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182 cm


Lean - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

My life has changed a lot in the last few years, due to family and work commitments I have let my training and eating habits slip to the point that I don't even care anymore about the weight I have put on and that scares me.
I've completed the challenge before and I lost 16kgs, I know how tough it is and I also know how effective it is.
This year I'm aiming at beating my previous results and enjoying the progress along the way.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

Wow where can I begin?? There is so much to love about this challenge! For starters there's no guess work or any need to overthink any details! All I did was follow the plan as it was given to me and take the coaching and it gave me results far beyond my expectations!
Being a platinum member I was assigned master coach John Delinac and on a weekly basis I submitted my progress photos, weight and measurements and anything else that was concerning my progress, he gave me advice and an extra push right when it was needed and I soaked it all in! There was a few times I felt like throwing in the towel but his words kept me going in the tough times.
I also loved reading the journals of other challengers, very inspiring and encouraging to know that we were all dealing with similar issues and when I read about them pushing hard in spite of what they were dealing with it gave me the courage to do the same.
The forum was another effective tool of this challenge, there was also lots of support from the coaches and ambassadors, if I ever had a question it was answered quick!!

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Getting to sleep on time was an issue before and during the challenge however even though the challenge meant I had much more on my plate my bed time was much earlier than usual.
Leg days were a major event that I dreaded however like anything else the anticipation was the hard part, once I did my first set of squats I actually enjoyed the hard work!
Dealing with tiredness and dragging myself into the gym on the odd occasion took a lot of discipline but I was supposed to find that on those occasions I had some of the best workouts of my life!
Training and dieting were tricky at times of crisis when everything seemed upside down but it taught me to manage my resources and get on with the task at hand!
If I ever felt like quitting I'd take a look at my before shot or visualise my after shot and that would be enough to get me in the gym or the kitchen sometimes late at night.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

Answering this question has got me there anything this challenge HASN'T impacted in my life?? The answer is NO!!
I'm stronger lighter on my toes I say yes to other challenges that come my way in my everyday life! This challenge had me look into every area of my exsistance and question....hmm how can I do that better, how can I precook more meals in less time?, how can I train harder in the time I have in the gym? How can I make this meal cleaner? How can I make that rep count?? How can I perform better at work? How can I be a better husband? A better father? The list goes on and on!! Sure it's changed my life how could it not? I am applying what I have learnt with my health and fitness in every other area of my life!

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Don't think twice!! I spent years and years in the dark about proper nutrition and training during my 20s, I trained very hard and spent hours in the gym at a time but I never even got a wiff of the result I achieved in these 12 short don't have to go through all that just sign up and cut out the guess work! The good people at MAXs give it to you on a silver platter all you gotta do is take it and run!!!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

The last 12 weeks have been awesome!! I feel so much younger and energetic than I have in a very long time! I want to say thank you to the entire MAXs team for putting this all together and especially to my coach John Delinac I hope I've made you proud! I also want to thank my good friends Derek Darmanin and Robert Kolevski for their support and encouragement during the past 12 weeks, my cousin Rahmi Nihat and my beautiful wife Amela for putting up with all the time I spent away from my family in the gym or pounding the pavement I know it was a great sacrifice for you and you were very understanding.


  • Ergin Hassan
    6 May 2016
    9:26 PM

    Hey Livingston I tried your recipe, apple slices with peanut butter before training the other night and all I can say is Amazing, gave me an extra kick too.....thanks man and well done with your progress so far champ

  • Ergin Hassan
    6 May 2016
    9:20 PM


    Wow Im stoked with my progress from week 1 to 10! Awesome to see all of your transformations unfold too! Ive been watching and you guys inspire me to the core

  • Ergin Hassan
    28 Apr 2016
    9:10 PM

    Very intense back and shoulder workout tonight, worked up a real sweat! Im loving this high volume weight session method. Got home absolutely stuffed but I didnt stop there....Hit the pavement for a 7km jog!!!! Almost fainted when I got home but I know its worth it! During my jog I let my imagination go wild, thinking about the ripped me at week 12 and getting excited about it then i ramped it up a couple of notches. Dinner was baked fish and quinoa salad, the one from the recepie section yummmm! Any carbs are temping at the moment let alone sweets and fried food . My desire for that rubbish is like s distant memory. This challenge has been tough like never before however i figure im already in pain I may aswell get a reward for it! Its all guns blazing from here on in!!

  • Ergin Hassan
    28 Apr 2016
    11:49 AM


    Well into the 9-12 program now each session feels like Im drowning and gasping for air! Im feeling quite hungry all day long now, mental clarity is also non existent most of the day but once I pay a visit to my old pal cre8 carnage and his girlfriend beta pump everything is ok and it all comes back to the fact that Im gonna push as hard as I can and deal with whatever comes after that! Back and shoulders tonight, finally can pump out 10 chin ups :)

  • Ergin Hassan
    24 Apr 2016
    11:45 AM


    Yesterday was my 34th birthday I trained chest and arms with a good friend of mine who made the top 50 in 2013. Chest is a little sore today which is confirmation that is was a effective workout. I spent the afternoon with family which was nice had a bit of pasta with my chicken and a small slice of cake which is ok with me seeing i havent had a cheat in a long time. The pressures of life have been mounting and trying to pull me away from my training and the time I need to make the most of this challenge but I haven't let it win me over. Its tough at times however I keep strong but visualization, imagining the sweet outcome in the next 4 weeks and beyond. I am starting to use the lessons learnt from the challenge in other areas of my life too bit but bit Im coming up with ways to do things more efficiently to free up more time in my life!

  • Ergin Hassan
    21 Apr 2016
    12:22 PM
  • Ergin Hassan
    19 Apr 2016
    7:40 PM


    I know I have been very quiet on the journal front but I put it down to the fact that ive been so busy training and cooking. Im in a reflective mood tonight so I thought id share a little about myself.... Im the youngest of 3 by 12 years, my older brother was always my idol growing up and he along with his friends and our cousins were into bodybuilding back in the early 90s when i was just a boy. I used to watch them in awe when they'd take their tops off and have handstand walking comps on the grass on the side of the house. I guess thats where the interest in bodybuilding began for me. I grew up watching movies like kickboxer and bloodsport idolizing van dam haha I always told myself that when i get old enough id be just like them but it never happened. In my early 20s i was in reasonable shape but getting cut was always something that seemed cryptic to me like a puzzle missing many peices. I would train for months with mediocre results. The maxs challenge takes all the guess work out and its no longer a puzzle for me just something that has pushed me to the limit in every way possible but the gains are mind blowing! I would have saved alot of wasted time if this was available all those years ago. Im just so greatful that ive found it now and I will give it my all to the end!

  • Ergin Hassan
    21 Mar 2016
    9:32 AM

    Just checking in after a big weekend, ive been training hard and eating really clean! :) i went to the soccer with my family yesterday and there were temptations everywhere!!! The smell of all the fried food and sausages was amazing but i held strong and avoided them and instead i ate my protien bar, did a huge pre cook this weekend too. Im hitting it a lot harder than the last challenge, very eager to see the end result :)

  • Ergin Hassan
    3 Mar 2016
    12:45 PM

    Been right on track with my training and diet but geez I am extremely sore in the legs ! I've been climbing stairs like a 90 year old. Last night was mentally tough I can't lie I have been exhausted and sore in week one so far. Can't wait to hit the gym after work

  • Ergin Hassan
    1 Mar 2016
    10:17 AM

    This building is my best friend at work first thing in the morning! I make my way up at a fast pace and cruise back down at least 3 times this will be my morning cardio. 152 steps approx

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