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"This challenge allowed me to put things into perspective so rather than fitting health within my work life, for 12 weeks I fitted work around my health."



Get Shredded Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

Healthy living and want to shred and tone up. This might give me the motivation to train hard eat well and get into a healthy routine.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

Obviously seeing my body transform over that period was rewarding. Having a set training and nutrition plan every week was a huge help as it gave you structure so the rest was up to you to be disciplined to keep to it.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Nutrition was by far the most mental challenging things I have ever endured! there were days where I felt flat and just wanted to give up but determination set in which was great

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

This has had a massive impact on my life! I realised what was important in life as I had the wrong balance in life with work coming before me. This challenge allowed me to put things into prospective so rather than fitting health within my work life, for 12 weeks I fitted work around my health. More importantly the fact that my wife also did the challenge really gave us more quality time together and we both loved motivating each other and preventing each other from falling off the wagon when ever we felt flat.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Throughout this challenge I have had a lot of people ask questions about it because they were seeing my results. JUST DO IT! if you want to change your lifestyle then this challenge is the best way to do it but you have to want it as your discipline will be tested mentally and physically but worth it in the end.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Thank you for providing me a platform to build on as this has change my behavior towards healthy living and whats important to me in life, my family and health!


  • Fred Nimarota
    27 Apr 2015
    1:05 PM

    Changed my cardio to HIIT with various different activities. loving it

  • Fred Nimarota
    15 Apr 2015
    3:05 PM

    Week 8 Check in, come down with a cold but still found some time to strike a few poses. so happy with the outcome of my body and even more happy with my commitment to the Max Challenge.

  • Fred Nimarota
    18 Mar 2015
    6:25 AM

    3rd of the challenge completed! check in and my results are awesome in both body shape and fitness test. feel good. Bring on the next 4 week challenge

  • Fred Nimarota
    12 Mar 2015
    10:35 AM

    Back Day, added more sets,wieght and exercise to my session. getting stronger and fitter. Have definatley been getting bad cravings for chocolate though. would love a peanut slab right now.

  • Fred Nimarota
    11 Mar 2015
    12:44 PM

    Cardio session. Felt so good with a great sweat out.

  • Fred Nimarota
    10 Mar 2015
    7:42 AM

    leg day. Weigh in 85.9kg body fat 13.8% ( 16.1% this time last week) Bio age 27 (same) mucle 70.5% (unknown) V fat = 6 (need to be at 5 and unde)

  • Fred Nimarota
    9 Mar 2015
    10:56 AM

    Weekend Cardio Bike ride 30ks. then Gym this morning chest/arm workout. feeling great, seeing change in my body,Mind through great eating. Stay disciplined Fred! Do it for YOU.

  • Fred Nimarota
    7 Mar 2015
    4:31 PM

    30k bike ride then hit the gym. Feeling good

  • Fred Nimarota
    4 Mar 2015
    7:50 PM

    Come down with a cold but still got through the session this morning. Loving the training, hating the food!

  • Fred Nimarota
    2 Mar 2015
    7:17 PM

    wasnt lifting the weght I woudl normally as I feel weaker? but increased my sets to make up for it..

  • Fred Nimarota
    27 Feb 2015
    9:07 AM

    Felt so Flat this morning but got through the program ok, dont feel tired at all feel strong just mentally flat??

  • Fred Nimarota
    26 Feb 2015
    7:26 AM

    Couldn't complete 4 sets od ten in the wide chin ups. 2x10, 1x8, 1x7. Weigh in at 86.1kg 16.1% body fat. Bio age 27. Some plus out of today's training. Dropped 3kg in 3 weeks. Not wanting to drop weight but need to shred the build muscle.

  • Fred Nimarota
    25 Feb 2015
    1:36 PM

    Day 3 cardio, great sweat out. The food is a massive shock to my system but committed to the cause! Stay focused, you can do it.

  • Fred Nimarota
    24 Feb 2015
    9:14 AM

    Day 1: Training was awesome, was so excited to wake up and get into it. Nutrition will be my biggest challenge over the coming weeks but mind over matter. Lucky my wife is here to help me through this. Day 2: Again powered through the exercise no problems and feeling very good.

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