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173 cm


Lean - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

I want to be an inspiration to others and create a journal for everyday during this challenge to let others know what involved and how you feel.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The challenge was great due to the structured routine of knowing what to eat and when to eat. Preparing the meals was extremely gratifying for me personally as l am a person who never used to cook. From not cooking to taking pride in preparing my meals and thinking about different ways of using spices and cooking methods to make each meal slightly different was awesome! Sharing my story on Instagram was amazing. It allowed me to keep myself accountable to the challenge and keep in on-track for my goal at the end of the challenge. It is amazing to experience my journey with others. This was my second challenge and knowing what to expect did help me raise my goal to a whole new level. Having the forums to post any questions and interacting with other competitors was an enormous help to answer the tough questions when you are stuck or feeling down during the challenge. The challenge provides such a focus in your life. Having an endpoint to the challenge, is a key element to the success of this challenge. It provides that goal so you know why you are doing this. Another great thing about this challenge is competing against others but not knowing the results which makes the suspense grow. It makes you try even harder as you might be thinking is this good enough the result l am at currently?

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The challenge hardest part is maintaining the consistency in the diet and exercise plan. Staying away from sugars and fruits made it extremely difficult at certain moments during the challenge. Your mind plays tricks on you that if you only have one it will be alright. Also the hunger at night. Going to sleep hungry and avoiding any snacks was a big mind game. Watching your friends going out on the weekend and eating and drinking anything whilst you need to either eat prior to going out or eating something lean at the restaurant was challenging. Sacrificing your life to the regime of preparing meals, cooking yourself and exercising daily and not able to eat takeaway foods and visiting restaurants only 3-4 times during the challenge. Pushing your body to the limit on training and diet.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

The challenge had a profound impact on my life. It has changed the way l look, feel, eat, exercise and think. From starting out in being all about me, to becoming an inspiration to others and people wanting my help for them to achieve the same result that l did. I never expected this to occur. The whole way l think about food and exercise is unbelievable. I was your traditional person who would train and lift heavy weights thinking this was the best way to develop your body. How wrong was l. Now instead of thinking exercise and eat, l consider what type of food am l eating and how much should l combine in my meal to consist of protein and carbs. In terms of exercise, l now think about the movement of the muscle and consider what would be best to stress the muscle and contract it in proper form to achieve the result l am after. This is a huge mental shift for me. Also incorporating a HIIT session into every workout routine is new too. Cardio was never a priority for me and l thought if l would run 3-4kms 3-4 times a week this would be enough for me. Again how wrong was l.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Do it! If you are a person who has tried multiple diets, different exercise routines and never achieved your desired result, then this is the perfect option in changing your mind and body. This is not a fad diet to follow, this is a lifestyle change. This will become a way of life in the future and you will never look back again. It will educate you on food and create some amazing habits in the kitchen. You will develop willpower which you never thought you had. You will even start to advice others on what to do too! An awesome feeling to impart knowledge onto others.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

This challenge was an amazing journey and experience for me. It has really opened my eyes to the world of fitness and nutrition. As mentioned before, l started this challenge thinking about myself to now wanting to embark on entering competition body building in the physique category and even becoming a personal life/body coach. This is a profound change in my life. I shared my whole experience on Instagram and having people reach out and asking how and what l did was unbelievable. Sharing my insights was a huge help for me in keeping me focused and going the extra mile to achieve a massive results and not just a result. Being part of a community allows you to develop as a person and enable the results which are achieved in this challenge. Having a support team who train, eat and interact with you is a massive part of being successful. Don't look for the miracle diet or exercise plan, join this community and you will succeed 100% of the time! If not the first time, it will be the next or the next. The community will push you along and is always there during and after the challenge finishes.


  • Garry Pesochinsky
    18 Oct 2016
    10:36 PM


    Had an awesome day today. Really getting into a finely tuned routine with the diet and exercise. Wasn't able to get my cardio in today. No excuse, will be doing it tomorrow. Completed a back workout with 3 times mr.australia. Amazing workout and heaps of technique tips! Thanks body matrix! Got an abs workout before bed. Adds the finishing touch to the day. Off the brisbane for work tomorrow. Need to keep up the routine. Love it! Need to drop 5kgs in this last 4 weeks to get to my goal weight. Motivated to make it happen. All mindset!

  • Garry Pesochinsky
    22 Sep 2016
    11:38 PM

    Great day today. Was able to get in my 3km run and weights session at night. Finding it easier to cope without carbs at dinner. Exhausted though now. Mentally was easy day too. Didn't feel hungry before gym session at night even though only ate tuna and salad. Dinner was my favourite stirfry :). Finding this challenge easier and getting much better results earlier. Loving it! Look forward to my final result.

  • Garry Pesochinsky
    20 Sep 2016
    10:17 PM


    Had a tough day. Feeling hungry after dinner due to no carbs except for veggies. Really cherish the night protein now. Bring day 30 it now has become a mind game eating and exercising regularly. Feel like some cheat meal like chocolate or chips. I drink some mineral water to quench this feeling. Look forward to the morning to eat my eggs after the morning run. Bring on Day 31

  • Garry Pesochinsky
    23 Aug 2016
    10:47 PM


    Day 2 has been harder due to having too many shots of vodka the night before. Feeling motivated to really push myself this challenge.

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