a massive leap for me. Can't wait for the coming weeks!

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