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190 cm


Lean - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

I did the Challenge 18 months ago and it was amazing, I lost 17kg and found a new lifestyle of being fit, healthy and loved the total lift in my general mindset and outlook on life.

I am doing the Challenge again as although I am staying fit I am still not anywhere near the body shape I want with unwanted layers.. My Wife and I are doing it together this time and we have two active kids that are coming on the journey with us to see what hard work and dedication can achieve..

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I love the person it had me being.. Driven, Focused, Confident, Organised, Strong Willed, Active and most of all a great role model for the Family as we were constantly doing activities with the kids. I work in an office that consists of pressure and timelines for my clients and often would sit after work and have some drinks to wind down/de-stress, I now know it did the opposite! I love the release and energy I received every night after work going to the gym, it completely clears my head and for 1-1.5 hours it is 'ABOUT ME' No phones, no deadlines, no work just my time to feel great before getting home to be great.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Incredibly I found nothing hard about the Challenge.. where the Workouts hard and challenging-yes! was the food preparation and strict nutrition plan difficult to work in with life sometimes-yes! But the way that this has you feeling physically and mentally you just get it done because you are so invested in the program and can see and feel the results. The hardest thing was not talking or focusing on it 100% of the time as I just could not get enough of it.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

As you can see by one of the photo I posted my wife and I did the challenge together which was great, Our kids are very active in Sports so usually our free time with them consisted of Cafes/Movies Take away Food etc which was not a great example as it was linking family time and quality to foods and treats, now we go to do the1000 steps, ride bikes, go for walks so this has changed our lifestyle for the better for us and the Family environment.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

DO IT.. it is a 100% Life Changing journey for you and the people around you. Body and Mind!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I will see you again soon for another one, this time not because 'I need it but because I want it'.

The community aspect to this Challenge is amazing from not only the Coaches and Ambassadors who are amazing but the fellow Challengers who are all there to share their story, ups downs, look for help or guidance or just have a laugh about certain things that we come across. It is truly amazing what this has done for me and the amount of my Family and friends asking me about what I have done. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.


  • Dean Plummer
    11 May 2017
    3:10 PM

    So, What do you do, and where do you go when you find out you are privileged enough to be selected in the Top 10... that's right you go do an even more inspired workout. I was feeling fantastic already from what I had achieved "for myself and family" but must say it is truly amazing to be recognised by the very people that run this Challenge and that you aspire to emulate in some way. WOW #mustofgotthemshreddegainzhey ;-) #bloodyamazingfeeling #fingerscrossedfortop3

  • Dean Plummer
    8 May 2017
    10:00 AM

    A week on from the Challenge and still living and training the same way as if it was still going... just a way of life now. I wont lie and the end of the program saw us have a night out with drinks and some 'not challenge approved food' but even in that the choices are different and instead of any deep fried foods, chips etc it was an open chicken fillet gyros which had the flat bread and fetta cheese with garlic yoghurt on it which was the cheat part. The photo is the final snap at our gym to close the 12 weeks of hard work my Wife and I pushed each other through and completed together in style... well done to us and Thank you to Max and Maxine's for the incredible journey!

  • Dean Plummer
    2 May 2017
    3:43 PM

    Final Check in done!!! Congratulations to us for getting it done. I am a little torn on which photo to use as I look bigger in some and really lean in other but went with the one that was taken in the exact same spot the original was to really highlight the change without anything different. I feel amazing and look the best I have ever looked that is for sure. Loved every minute of this challenge and it was certainly made special doing it in conjunction my Wife and sharing the processes, times and changing body mind and food strategies together.. All up could not have done anything better or harder to achieve the unbelievably lean and muscular physique I now have.

  • Dean Plummer
    27 Apr 2017
    1:58 PM

    Final preparation is a go... Waxing done- (needed a ciggy after that torture but love the bald arms and chest) Photo's to be done at the gym tomorrow- tick Tan being done tonight- tick I got this! Introducing all the necessary increase etc to the eating to make sure that I am nice and full for the photos and put my best foot forward to show how hard and strict I have been with my workouts and nutrition over the past 12 weeks. There is not one thing that I can tell you that I would change and have not loved about this Challenge, all my family and friends are asking me about it and question surely there must be something you are over or want something to eat and I can honestly tell them that I simply love what I am doing and how it makes me feel (and look)..

  • Dean Plummer
    26 Apr 2017
    2:03 PM

    Really making sure that I enjoy this final phase and preparing for the weekend photos (feel like my wife when we have a big event on, now I have my waxing on this day, my spray tan on this day...) Starting to notice that I am not getting through the sets as strong and at the same weights due to the calorie deficient state I am in and that I really have pushed myself to the limit, weights are down but it is about enjoying this last week with full control on reps and food. Cant wait to see the finished product and will get a sneak peak at it tomorrow night after the tan is on!! Been such an incredible life changing journey that I have said is like a really great holiday/vacation where you start to get sad that it is going to finish and you have to leave. #shreddedgainzacheived and I love the feeling.

  • Dean Plummer
    24 Apr 2017
    2:29 PM

    WEEK 12.. some are counting down the days to they finish to freedom I am counting down the amount of reps I have left to try and achieve my best I can do in this Challenge. I feel fantastic and I can honestly say that I am being told (but I also think so too) that I am in great condition, I will not go back to old ways or stop what I am doing here. I will loosen off from the absolute on my diet but not by much and go back and start from week 5-8 then 9-12 again I truly love what I have done and look forward to continuing. Gotta go get some work done so I can piss off early to get my workout in before a busy night..

  • Dean Plummer
    21 Apr 2017
    11:33 AM

    Really ramping up the cardio this week and into next week to try and get as lean as possible. I did my session last night then into a bit of SSC before doing a 15 minute non stop Express Abs class, such a great burn on the abs that I am going again on Saturday morning. Getting to a really great place with my fitness and health so much so that I am a little into me at the moment and cannot get enough of taking of my clothes and checking things in the mirror.. haha but hey why not I have worked hard and been dedicated to it so I think I at least deserve to enjoy it. On another positive note this has brought me some acknowledgment at the gym with winning and being named 'member of the month' due to my results and attendance record over time. NICE feeling to be recognised where I have come from to where I am today.. #LEAN

  • Dean Plummer
    19 Apr 2017
    1:45 PM

    Easter done and dusted with a big tick.. not a chocolate, not a sip of any drinks, not a hot cross bun (oh how I love hot cross buns).. all training family fun doing the 1000 steps, and training every day and eating clean! My wife and I enjoying time to walk to the gym together to train and then walk home (we actually get time to have a The doubters are out in force with the 'your getting too thin, your face looks sick blah blah blah.. and 'I can see all your veins and muscles popping out your skin'.. Duurrr that's what I am after! I actually take it as a compliment as I know that means that I have got massive changes showing. weight loss is slowing which is a sign that there is not much more to go but I will push hard over the next 1 1/2 weeks to get as lean as possible... I am already a winner here with the best body composite I have ever had and at the ripe old age of 43... gotta love that. now time to push to the finish line and set all my bookings for final week.

  • Dean Plummer
    13 Apr 2017
    2:29 PM

    So with Easter coming up i'm ready to go through the weekend without any temptation of chocolate or Alcohol which for me is really unusual on Family holiday times... Funny thing is the discussion at our house was not about this it was at complete devastation on working our Gym days as our GYM IS CLOSED ON GOOD FRIDAY!! How dare they have a life.. do they not know it is Max Challenge final weeks.. haha Cannot say that this has been a concern for us over any year about having the gym closed for a day and it is like someone has just stolen your Christmas presents.. anyway looking forward to the weekend and staying focused while everyone else makes themselves sick on chocolates.

  • Dean Plummer
    11 Apr 2017
    2:54 PM

    So after a day feeling my rest was a waste I had a really great workout and game last night that has me in a really good mindset again today. Weigh in day and I have leaned out again to break the 80kg mark sitting at 79.75kg but I think what I have learnt and my routine now has it that I don't want to sit and do nothing like before- I now need to workout and do something to feel 'normal and happy'. Legs tonight which is always a great one as you know its going to be gut wrenching but you cant wait to feel the pain and then the ecstasy once you have finished and know you have given everything.

  • Dean Plummer
    10 Apr 2017
    12:03 PM

    At work counting down the time until I can go to the gym and punch into it. Yesterday we had things to do so had a complete rest day which now stupidly is playing on my mind that I wasted a day (even though I enjoyed the family time and break) Had a great Saturday waking up and having a lazy morning with the wife and kids before all getting ready and walking to our gym so that we could both do our sessions whilst the kids did their basketball training downstairs, then it was another 3.5k walk together home to have some lunch which was good family exercise fun. Chest, Tri's and some Abs today and then my Cardio basketball comp game tonight to get me feeling alive after the rest! time to reveal the work.

  • Dean Plummer
    4 Apr 2017
    4:39 PM

    In a really good space to finish off the Challenge at present and feel happy with where I am at and where I think I can get too, along with the fact that apart from a short period of time with a slight hamstring strain had a clean bill of health and run at this unbelievable program! (touch wood).. My weigh in day today has pleased me with a small amount of weight loss but look bigger and leaner with veins poppin so not worried about the number more about the mirror (80.85kg is current) which has me at a great loss of 7kg but I think it would be more than that in total fat loss as I certainly have put on a lot of muscle mass for sure. Anyway gotta go hit the gym and smash out a big session. til tomorrow #shreddedgainzarestartintoshow

  • Dean Plummer
    3 Apr 2017
    3:05 PM

    Week 8 Check in completed and the progress is something that I am really happy with. I have worked super hard in the gym and on the nutrition to put on some real muscle size and definition, now time to really strip the remaining layer off to reveal it all even more. I am constantly hungry this last week which is something that is good as that metabolism is firing and burning away. Feeling very healthy and alive at the moment and this is something that has taught me so much about choices from the your days food, workouts to the general wellbeing and about putting myself and my health 1st and not letting any excuse get in the way. got a taste of this and Top 10 here I come (never dreamed with the shape I was in to be saying that)

  • Dean Plummer
    28 Mar 2017
    11:51 AM

    Well week 8 is underway and I am feeling unbelievably good today after a flat and tired Sunday and really tired start to the day Monday which I snapped myself out of and had a really good workout and then cardio basketball game last night. Weigh in this morning was pleasing with another weight loss (photo as blurry as my eyes at 5am but 81.45kg) not a big loss which makes me happy as this 4 weeks I have concentrated on trying to build muscle as apposed to trying to lose weight which has seen me starting to see some real definition in my muscles with vascularity,veins popping along with really great progress on the abs showing through, liked what I saw today in the selfie. 6 more days until milestone/goal checked off and the next phase of harder work to get it done. #herecomestheunveilphase

  • Dean Plummer
    23 Mar 2017
    3:33 PM

    Awesome Cardio and then Abs session last night, feeling strong, lean, fit, alert and motivated especially as last night was a Family affair.. #FamilyPlankSelfie with my wife who is also going great doing the Challenge and our 13 year old son who joined in with us for some extra training. Love what I am seeing in my body changes but more what's in this picture with us all working out together as that's never happened before!

  • Dean Plummer
    21 Mar 2017
    11:58 AM

    So it has been 2 weeks since my usual check in on weight loss but pleased to upload this one that although being away for work for the week last week the last 2 weeks has seen a steady decrease of body fat getting me down to 82.15kg whilst my muscles are certainly fuller and definition is certainly showing and much more vascular.. Over half way and in a really good frame of mind and position to give this thing a real shake up and get to achieve big picture goals.. love the general change in mind this brings not sure if it is the clean eating no Alcohol OR the GYM TIME where I whack the headphones in and concentrate on ME for over an hour- no phone no distractions just MY TIME to zone out and feel great. #shreddedgainzinsight

  • Dean Plummer
    17 Mar 2017
    11:21 AM

    Trained really hard yesterday on return from a week in Sydney for work.. very long days and early morning gym was a morning ritual but it is amazing how the familiarity you have for your own/usual gym can increase your workouts, moving around looking for equipment trying to find stuff you normally don't need to look for was a struggle but got through the week well and then hit a really hard Push session yesterday, Legs tonight should be good but a little nervous also as I really upped the weights on squats and had a little Hamstring twinge last legs day so need to control the mind game tonight!! Feeling really good and strong and looking forward to charging to the 8 week check in point.

  • Dean Plummer
    8 Mar 2017
    12:13 PM

    Its been nearly a week since my last chance to do a Journal entry and glad to say not much has changed... or should I say lots has!! Not changed- still training like a man on a mission and food is on point.. Changed- I have leaned out a lot since my early check in (thought had to do it to get a look at new workouts and food so did it early but should have waited).. FEEL AMAZING and can really see some great results coming through (you know that means ABS are coming out.. yeah baby).. #demshreddedgainzarehappenin

  • Dean Plummer
    2 Mar 2017
    11:39 AM

    Keepin it real and posting scales pic.. this journey is not about getting weight as low as I can in fact I hope that my weight goes up or does not go down at all over the next 4 weeks with some more body fat decrease. Time to thicken up these muscles before the final 4 weeks of total LEAN to get myself RIPPED..

  • Dean Plummer
    28 Feb 2017
    11:37 AM

    Weigh in day and I am sitting at 84.25kg so 3kg down from the start of the Challenge, I could look at it and say gee I wish I had lost more weight than that or I have been pushing heavy as possible at Max reps in the gym so I am looking at it that its great amount of fat loss at the same time as I am gaining muscle mass.... I feel great and the mirror and measurement test will be my only judgment #demshreddedgainz

  • Dean Plummer
    27 Feb 2017
    1:59 PM

    Week 4 underway... had a really good weekend with solid training and good food no slip ups on overeating or food eaten if anything probably under ate a little with being so busy coaching and training kids from breakfast to after lunch (got my protein shake and a pear in whilst coaching but had more of a brunch than my normal breakfast and lunch). Tomorrow is my official weigh in day so I will be back for another journal entry to document and keep on track although this number doesn't matter as I know I am on track. Feel really good, strong, alert, leaner and healthy.. bring on check in then the next 4 weeks of the heavy growth training....

  • Dean Plummer
    22 Feb 2017
    2:47 PM

    First check in for a little while and going really strong seeing some great changes in the body and mind already! Weigh in day today and sitting at 84.55kg so not huge weight drop but not worried as certainly can see some definition and muscle fullness showing through which will keep weight higher than just losing fat.. love the routine of training and how alive it makes you feel even when you are buggered after smashing out a workout and then need to run around after the kids. This weekend marks 3 weeks and then home stretch to a new 4 week block of workouts and food... look forward to my check in photo going up along side to take away from the other horrid one that is there ;-) fitness test time tonight as this is the real first opportunity that I will have.

  • Dean Plummer
    16 Feb 2017
    2:41 PM

    How time fly's when you are having FUN.. Cannot believe that we are nearly 2 weeks down apart from the fact that I feel fantastic.. forgot how good the feeling is of following this food and workout schedule and the incredible change in focus of mind and body that comes with it.. everything is just clearer. I am feeling a lot leaner already (with 2kg lost) and feel that this is going to be great for me. Bring on demshreddedgainz.....

  • Dean Plummer
    13 Feb 2017
    1:30 PM

    1 week down and feeling really great.. Energy levels are back up and right where they should be today (after a hungry and sluggish Sunday, think this may have been from a relatively active Friday night late to bed and same on Saturday with an early start Sunday morning). Great week of food and training but unlike last time where I was not hungry at all and struggled to fit it in, yesterday I was looking for my next meal and hungry but stayed true! Saturday night was the 1st full test at a very large engagement party that was a full BBQ and Beer fest with relatives! As my wife is doing this years Challenge with me it was comforting to have us both on the mineral water, ice and lemon for the night and was not tempted at all.

  • Dean Plummer
    10 Feb 2017
    3:41 PM

    So a really strict week of nutrition and work outs this week and heading into the weekend feeling really great (now that the Leg Soreness has settled down) never will I do legs on the day I have basketball that night again!! so got an engagement party and my nephews birthday this weekend and normally would be looking forward to having few beers and drinks with family and friends but not even a consideration for me.. with my Wife doing it too it will be easier at the party and then I have my Brother in Law also on it so the BBQ on Sunday will be Max Approved and all others there will just have to enjoy OUR choices in food. Totally remembering how good this thing was and the results I got last time and very determined to totally blow that out of the water this time!! demshreddedgainz

  • Dean Plummer
    8 Feb 2017
    10:01 AM

    So Day 3 is here and the Legs day still has me very sore in the Quads, Glutes and Hammy's.. trying to stretch it out so I am ready for another Legs day tomorrow morning. Had a really good session last night blasting Upper Body and really pushed away my fears of doing the first 4 weeks program as I have been training and thought this might be light on for me, but by pushing normal weights for 15 instead of 10 reps that ensured I really exhausted the muscles. Food has been on point and funny enough last time I did this I could not eat all the food this time I seem to be used to the 6 meals a day regime and not over full at all. Time to get to work Abs Cardio session tonight for me.

  • Dean Plummer
    3 Feb 2017
    2:59 PM

    So here I go again... after approximately 18 months since I completed the first Challenge I am back for a second go and go to the next level... I have maintained my lifestyle of good food and training hard but not been as strict as I normally would over this Christmas and New Year period knowing I am going to be going hard at this one like I did the first. Last time I dropped a lot of weight and got good shape and this time I intend on really going after more 'lean size'... got the rest of this weekend to have some drinks and food with friends (told them they wont be seeing me for 12 weeks unless they are in the gym or at my house.. haha) then time to knuckle down and get into it. Really looking forward to the result this time as I am starting from a much better position than the first one and have a clear picture of what I want to be at the end here!! anyhow see you in 2 days...

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