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174 cm


Lean - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

At 52 I wanted to find something that would get me out of a comfort zone and hearing about the Max's challenge I wanted to see for myself if the program could educate me on portion control and nutrition to improve my quality of life.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I've gained power, power in the knowledge of what is required to be focused on a goal and stay true to it.
The nutrition plan was simple and structured, I found it easy to follow.
The training routines at times could be hard but as you slowly see the transformation in yourself it energises you to complete each session.
When it started hurting I had a little mantra I would chant to myself
Don't stop when your tired .....Stop when your done.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The hardest thing I faced through the challenge was a relationship breakdown through the middle stages and trying to stay focused completing what I had started. The emotional toll was very hard to deal with as I had started to do the challenge to support my partner in her Maxine's challenge.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

I'm 52 and physically feel bullet proof, and after having an aggressive squamous cell cancer cut from my lip and face earlier this year that required reconstructive surgery I felt self conscious about the scaring, but the end result of the challenge has had a positive impact when I look in the mirror.
My 5 adult children are pretty impressed with their old man so for that I'm truly thankful to Max's
I also feel the knowledge I've gained through understanding portion sizing and macro nutrient value have given me the ability to maintain the way I've lived these past 12 weeks as a lifestyle choice from here on.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

To anyone wanting to do the challenge do it..! I started my challenge with an open mind, and as support for my partner doing her Maxine's challenge I wasn't sure what to expect 84 days later, but I now understand that you must want to commit 12 weeks of your life for a lifetime of self reward. There are times you want to pack it in and many times through the sweat and tears (as in my case) you ask yourself why am I doing this, but by staying true to the nutrition plan and training within your physical means on the Max's training program you will definitely transform yourself.
Once you get into routine and start seeing small changes it becomes almost addictive and before you realise it you want more and find yourself pushing harder at the gym and in the kitchen for your food prep.
For me personally I'd purchase some good head phones spend sometime on Spotify to get playlists that will associate with what your doing (eg.) Spin class or 180bpm skipping or perhaps fast beat remixes for running and high rep weights.
An IPAD loaded up with anything you like to watch passes the time on the treadmill stair climber rower or exercise bike and before you know it you've smashed 45-50min and a few hundred calories.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I'd probably like to put together a thank-you list to a few people who would have no idea how much they had assisted in the challenge.
Probably No.1
Dr. KEE LEE TAN who found my cancerous squamous cells after he performed my biopsy.
The reality of your own mortality is a huge wake up call ,
Then there are the guys at the Nutrition Warehouse in Balcatta who kept me in a constant supply of Max's Super Shred Protein Max Shred bars, Creatine Glutamine & Intra-boost.
The team at for all their video replays, get on, the good oil & trackwork these shows helped me smash through a run or a hard session on the rower.
To Mickey McGuane & Micheal Christian on RSN for great talk back radio @3.00am (WA) time while doing heavy weights and planking they eased the pain and made it bearable.
Cheers guys
thank you for the assistance.


  • Gary Howarth
    13 Nov 2016
    6:13 AM

    Day 7 week 12 ....84 days on from my first post and I can honestly say I'm physically feeling bullet proof and by staying true to the nutrition plan and stay strong in your mind while sweating your destination out you"ll arrive and have an inner satisfaction of self belief that made everything you have done worthwhile

  • Gary Howarth
    12 Nov 2016
    7:17 AM

    Woke up this morning headed off to the gym it's a lifestyle now doing a Dexa scan tomorrow really looking forward to comparing my changes from 84 days ago

  • Gary Howarth
    12 Nov 2016
    2:21 AM


    When your 27 25 23 21 & 19 yo kids are impressed feels like I've acomplished the challenge πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘Š

  • Gary Howarth
    11 Nov 2016
    10:11 PM


    Day 5 week 12 being on the ropes doesn't mean your copping a hiding ...loved smashing these bad boys throughout the challenge

  • Gary Howarth
    8 Nov 2016
    8:44 PM


    Day 2 week 12 feeling good other than hungry just finished at the gym ready for bed and it's not even 6pm looking to get 10km in on the treadmill in the morning and pump out some ab work

  • Gary Howarth
    5 Nov 2016
    11:36 PM


    Day 6 week 11 another perfect Perth morning got in a 45min 10km run then quality gym session. Caught up with this dude at the races champion jockey Micheal Walker small in stature strong in mind and body these guys are the epitome of discipline

  • Gary Howarth
    4 Nov 2016
    10:23 PM


    Day 5 week 11 beautiful morning in Perth 3 Laps of Lake Monger then over to the gym for some abs and chest still feeling strong in mind and body and pocket (if anybody backed Almandin & Jameka) like I posted on here... this is a lifestyle now..doesn't feel like I need to do anything except keep on doing what I'm doing

  • Gary Howarth
    1 Nov 2016
    11:14 AM


    Day 2 week 11 big session last night arms n shoulders got up for a 3.00am start banged out 10km and some light bench press did the form form the cup last night and for anyone who remotely gives a _fk Almandin is a great price ew at $11 and we have one in the 1st race in Perth should be an omen for all of us...Slick Mover

  • Gary Howarth
    31 Oct 2016
    7:58 AM

    Day 1 week 11 still feeling strong in mind and body fly out day to work still running hard and working hard in the gym with the abs coming through the crunches sit-ups and roll outs exponentially have increased until they are literally burning..didn't think I'd enjoy the journey this much..πŸ’ͺ

  • Gary Howarth
    22 Oct 2016
    10:45 PM

    Day 6 week 9 1st selfie of the challenge knocked out "freestyle" weights session this morning crossover chest upright row dumbbell curl then...crunches crunches crunches the little bastards are starting to come through still strong in mind and body but craving more oats in a morning πŸ˜­πŸ™

  • Gary Howarth
    14 Oct 2016
    8:58 AM

    Friday Morning day 5 week 8 had probably the best session of the whole challenge got to the gym for a 3.00 am start had GET ON (previewing Caulfield Cup) lined up on the Ipad to watch while i ran. It was an unexpected 1:15 min extended version got in a quality 15km @12/kph and didnt feel like i was working at all. Smashed out a quick 30min ab & curl session felt like i could walk through a brick wall And for anyone who may remotely give_a_fk R1 Slypheed R7 First Seal R8 Jameka R9 Hellbent. Hang in there lads 4 more weeks of intestinal fortitude to reach your goal.

  • Gary Howarth
    11 Oct 2016
    9:00 AM

    day 2 week 8 fly in day yesterday solid arms chest & back weights session last night got a 3:00 am start and knocked out 10km on the treadmill watching an episode of kingdom in 45 min did a 10 min continuous skip session followed by 10 sets x 60 of assorted ab crunches just to mix it up

  • Gary Howarth
    4 Oct 2016
    9:07 AM

    day 2 week 7 3.00am start smashed a 10km run on the treadmill @43mins followed 40mins of deadlifts, crunches, and wood chops to keep the heart rate up.

  • Gary Howarth
    27 Sep 2016
    8:34 AM

    day 2 week 6 3.00 am gym session 10KM on the treadmill for 47min watched an episode of Kingdom on the IPAD while running and got into the Navy st mode (for those who watch the show) Finished with 40mins of Squats Deadlifts and Skipping finished dripping wet and the endorphin rush combined with the increased stamina are becoming addictive

  • Gary Howarth
    21 Sep 2016
    7:52 AM

    Day 3 Week 5 3.00 am gym session 20 minutes on the rower then 20 mins on the aerobic stepper followed by 30 min weight session legs were heavy from the weight session last night so all upper body

  • Gary Howarth
    19 Sep 2016
    7:38 AM

    Day 1 week 5 Flyout day to work still enjoying the journey and hoping expotentially the results will show from another 4 weeks of discipline still strong in mind and body

  • Gary Howarth
    18 Sep 2016
    5:57 PM

    Really happy with the progress I've made and the changes to my lifestyle.

  • Gary Howarth
    18 Sep 2016
    5:48 PM

    Sunday Morning session - not quite the same as the old Sunday afternoon sessions - makes Monday morning much easier to get out of bed with the alarm at 4am :)

  • Gary Howarth
    18 Sep 2016
    5:44 PM
  • Gary Howarth
    13 Sep 2016
    7:42 AM

    Day 2 Week 4 had a 20km stationary bike ride to a spin spotify playlist then 15 mins on the rower followed by a shoulder weights session just to get the morning rolling

  • Gary Howarth
    12 Sep 2016
    7:48 AM

    Day 1 Week 4 Feeling strong in mind and body not craving anything at all other than extra gym sessions or a session on the rower .

  • Gary Howarth
    7 Sep 2016
    8:03 AM

    Day 3 Week 3 So far so good the lean intermediate food plan is working however i need to throw a protein shake wedge in mid afternoons to keep up the concentration levels Haven't jumped on the scales but my work pants are definitely loose. Did a 15min row followed by a 25km stationary bike ride and finished off with a series of deadlifts from 3am till 4:20

  • Gary Howarth
    4 Sep 2016
    8:06 PM

    Day 7 week 2 Weights session followed by a RPM class clocked 36km feeling strong enjoying the journey so far

  • Gary Howarth
    31 Aug 2016
    10:24 AM

    Wednesday morning Day 2 Week 2 woke at 2:40am for a 20km stationary bike ride 5km run at 5min/km pace to get the legs working then 45mins on the smith machine sets of squats upright rows decline chest press and calf stretches

  • Gary Howarth
    29 Aug 2016
    7:55 AM

    Monday morning day 1 week 2 flyout day to work legs feel sensational after 12km in city to surf yesterday glutamine was the key Looking forward to working the legs hard now the run is out of the way

  • Gary Howarth
    28 Aug 2016
    3:38 PM

    Cardio session this morning was 12km Perth City to Surf happy with 55mins not sure if the legs will be though tommorrow.. with lunges and squats on the menu

  • Gary Howarth
    24 Aug 2016
    9:54 AM

    Great Sleep last night woke at 2:40 for a (5:30am )start Got 30km in on the stationary bike in the gym and 45 squats light weight to stretch the hamstrings and quads Feeling pretty good strong in mind and body.

  • Gary Howarth
    22 Aug 2016
    7:55 AM


    Monday morning fly out day to work 1st day of the challenge and feeling good. Let's see how it goes 84 days from here

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