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187 cm


Lean - Beginner

Reason to start The Challenge

I'm 21 and have never been in amazing shape but relatively fit, always with a bit of extra weight on me. In the last couple of years I've been slowly putting on more weight due to bad eating habits and slowly doing less and less exercise. I'm the sort of person to go hard or what's the point of doing it so the Max's challenge is perfect for me to get my health and fitness back on track, and to get my body more in shape than ever before.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I loved the amount of online support through the forum, challenge TV, mindset podcasts and reading other challengers journals. Having a journal to write in was also great to express thoughts and feelings I was having throughout the 12 weeks.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Working full time, studying part time and being involved in community bands meant at times I had minimal prep time for nutrition and gym planning. It was also an extreme test of will power to go out to social events and not drink alcohol!

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

The challenge has honestly impacted every part of my life positively. I'm fitter and healthier for a start, my energy levels at work have improved dramatically, I sleep better, I feel more alert, my study improved as I went on through the challenge. The biggest impact though has been my social life, not drinking meant I had to come up with other social activities to do which has ended up with me getting closer to a lot of my friends through sports and outdoor activities.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Do it! 12 weeks seems like a long time but the 3 phase structure along with the incredible support means it will go super fast. It's such a good program and although a massive challenge the support and structure is so good!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Just that I'm absolutely stoked I decided to do the challenge. It's been one of, if not the best experience of my life so far and it's changed my lifestyle and attitudes towards exercise and nutrition. I've learnt so much and can't wait to keep learning! Thankyou to all the challenge team and everyone who is involved in making this happen!


  • James Blackford
    12 Nov 2016
    12:57 PM

    Shaved my legs for the first time and have a spray tan booked for this arvo. Never thought I'd be the person to get a fake tan but I've been so happy with my results and want to do everything I can to get a great final photo to remind myself of what I've achieved over the last 12 weeks! Congrats everyone and good luck on keeping the new lifestyles going well into the future.

  • James Blackford
    10 Nov 2016
    9:38 PM

    Starting to get excited about the final photos and seeing that final comparison between week 0 and week 12! Today was a rest day from weights but went for a 7km run, it felt nice in the evening as it had cooled down!

  • James Blackford
    7 Nov 2016
    12:18 PM

    A morning walk and an awesome weights session was a great way to start off the last week of the challenge! Hopefully playing squash this afternoon then work and rehearsals all evening. I'll be keen for sleep tonight! Go team challenge!

  • James Blackford
    5 Nov 2016
    7:24 PM


    Can't believe there's only a week to go! Exercise and protein is about all I think about these days haha, would be nice to see those abs come through this week πŸ‘Œ

  • James Blackford
    1 Nov 2016
    11:35 AM

    Massive day at work yesterday, luckily it was rest day as I had no time for gym. Feeling pumped and ready for gym later today and I've been enjoying going for a walk each morning when I wake up.

  • James Blackford
    27 Oct 2016
    5:56 PM


    Smashed my running time PB today, it was 2km's longer than the usual 5k route and I felt 10 times better afterwards than I used to only a couple of months ago. Thanks Max's challenge!! Also have broken the 95kg mark!!

  • James Blackford
    24 Oct 2016
    6:39 PM

    Feeling great this evening while taking a long walk on the beach, looking back at how far I've come in such a short time. So excited for these final few weeks but equally excited to keep my new lifestyle ticking over after the challenge. I hope lots of others have got as much from this challenge as I have!

  • James Blackford
    19 Oct 2016
    3:33 PM

    Final exam for the semester tomorrow, very keen for it to be over then I'll have a little over 3 weeks just to focus on work and this awesome challenge!

  • James Blackford
    14 Oct 2016
    7:55 PM

    A couple of days off work sick to finish off the week :( decided to do some sort of gym session anyway, ended up completing a full weights session at about 80% made me feel much better and less guilty about having some time off πŸ’ͺ🏼

  • James Blackford
    12 Oct 2016
    8:12 PM

    Enjoyed circuit training session today with a couple of mates from work. Tough circuit but it was awesome to have other people there to motivate each other!

  • James Blackford
    7 Oct 2016
    8:34 AM


    Awesome day yesterday as I've broken the 100 kg mark! Don't know how long it's been since I've been under 100, also went for an 8km run on top of my weights and I literally feel lighter when running. Loving my new lifestyle!!

  • James Blackford
    30 Sep 2016
    5:29 PM


    Decided to purchase some beta pump for before gym sessions, loving the extra push I can give. Been doing interval training at the end of each session πŸ’ͺ🏼 it's been a good week

  • James Blackford
    26 Sep 2016
    4:16 PM


    Feels good to be almost halfway through the challenge, 8.4kg lost so far, goal for this week is to be extra strict on the diet because I had a few minor slips last week!

  • James Blackford
    18 Sep 2016
    12:30 PM

    So stoked with my week 4 check in photo, I knew I was seeing great results but putting the two photos together is such an awesome feeling, 8 weeks to go!!!

  • James Blackford
    16 Sep 2016
    6:16 PM

    Wow been a while since I've made an entry! I've been so busy with work and other things! The Challenge has been amazing so far, it already feels like an awesome achievement to have stuck with it this far. I'm LOVING gym and feeling so much fitter. The nutrition side is going awesome and I'm super keen to get stuck into phase two of the Max's challenge!! Bring it on!

  • James Blackford
    4 Sep 2016
    11:06 AM


    Spin class at the gym was a great way to wake up on a Sunday morning! Even better than that was my weigh in after and I've lost 5.6 Kg's already πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼

  • James Blackford
    2 Sep 2016
    7:02 PM

    Starting to find exciting ways to make my food tasty and full of flavour whilst still keeping the right amounts and types etc. I'm enjoying cooking again, it's awesome to know the food I'm eating is natural, tasty and most importantly healthy!

  • James Blackford
    31 Aug 2016
    6:10 PM

    Challenging week for me so far as I've pulled a muscle in my back, no weights for me the rest of the week but lots of cardio and running! Nutrition is going great, not really craving any of those bad foods anymore

  • James Blackford
    29 Aug 2016
    6:57 PM

    Survived my first fuel up at the servo without buying any sweets! I'm always a sucker for the servo specials πŸ’ͺ🏼

  • James Blackford
    29 Aug 2016
    4:01 PM

    Bring on week 2! A couple of things to work on with meal prep and nutrition but all in all week 1 was a great success.

  • James Blackford
    26 Aug 2016
    9:59 PM


    It was a real challenge going to after work drinks today, drinking water and heading home early for my dinner but well worth it especially seeing as I've already lost over 3 kilos since taking my first photo!!

  • James Blackford
    25 Aug 2016
    9:33 PM

    Bedtime on day 4, starting to get into the swing of the program. I'm already noticing I'm craving the foods I'm not eating less and enjoying the good foods more! The training is fun and Ive already had a few positive comments on the way I look.

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