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I find now at 52 I have formed habits in my lifestyle that I am thrilled with thanks to Max's Challenge!



181 cm


Lean Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

To have good health and vitality as I get older.
I have done the Challenge before, was happy with my results but I still have more weight to lose, I learnt a lot last time and I think I can improve and reach the next level.
After breaking my neck in a motorcycle accident a few years ago I thought physical activity was beyond my range, after joining the Gym last year I can't believe how all pain has gone and I am as active as ever.
I like to have a goal so the challenge suits me, the check ins keep me accountable.
I am looking forward to the transformation, I am prepared to work hard and commit to the program.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

Setting goals and the sense of achievement when you reach those goals, taking small steps that formed a pathway to achieving a healthy lifestyle, physique and vitality (Body and soul).
I enjoyed following the Nutrition plan, it was well set out and easy to follow, the supplements were a huge part of my results, I felt sustained throughout the 12 weeks.
Overall, reflecting on the Challenge motivated me to explore my potential.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Pushing my endurance limits physically and adapting those demands placed on my body. I found recovery was enhanced using the program schedule and the supplements.
Energy levels ebbed and flowed as I have a busy job and combining that with weights and cardio along with family life meant time management was key.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

After raising a large family, focusing on myself was a challenge in itself! I began slowly to find that the results encouraged me to explore further boundaries and with each week that past small gains started to build confidence and my fitness and endurance enabled me to reach unexpected results.
I find now at 52 I have formed habits in my lifestyle that I am thrilled with thanks to Max's Challenge!

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Turn a page in your life, don't worry where you start or what other people say, get tough on yourself and go for it!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I liked the fact I could see other challenges journeys by looking at the check in pics and reading the blogs, it made it seem like a community rather than a solo journey.
I liked reading the forum and taking on board the advice of the coaches, the coaches weekly messages also kept me interested.


  • James Laidler
    5 Nov 2015
    3:46 PM

    Feeling like I'm 32, not 52! Lucky I have 2 sons I can borrow clothes from until I get to the shops, grew out of my jeans a while ago, got sick of punching more holes in my belt. My T.Shirts look like tents, so have borrowed from the boys! Took my final measurements today, lost 6cm from my waist and 7cm from around my stomach, also 6 cm from my hips and 4 from each thigh! Blown away with the results although I,m fading away! Looking forward to a few more carbs tomorrow then pics on Saturday afternoon. Have been to Gym this morning, going back for some abs and light cardio soon then maybe a walk around the block tonight. Resorted to cleaning the bathrooms this afternoon to take my mind off snacking.

  • James Laidler
    2 Nov 2015
    11:21 AM

    Weight 90.5kg On point with supps, diet and training this week, as coaches said in their message this is the week to go hard and plan the things like Tan, shaving and pictures! I really want to be proud of my pics as I feel like I am in the best shape of my life, at at 52 most guys are going downhill and I don't want that to happen to me. The picture above is from my 2nd eldests Valedictory in 2011, I can't believe how fat my face looks, Di and I have totally changed our bodies in the last year, thanks to Max's Challenge. Weights in the morning, cardio at night every day till the end!

  • James Laidler
    30 Oct 2015
    8:16 PM

    Weight last Sunday 90.65 kg Really wanting to get under 90 this week, have upped the Cardio to HIIT on treadmill or Bike at the Gym or long walks at home, also tried walking on the treadmill on an incline yesterday, hard work but seemed to be beneficial. Supersets are going well, timing the breaks spot on, doing my weights after work then cardio after dinner, if I go back to the Gym for cardio I add in abs and forearms while I am there. Have 9 days off now, RDO Monday and Wednesday, cup day Tuesday and we have all taken Thursday Friday off as site will be closed, perfect timing for final week! Nutrition is 100%, following the plan to the letter, reading the forum a lot and learning from the coaches. I have added a picture of training abs at home, this is what I try to do as often as I can and a picture of my neck brace, I have come a long way since I broke my neck a few years ago!

  • James Laidler
    23 Oct 2015
    6:59 PM

    Losing strength but gaining endurance, I am noticing less carbs, feeling good when I walk past a mirror, the Abs are coming. I hope I can lose more fat this week so they show up more. Thinking about shaving or waxing my legs, looking forward to see what I look like with a tan. I am hungry after work, had a nap today this helped. Just done 6 days hard training in a row, Gym after work at 4.00 then back after dinner for HIIT on the bike and Abs. Leg day an absolute killer! Rest day today! Highlight of the week is the 6 egg white omelette!

  • James Laidler
    17 Oct 2015
    7:15 PM

    Been collecting the Max Gold club tickets for a while, think I might have enough to get a free box of protein soon! Tried on the Jeans I bought when I was 18, used to wear them back in the 1980's I kept them all these years, and finally they fit again, not only that but they are loose. Trained this morning, going back tonight to do HIIT on the bike and Abs, stepping it up big time, twice a day, super strict on the diet, measuring everything. 50g of oats is smaller than you think!

  • James Laidler
    14 Oct 2015
    7:25 PM

    A couple of photos from training week 8, started new pogram this week, hard work with the supersets, recovery??? Nutrition on track, no cheats, supps going great, really happy with week 8 photo!

  • James Laidler
    25 Sep 2015
    7:13 PM

    Here we at the end of week 5, dramatic change in body! I have dropped a few cm in the waist, maintaining strength, finding recovery hard, lots of aches and pains, taking NAGG might try a sauna and stretching. Hitting Abs hard, every workout, finding shoulders hard but getting it done! Have food prepped, start work at 6am so easy to take lunch then home around 5 have dinner and train at 7.30 then bed.

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