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Gary Ruiz's amazing MAX'S Challenge transformation

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    118.0 kgkg
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    92.0 kgkg

“It’s not about comparing yourself to others. If you make a transformation and your results are better than when you started, then you have won. I know I improved and look a lot better, so I know I won!”



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Reason to start The Challenge

After taking part in the Max's Muscle Up Challenge last year, I was very happy with my results and I've decided to give it another go. Last year i started the challenge to get back in shape after a bad bicep tendon tear. This year, although the injury is still there, it is not as bad and i am hoping to be able to push myself further than i did previously. The Max's Challenge allowed me to stay on track with my diet and focus on achieving my goals. This year, having taken time off once again for the same injury, i have not trained for a few months in order to let the injury heal. Having only been back in the gym for a few weeks now, and the challenge starting up, i think it will be a great opportunity to get myself back in shape.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

"It only takes a spark to get the fire going". A spark is exactly what i needed to get back into my training after overcoming my injuries. I'd like to say a big thank you to maxs muscle challenge for being this spark and inspiring me and my fellow participants to lead a healthy lifestyle. What i liked most about the challenge was it sparked me right back into my training and fit lifestyle.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The diet was the most difficult part of the challenge. After my accident my whole lifestyle changed and it has been a long time since i have had to be so strict on my diet. Although diet was the hardest part, it was also the most fulfilling. Id like to thank maxs muscle up challenge for the nutrition advice.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

i now have training routines diet plans i am able to use in y daily routines.. I realise that i am able to work past my injuries and circumstances and keeping fit and a healthy diet means having a healthy mind and better relationships as well.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

I would definately recommend it to all friends and family. they have seen how much this challenge has helped me and they are so impressed with my progress and results that I have already inspired them to learn my diet and training tips and are using it to lead a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I would like to thank max muscle challenge for changing my life and im sure the lives of many others. Because of this challenge i am stronger and healthier and i couldnt be happier


  • Gary Ruiz
    18 Oct 2014
    8:26 PM

    So as this challenge comes to a close as you know if you have been reading my blogs I managed to fall sick at the end of the challenge yet again. Which is fine because all the hard work has already been done however can't train only train a few times this last week which is fine because you shouldn't be training leading up to the final preperation. And also managed to pick up a mega shift this saturday, after working three 12 hour days my fourth day shift begins at 6.30am, and then 8pm I start at the Doll House (strip club) till 5am in the morning thats 26 hours I will be up while sick and 21 hours working. Accepting this shift to help out as they were down on guards didn't realise untill half way during my first shift I was so tired. Also having a headache and a runny nose doesn't help. I don't know how I am going to last till 5am in the morning but pure will power. Not just in the gym to stay on track and get your meals in but to go to work and put in the hours there as well. At least I know after tommorow night I can finally reward my hard work with a nice BIG meal out with the Mrs I'm kinda thinking maybe sizzlers or something like that :) ONE MORE DAY!!!!

  • Gary Ruiz
    17 Oct 2014
    7:51 PM

    So after taking probably 100 vitamin c tablets ad some cough syrup I must say I am feeling muc better. Thinking of hitting back and biceps and some abs after this 12 hour shift which seems to be taking forever. Didn't get to train legs this week but I am not to bothered as most times you shouldn't train them 5 days before a show so I am applying this rule here. I technically shouldn't really be training back and biceps either but seeing as I only trained twice this week I'm thinking I better. Because tomorrow is rest day, from the gym anyway as I have a mega 21 hour shift ahead of me and I don't know how I am goin to last through that one. The plan of attack at this point is to carb up tomorrow and sunday and hopefully I don't spill (get fat :( ) Bring on the weekend :P haha !!!!

  • Gary Ruiz
    16 Oct 2014
    7:03 PM

    So as the max's challenge 2014 comes to an end I managed to fall sick yet again. I have fallen sick in the past when dieting and well almost every det I have ever done at some point in that journey I would fall sick. But I think this one takes the cake I managed to fall sck 3 times so far. The Mrs caught this one and my immune system was going strong untill today. 10 days of her coughing around and eventually the virus had spread, I thought I did very well considering that she has been sick for 10 days. Certainly not happy about this of all times I had to fall sick right when I was supposed to come home strong for the challenge. Never mind because end of the day the hard work has already been done, so if your not ready now regardless of falling sick or not it wouldn't make much of a difference. Only the previous 2 times ate a bit of time from training but these are the life obstacles that you have to overcome. The battle is not just in the gym but more so what happens outside of that place I call home. The battle of life plus the battle of trying to get into shape, thats where the true hard work and dedication comes in !!!

  • Gary Ruiz
    15 Oct 2014
    8:37 PM

    Unfortunetly today whilst being at work I felt a bit of that feeling in the back of your throat that you get when you feel a cold maybe a cough or sore throat coming on. Having only a few hours of sleep last night and my first day of 12 hour shifts for the next 6 days I figured it would be wise to not train legs after work today and rest up cook up my meals for tomorow, and also do the shopping as I have run out of food :( I am pretty happy where I am at the moment in this challenge and hopefully this feeling of a cold coming on is just a feeling and does not actually happen. Vit C will be the main thing on my menu fro the next couple of days thats for sure, fingers crossed I can fight this off before it comes and hits me ful blown!!!

  • Gary Ruiz
    13 Oct 2014
    4:39 AM

    So another eventful night on the doors. Problem with working as a doorman in nightclubs is the injuries one might sustain due to insolent patrons. One bloke decided to headbutt my manager and break his nose and did a runner. Mind you i needed to do get my cardio in anyway so at least i clocked in my cardio for the day. By the way I am totally against violence for one you can always get hurt so best way is to avoid situations as best as possible. However this is not always the case. Unfortunetly this will affect my training in the gym to for some time. Yet another injury to add to the list but I am ready for whatever challenges come my way, I will transform myself by the end of this 12 weeks come rain hail or shine!!!

  • Gary Ruiz
    11 Oct 2014
    9:04 AM

    Finally get to hit the bed after a long night at work and some cardio and abs. This point in the diet I am having days where I am really tired or nights when I am really tired. Well tonight was one of those nights where I was in struggle town and almost fell asleep several times. Funnily enough on the way to the gym you wonder how the hell am I going to get through this session when I feel light headed and just drained. This is the part where you dig deep and keep going, tell your mind its easy if the mind fails the body will follow. But once you get on that cross trainer and the blood starts circulating I just can't get to bed now. In fact I am wide awake haha decided to cook my meals now instead of later when I wake up just a couple of chicken meals for me as I still have most of meals for tonight packed and ready to go.this is also the part in the diet I stopped cheat meals all together now the only cheat might be something other than plain chicken and rice like in a few weeks I have a friends 21st to attend. And maybe one or two nuggets or whatever it is they have (squid ring mmmm) going around on those platters they walk around and serve you with. Maybe a healthy wrap with a bit of sauce is about as dirty as this diets going to get. And I can't wait for that to but for now, control the cravings and push through because I know if I get through now, when I wake up later today I will be well rested (tonight I am not training before work ) and my cravings will be gone. Don't want chocolate or the typical greasy burger I actually feel like some peanut butter on toast for some reason haha.... And I rarely ever eat peanut butter on toast so that's strange that I actually crave it now, Stay strong healthy mind healthy body!!!!

  • Gary Ruiz
    10 Oct 2014
    5:35 AM

    So my first week on the new job and I am rostered on nights. And they just had to put this vending machine full of goodies right next to my work station. As if the diet wasn't hard enough as it is, now I have to walk past it and look and think only a few more weeks and our all mine. haha not that bad at the moment though, every now and again I finf that I wil go through a bad craving of sugar's or salty foods like pizza but for some reason it hardly ever falls on my scheduled cheat day. On the carb deplete at the moment so the hunger is really kicking in for me and all I can say is bring it on because I will not give up. Stay strong people!!!

  • Gary Ruiz
    8 Oct 2014
    10:13 PM

    Not to long to go now !!! First night on the job and its night shifts for me. 4 nights of 12 hours then door work on the weekend followed by 4 more days of 12 hours. Problem is its a rotating roster so one point my training will be altered around night shifts and then all of sudden it will alter around waking up at 5 am. See how this goes being very carb depleted and very low on energy, lucky for me the diet is almost over so won't have to struggle with the odd routine of days and nights. Hard to get the cardio in with 12 hour days but feeling determined I have come this far come rain hail or shine I will not give up now... 15 hour shifts I will get all my meals and training in day or night :) FEELING DETERMINED !!!!

  • Gary Ruiz
    6 Oct 2014
    3:52 AM

    2 weeks to go

  • Gary Ruiz
    4 Oct 2014
    6:52 PM

    So this new job has allowed me to cook up all my meals in advanced and bring them to work. Good old george foreman has done it again with his cooking grill I can cook up to 2kg of chicken at once or split my kangaroo with my chciken at the same time. It is so god for those people that are on the go or in a rush to train and get their meals in cooking them preparing them etc. When working on the doors we are actually not allowed to eat at all. So a couple of tricks for those doorman who struggle to get their meals in that I always here they got 5 6 7 9 hours with no food. One is always have a protein shake ready with you it takes a few seconds to run upstairs shake a bottle and down it, and 50 grams of protein can be delivered into your system if your bulking add oats or a mass gainer will do the trick as you can't eat and take 10 mins to sit down and relax you got to be constantly watching the crowd in case anything goes wrong. Also I like to go for a blend of WPC/WPI so its releases into my system over a few hours instead of just one if I was take the Super shredd for eg. Another one i swear by is a protein bar, I always take the Max's super shredd cookie when working the long shifts sometimes 9 hours on the doors, so I would usually eat just before i start say a typical 8 hour nigh on a saturday i would for eg 8.30 - Chicken and rice, veg or potato 10.30 - Protein shake (2 scoops about 50grams of protein) 0.30 - Protein cookie... max's super shredd or protein bar, this is just what I have to do I would rather get a meal but rather get a super shredd cookie then nothing, and I don't like to drink 2 or 3 protein shakes in a row I believe you should get some whole food into your body so I never go protein shake protein shake. I would do protein shake ten food or protein bar then shake again if I have to work te doors. 2.30 - I usually take another protein shake at this point or I get little containers from woolworths or coles that fit in your pocket and fill them with little bite size pieces of chicken. And when I can I will sneak in a couple mouth fulls quickly untill its finished. Or sometimes its really busy I would just have to down another shake. This would take me to close which is about 4.30 - 5.00 am and then I have some food in the car ready to go rather than wait till you drive home then cook up chop up some more food by the time you finish your shift drive and then cook and then eat can be at least another 45 minutes to an hour. This way i get a meal in straigh away and can go home have a shower and down a Max's Nite time protein shake (2 Scoops) and hit the bed all to be repeated the nesxt night :) FUN FUN!!! Btw this is not for all clubs some venues allow you to eat quickly but most that I have been to the most you can do is go out back grab a shake and get back on the floor unfortunetly. Not the best for bodybuilding but we got to do the best we can with what we have. This new job however is good beecause it allows me to cook and eat my meals properly :) = MORE GAINS!!! On that note my food has finished cooking while I was writing this blog and now off to work to do exactly that...

  • Gary Ruiz
    3 Oct 2014
    2:00 AM

    So today is my trial day for a new job, hopefully I can land this job (don't know how I'll go on a low carb diet). My brother managed to pull me into his company because one of the staff got the sack, and told me of a position that's opened up and that I should apply asap. So there I was updating my resume gave the boss the call and told him everything he wanted to hear to land the interview the next day. Of course I didn't want to go in the morning for an interview as I would had just finished work at 4 am meaning I would only get a couple hours sleep :( None the less passed the interview process only to land the job for a trial to see how I go today. So out comes the meal bag (which I rate highly keeps your food cool and has a place to store your drink bottle shaker meals and vitamins all inseperate compartments) and cooked up my meals for the day ready for the long 12 hour shift ahead. Probably harder than the training I would say is the diet as in, cooking all your meals as to make sure you do not run out of food when at work and go catabolic. And doesnt help being on a diet as the local jiffy van that comes twice a day is useless to me if I do forget me lunch. But that of course is not going to happen because to be at your best you do what it takes, and what it takes is preparing those meals in advance so you do not forget, or run out of time (as we know in the morning your in sleep mode and won't get up to cook your meals for the day, come on the bed is way to comfy for that :P )

  • Gary Ruiz
    30 Sep 2014
    8:09 PM

    So on my way to the gym tonight before work and half way there my car decides to just stop working whilst going up hill :( Not so worried bout the car I guess these things happen, annoying part is the fact that I know have to catch the bus and train to work. But most importanlty the whole missing the gym really got to me because you know when you had visioned yourself the whole day in the gym, what you were going to carry the exercises and how you see yourself benching more than you ever had before. The mind is very important and today I had prepared my mind very well (Like most days) and only to be stuck waiting for a tow truck in the cold for over an hour and 150 dollars later. No gym just try get the car parked and shower change and run off to the bus stop. Apart from the fix up cost and figuring out what had gone wrong tomorrow the sad part is that I missed my training and its just got me down for the rest of the day. Had I been to the gym already it wouldn't had been as bad still not what you want but at least you feel good about the workout and the endorphins released would make you feel a lot better. Instead no workout, no car and a bad attitude towards people tonight at work :( I'll try my best to not take it out on my co workers or anyone for that matter, I chose to be on this diet which makes me more grumpy and I also chose to be in this challenge and what does a champion do. Work around those obstacles and do whatever he can to get the best possible results, today was wasted but tomorrow is another day and all I can say is that bench press better look out in fact the whole gym better because I am going to tear it apart!!!! ( Not literally )

  • Gary Ruiz
    29 Sep 2014
    2:18 PM

    So taking my fiance to her very first bodybuilding show to show her what I used to do before I shattered my arm in a terrible motorcycle accident. She was very inspired and found it very fascinating seeing it up close and personal as she said ' It is very different in real life than what you see in pictures' especially the vascularity of the competitiors which the camera soemtimes does not catch to its full extent. I must admit its been a while since I attended a NABBA bodybuilding show and it sure does bring back memories. As the NABBA federation is the first bodybuilding competition I entered placing 3rd, and also the first show that I won. Seeing some of the boys that I used to compete with back in the day was alot of fun and reminiscing on the past makes me want to give it a go again and get back up there. As one of my rivals and friends called me out and said he would compete again with me any time any comp any division, not to call me out in a bad way (I want to beat you but it was so much fun competing with you I want to do it again sort of way) because today's bodybuilding is not quite the same as when we did it. All in all was a very good weekend fianlly being able to show her what its all about and explain to her what the judges are looking for etc and also what the competitors are trying to do with each pose or how they would be feeling up there. Intrigued she ask me what it's like up there staring into the crowd, I replied your so dehydrated and drained and the lights are so hot and you can't actually see much into the audience at all because the stage lights are so bright. Depends on the set up really but the NABBA comps are run that the room is not lit up much and I prefer it that way as the focus is clearly the stage. All in all was a very exciting weekend and gave me and the wifey more added motivation to up the intensity in our training and go even stricter on our diet :) We even trained afterwards from the sudden motivation from the energy of the show. See how I go in the Max's challenge first but maybe one day you will see me back up on that stage, in the not to distant future ;)

  • Gary Ruiz
    26 Sep 2014
    4:54 PM

    Only few more weeks to go now and liking the results although I have been low carbing it this week. $weeks out I really tighten up my diet as it gets harder and harder to drop the kilo's as the leaner you become. Feeling alot less energy but once I'm in the gym I get that rush of adrenaline or something because I seem to be so motivated in there. Maybe its because I am lean now and can see my abs, perhaps a mental thing but its just getting to the gym the motivation isn't really there because I feel lethargic. But once its time to train my mind goes into that black zone where nothing else matters, its just yo and the iron and once you get the muscles warmed up and the body moving you feel like ronnie coleman squatting 800 pounds 5 weeks out of an Olympia. I can only imagine because I have no idea what squatting 800 pounds would actually feel like or compete in the Mr Olympia for tha matter haha. But I like to think of myself like Rocky Balboa with the eggs slogging it out come rain hail or shine, I even got the soundtrack on my ipod to get me in that right frame of mind. Its that point in the diet where most people would be complaing about how they miss chocolate or that they're sick of eating fish or chicken all the time or the fact that they don't get to see thier friends much anymore. I think of it as I got myself into this for a reason, to get back into the best possible shape of my life and I will achieve that come october 19, and it does not end there at all. This is just the kick start to a new beginning with many more goals set ahead after this challenge is completed. Never be complacent always strive to bring out the best in yourself, and on that note it's time for me to get myself in the gym bust it out and head off to work for another night of fun :0

  • Gary Ruiz
    23 Sep 2014
    5:22 AM

    Week 8 progress pics done. Pretty happy with my week 8 progress pic and I like that Max's has changed there layout to this. Rather than having a transformation of week one then boom week 12 its good to see the progress. Be interesting to see the progress if they did a weekly progress pic update (just a suggestion). Anyway this week I start to tighten by diet up slowly, I will definately be feeling a lack of energy at this point in the diet as my body fat drops further and strength goes out the window. Can't wait to see what the next few weeks has in store as its always the last few weeks and the first few that I love. First few becase the weight just strips off and you see your body changing almost daily and the last few because you see what muscle your retaining underneath all that fat that used to be there and can see your progress. My motivation always goes up at this point because its that time in the challenge you got to dig deep and really toughen up to get through those workouts. Not having as much energy is part of it but also the lack of sugers and eating the nice stuff (chocolate for most but for me its pizza's and pasta's). I always seem to get cravings and I don't know why at the start of the diet because of the sudden withdraw of all the nice food and towards the end. Through the middle part weeks 4 to 8 my body seems to be in cruise control mode but 3 weeks to go I start to get that hunger and crave the sweets and your mind starts to play mind games with you. Just the smell of certain foods can drive you absolutely insane. I remember during one of my diets previously I was working in an italian restaraunt which made awesome pizza's and amazing pasta's. Pretty much every dish on the menu I loved obvioulsy some more than others which I can rarely say about most restaraunts. And did I forget to mention the fact that Italian is my favourite cuisine let alone whether one is on a diet or not. The smell of working right next to the chef used to drve me insane and it was the hardest diet I had to do particularly for that reason, your surrounded by nice food. Where as now I only have to smeel that every now and again when someone brings in nice food to work. Plus point is my fiance is doing the challenge with me so no one in my apartment is cooking tempting food haha. That does make it alot easier but I feel sorry for all the other challengers out there that have kids that have to prepare certain foods for them or wives or hubby's that are not doing the challenge or worse don't believe in it and have no sympathy for you what so ever to even clean up their diet in front of you for support at all. I feel your pain but, 4 weeks to go you all didn't come this far to be tempted and cheat on your diet now. All the way people from here on out!!!!

  • Gary Ruiz
    16 Sep 2014
    8:17 PM

    Well it's that time of the year again, Mr Olympia 2014. This years mr Olympia shall be an exciting one with so many good athletes competing obviously the main two that everybody has ahead of the pack is Phil Heath and Kai Greene. Being a fan of both of these 2 greats I would be happy either way as Kai deserves a win but sometimes you just can't go past those round full muscle bellies displayed by the current champ Phil. I like Kai greene's philosophy and aproach to training of just pure hard work and dedication, 'no gifts'. Having followed alot of his training style I find I can relate alot to his character being very spiritual and phylosphical it's rare to see that in a bodybuilder. Never showing off and wearing his traditional hoodie when training in the gym without the need to try show off with how much he lifts or how good his body looks, he is there just to get the job done. I like this aproach as when I train I like to keep myself and not get into the whole chit chat which seems to be quite common in todays gyms. In the end I have a day whether it be leg day or chest day etc, and I came there to workout that body part not my mouth ;) Should be an interesting weekend of competitiions but my pick is Phil Heath for the win, just love his aesthetics and shape!!!

  • Gary Ruiz
    15 Sep 2014
    5:06 PM

    The weekend that just passed was great for me as my friend had his big day. Best part of the wedding of course is the food and cake (when on a diet) and obviously seeing your mate get married of course. Eating way to much I thoroughly enjoyed the feast put on and well when on a low carb diet I must say that the sugars from the wedding cake were much needed. Nice sunny day to enjoy a glass of wine and relax from the hard weeks of training and dieting, first time I have been out with the Mrs since I started so she really enjoyed the outing to. But as all good things must come to an end today is training day and low carb day to. Time to burn off those extra calories!!!

  • Gary Ruiz
    12 Sep 2014
    8:02 AM

    So today is shoulder day, and here is my plan of attack for tonight. Shoulders Exercise Sets Reps Pec deck rear delts 5 sets 10-15 (first sets really light to warm up shoulders and rotator cuff)Military Press 3 sets 8Seated Dumbbell Press 3 sets 10Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raise (standing shown) 3 sets 12Dumbbell Reverse Fly 3 sets 12TrapsDumbbell Shrug 3 sets 8Smith Machine Upright Row 3 sets 10 30 Mins Cross trainer Getting leaner week by week and icreasing the cardio to twice a day has worked perfectly for me. Shoulders is not one of my weak bodyparts and I seem to get pretty good growth in mine, so I don' do anything to drastic like big supersets or giant sets to try shock them into growth. Usually I train them after leg day to so leaving one of my stronger body parts to the end of the week to try build up my lagging body parts. Remember people to focus harder on your stubborn body parts I see time and time again people train there strong body parts so hard and train there weak body parts mediocre. Give that weak body part equal effort or greater and carve that physique out !!

  • Gary Ruiz
    8 Sep 2014
    3:21 AM

    So were just past the half way point in this challenge and I am coming along great. I fell sick twice earlier on in the challenge and lost some precious time to train but used it as a way to eat clean and cut the carbs down as my appetite was just not there. And managed to drop a fair bit of weight maybe even to much for my like but I would like to think it was mainly fat as the waist has gone down and well my arm size hasn't :) not that this is a good gauge but come on I'm a typical male and if my arms havn't gone down then well, winning !!! All in all things are going great as I am easing myself into this diet and slowly adjusting my cardio as need be. Don't want to drop to fast or increase intensity to quickly as my cardio is not my strength at all. And also with my injury still lingering in the background I don't want to irritate it more and set myself back even further. Which I have done so in the past. This time I have been very very conservative and not getting carried away at all even when I think I can go heavier and do more I will still keep the weights lighter and focus more on quality reps. This has also allowed me to recover my tendon very well and it feels great, not 100 percent of course by a long shot but I can tell its getting there. If I can get through this whole challenge and by the end of it I am able to train back and biceps all out then that is a big win in my books. Mind muscle connection baby!!!

  • Gary Ruiz
    2 Sep 2014
    7:47 AM

    So today I thought I would take the Mrs for a treat and also something a little bit different than the norm. ROCKCLIMBING!!! Thats right rockclimbing, havn't done this since I was a teenager in highschool. Good fun then and still good fun now. Although I have packed on 50kg of musclesince then almost doubling my size, (55kg back then) it was no easier getting up that wall than it was back then. Being very light and flexible back when I was younger I was a fit kid playing basketball after school lunch and before school. All this added muscle has also made me less flexible and also more heavier, however still managed to make it up all but 2 walls. The over hanging wall we didn't even attempt especially since my forearms were gone from all the climbing done already. We decided next time we go to do the hardest wall first when we are fresh and strong :) However funnily enough with all the safety harness's and straps etc when you get to a certain height on that wall it starts to get a little bit scary. Thinking to myself several times hopefully this harness doesn't give in or I be like Sylvester Stallone in cliffhanger haha. Not quite but had lots of today and this was not a replacement to our workout. Just a bit of an activity for us and something different as we both work and she goes to uni as well so we don't get much time after the cardio and training has to be done and the amount of time we have to spend in the kitchen. All in all was a good day and will definately give it another go when I am a bit more flexible and lost a few more kilo's. Might have to start taking up some of those yoga classes :/

  • Gary Ruiz
    31 Aug 2014
    7:05 PM

    So today is was leg day. Here is a little preview as to what a leg day at this point in the diet consists of. LegsQuads, Hamstrings & Calves Exercise Sets Reps Leg Extensions 4 sets 8-12Front Squat 4 sets 10-12Leg Press 3 sets 10-12Hack Squats 4 sets 5-7Stiff Leg Deadlifts 4 sets 10-12Leg Curl 4 sets 10-12Walking lunges 4 sets 5-7Standing Calf Raise 4 sets 15-20Leg Press Calf Raise 4 sets 15-20Seated Calf Raise 6 sets 12-15 Leg day is by far the most exhausting of all workouts and by the end of it I really feel drained. Because of work commitments I am unable to train hamstrings seperately from my quads which would be more beneficial as I could do more sets and focus on the hamstrings alone and calves and do quads seperately. As most people know front squats just take the life out of you when done at you max intensity and weight. And I also think that alot of people underestimate the hamstrings and usually in most people they are under developed. But unfortunetly at this point I have to squash them into the one workout as most people also do, train them after quads so your efforts won't be 100 percent when coming to the hamstrings. Doing few sets of lying hamstring curls I don't believe is quite enough to build the whole back part of your leg. But if given the choice I would still train quads before hamstrings as squats indirectly still hits you glutes and hamstrings also. Not ideal I believe but if there is one weak point I have definitley noticed is my legs are lagging behind my upper body. Especially the hamstrings and calves, and my personal theory to this is we don't train as often or as hard the muscles we don't see ie back hamstrings and calves where as chest abs etc you see all the time in the mirrror. Even when working out you can squeeeze and see the muscle working which gives you more motivation to train those bodyparts with more effort. Still always room for improvement and on that note, time to eat to grow these quads and hammies!!!

  • Gary Ruiz
    27 Aug 2014
    6:04 AM

    Alright well its that time of the challenge where its time to get serious. Not that I wasn't serious already but starting to get a bit stagnant. So now I have cut the dairy's out completely absolutely no sugars just stick to green vegetables and fish and chicken. My current diet at the moment. Meal 1 Oats 50 grams eggwhites 6 Super shredd 1 scoop (My pancake mix, blend it cook it eat it) Meal 2 Chicken 250 grams (uncooked weight) Broccoli 2 cups Rice 1 cup (cooked) Train Post workout 2 scoops super shredd Meal 3 Same as meal 2 Meal 4 (usually at work so hard to eat on the doors) WPC/WPI shake 2 scoops Meal 5 Basa fillets 250 grams (uncooked weight) Broccoli 2 cups Meal 6 Basa Fillet 250 grams Salad (lettuce no dressing capsicum cuccumber and chilli, for thermogenic effect heat the body up :) Meal 7 Tuna 180 gram tin in sprinwater Salad (lettuce no dressing capsicum cuccumber and chilli, for thermogenic effect heat the body up :) Meal 8 Casein shake Max's Nite Time 2 Scoops And the best part BED!!!! Depending on my work schedule I will eat the carb meals always pre workout and post work out. Low carb days just the oats in the morning High carb days full diet Med carb days oats in morning and carbs post workout

  • Gary Ruiz
    24 Aug 2014
    9:40 PM

    So here is my current diet plan so far. (Varies from day to day but this is today's diet) Meal 1 Oat Bran 1/2 cup Banana 1 Egg Yolk 1 Hardboiled Egg Whites 6 Meal 2 Yogurt 1 cup with vanilla extract Cottage Cheese 1 cup Red Grapes Flaxseed 1 tbsp. Meal 3 Spinach Leaves 3 cups Turkey Bacon 2 strips Mushrooms 1/2 cup Chopped Carrots 1 cup Grilled Chicken (200 grams Uncooked weight) Balsamic Vinegar Meal 4 Apple 1 Walnuts 1/2 cup Protein Max's super shredd 2 scoops Meal 5 Grilled Salmon (200 grams uncooked weight) Brown Rice 1/4 cup (Uncooked weight) Broccoli 2 cups Meal 6 Cottage Cheese 1 cup Roasted Almonds 50 grams Cherry Tomatoes 1/3 cup Basil Leaves Max's Nite time Protein 2 Scoops Depending on when I workout as it varies day to day but a post work out shake will be added on training days ie 2 sccops of max's super shredd As the weeks go on I will go stricter and stricter eliminating things such as carrots as they contain sugers and stick to greens only such as broccoli. Also no sauces or dairy products either, and will be alternating high carb low carb medium carb days depending on what body part I am training that day. For eg a leg day will consist of higher carbs esp around the timing of the workout, rest days I cut the carbs right down. Getting used to the diet now and the cravings are slowly going away. As of next week I will re adjust for the last 8 weeks and go super strict. 8 weeks and counting baby can't wait to see the end result!!!

  • Gary Ruiz
    15 Aug 2014
    6:11 AM

    So I just finished cardio, yessss thats right just finished cardio and I am about to go to bed. Most of you guys out there would be getting up now to do cardio however with the hectic lifestyle of working at night, I got to train before work and then do my cardio and smaller body parts later. The beauty of these 24/7 gyms for us night workers, I remember training before when 24/7 gyms didn't exist and always having to rush your workout to get it done. Not the best way at all to be training especially when your training for something like the Max's Challenge. You want to make sure your diet is in check, your training is correct and you are not rushing through the exercise's to beat the clock. Its really a waste of time I believe, because your mind is not in the gym with the weights and that 'mind muscle connection' and more on the clock to get out of there on time to get to work or because the gym shuts or to get home and be on time for days of our lives. When in the gym your there to train, remain focused guys!!!!

  • Gary Ruiz
    6 Aug 2014
    7:13 PM

    So today is chest day, recovering from a bad bicep tendon tear means pre exhausting the chest so I don't have to go as heavy on my presses. I like this method of the pre exhaustion technique as you can warm the chest up thoroughly before dong the pressing movements with heavier weights and warming the joints up as well for the workout ahead. Really feeling the burn and sqeezing making sure I am focused on the muscle that I am working out and not ego body building and letting other bodyparts take over. I beleive in mind muscle connection ( hey all the pro bodybuilders talk about it and its importance and look at them) to get te maximum benefit from the muscle group being trained. Here is todays chest workout. Chest day Exercise Sets RepsDumbbell Flye or Cable Crossover - Pre-Fatigue 5 sets-5 10 ( first set is not a working set as it is really light and focusing on getting the body moving)Paused Bench Press 4 sets 8-12Dumbbell Bench Press 4 sets 10-12Decline Bench Press 4 sets 8-12Pec Dec or Machine Bench Press - Burn 3 sets 30-40 Later in the diet I would incorporate cardio after this workout on the treadmill or crosstrainer. As I have bad knees (old age :( I need something that is low impact so to not irritate the knees further. Worst thing is to get injured, it will only push you further away from your goals. Remember people train smart!!!

  • Gary Ruiz
    2 Aug 2014
    7:51 PM

    So at this stage of the challenge I decided to try add some size and not go full clean yet. As the saying goes clean bulking, although its not really a bulk more of just keeping my carbs up on training days like legs and back etc when I believe my body will be needing. Sticking to just half hour of cardio in the morning at the moment and with the clean carbs and cardio so far I have already started to see a difference. I admit I kinda had a big pig out with mrs before the challenge consisting of pizza's pasta's and ice cream while watching a movie. I love the idea of relaxing the body completely before you prepare for the big battle ahead. Not that my diet was clean before this either but losing weight already. And I know its body fat because arms remain the same size but the waist is coming down. MMM gottta love those cheat days :) Till next time, Never Give UP !!!!

  • Gary Ruiz
    31 Jul 2014
    9:44 PM

    So the training has been going excellent thus far. Its mainly the diet thats hard to stick to at this stage as I love training and uh well I love my food so eating clean can leave you wanting those bad foods but hey, with summer around the corner and being in this challenge it's great motivation to stay on track. Also I havn't started eating the fish yet (which I hate) so its mainly chicken chicken steak and more chicken at the moment. Loving the feeling of getting better pumps in the gym as my body is now getting more used to the weight training and my cardio is improving quickly to which also helps with the circulating of blood. This early on in the diet it's hard to say as you may never now what life obstacles may come your way (injuries) but currently things are going well. I can only hope things will stay that way, remember train smart and hard!!

  • Gary Ruiz
    30 Jul 2014
    12:28 AM

    So here we are 12 weeks of hard work and dedication and hopefully some really good results at the end. My aim at the moment with my current injury of a bicep tendon tear is to first off train smart rather than heavy (ego bodybuilding) so that I don't further tear the tendon completely. Pretty happy with my results so far as I have had to take the last few months off from training I have been able to start training again lightly a couple of weeks ago and it feels good to be back in the gym. My current aim is to train hard and smart with controlled movement and ease in the cardio slowly and keep my carbs up ( clean carbs of course) and slowly taper them down as the weeks go by. Incorporating more cardio and boxing workouts to help strip off the body fat. My current training split will be legs, shoulders, chest and triceps and very light back and biceps. My cardio will just be light to start off with only doing a half hour on the cross trainer daily. More updates to come soon!!!

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