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183 cm


Get Lean & Ripped - Advanced

Reason to start The Challenge

Ex Aussie rules footballer and gym goer done nothing but get pissed and eat shit for last 4 years
Had a few come backs but had zero motivation,
This challenge cought my attention and I’ve found some motivation
Looking forward to it

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The fact that it peiced my life back together not only fitness wise but also work , I was a complete mess before I did this all I did was get pissed all the time and didn’t train for 3 to 4 years at all 2014 to be exact
this forced me to develop a routine and iam glad I done it

Funny story how it all come about my Bday was on 14/5 and my girlfriend seen the challenge pop up in her news feed and said I should do it - we both agreed it would be a good bday present for my tired fat body

Next thing we know we were down at mass nutrition Albury with a shopping trolly full of Max supps

So thanks to my beautiful girlfriend Shannon for convincing me and supporting me for the whole 3 months

And guess what her Bday is 3/9 😂

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

To eat breakfist but only for the first few weeks once I started to get in routine I would wake up starving

Other then that nothing was hard to be sober for 3 months is what I needed

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

Completely turned things around I am now so positive and full of energy
The satisfaction that I have got after doing this has me on a high and has given me the belief to go chase a few other things that I previously wrote off

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

It’s not what I’d say it’s what I’m already saying!
Too my employees brothers and mates
Look what I did went from a 105kg blob to looking alright
I’m doing it again and will be dragging others with me

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I wish I had of known this diet and training when I was playing footy my idea of healthy was cerial orange juice salad rolls I’m so glad I have done this and will be doing the next one for sure it’s only the start for me


  • Daniel Ladgrove
    6 Aug 2018
    5:15 PM


    Well that’s it 12 weeks gone just like that Total of 15kg lost and couldn’t be happier Congrats to everyone who completed the challenge, can’t wait for the next one

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    4 Aug 2018
    9:26 PM


    Last work out for the challenge I’d never heard of Max challenge untill a week before it started but can say it has turned my life around not only fitness but every aspect of it I’m 100% more positive and have so much more energy. from the moment I started the challenge everything just started to full into place Thanks to my girlfriend for encouraging me to do it after 3 to 4 years with absoulute no exercise at all and living of slabs of beer and takeaway food I’d hit the worst shape in my life was 105kg and had completely written off ever getting fit again This absolutely exceeded my expectation completely cleared my mind and I couldn’t be happier To add to it I reached my goal weighing in at 90kg today a total weight loss of 15kg Congratulations to everyone who took part I know I’ll be doing it again and encouraging a lot of other people to aswell Any one who knows me knows gym selfys tans and pics aren’t my thing but fuck it here’s a selfy booked in for my first tan tomorrow and professional pics comeing

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    29 Jul 2018
    11:12 PM


    Last week and she’s all over My body has adapted and I am now not getting sore at all from the gym Can’t beleive how quick it’s gone cooked all the food today for the week and will be going hard to try lose that last kilo and a half At 91.5kg I’m despret to reach my goal of 90kg I started taking the pre work out for extra energy and can now see the appeal Pic of me before the challenge looking shithouse

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    20 Jul 2018
    7:36 AM


    Nearly at the end of 10 Just ran out of all supplements so need to get some to finish off Lossed more weight this week happy with how things are going

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    15 Jul 2018
    2:27 PM


    That feeling When ya crave a Bunnings snag but you have to be a vegan for another 3 weeks 😢 Rest day today, weight still coming off 93kg this morning total of 12kg gone Really want that last 3kg gone Week 9-12 training is so hard 30 second rest breaks and 5 sets is 100 x harder no time to recover has muscles burning

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    9 Jul 2018
    6:28 PM


    This is what I ate today Including 3L of water I plan on sticking to the diet 100% for the last 4 weeks I’ve been pretty good so far but want to be perfect Feeling lean just looking at it

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    7 Jul 2018
    11:50 AM


    Not a huge difference in appearance between week 4 and week 8 photos Despite losing a other 5kg in that period, although my legs have halved in size energy levels are a lot higher and my strength and fittness has increased 10 fold Been waiting for the last 4 weeks to step it up another level target of 90kg should be achievable may even lose more

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    30 Jun 2018
    6:35 PM


    Week 7 just about done and another KG lossed A total of 10kg lossed so far, only another 5kg to go to reach my goal of 90kg

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    25 Jun 2018
    9:47 PM


    12hr day Then 2.5hr drive to leeton Still got to gym Selfie for proof only 😉

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    22 Jun 2018
    3:36 PM


    Reaching the end of week 6 and I can say this has been my best week so far Energy levels high Diet 100% Training 100% Only improvements iam wanting to make for next 6 weeks is more sleep and more water Didn’t pack lunch today but got subway to make me something similar 6 weeks down 6 to go Weighed in at 96.5kg total weight loss of 8.5kg My goal of being 90kg at the end now looks on track

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    14 Jun 2018
    9:46 PM


    6km run tonight Food 100% 97.5kg Feeling pretty good but the lean foods knocking me around a bit

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    13 Jun 2018
    7:56 PM

    3 days into week 5 and diet as been 100% Will make sure that i stock to it for the full 4 weeks

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    11 Jun 2018
    10:17 PM


    Week 5 Day 1 Decided to take the hole weekend off because I was crook I didn’t know how I would go with this challenge but after the first 4 weeks I’m hooked I know the next 4 will fly so I’m not going to waiste a single second Legs done tonight prob the hardest leg work out I’ve ever done the legs were shaking (still can’t do hammy curles after all the busted hammys I got playing footy) Still not used to the 12 to 15 reps never done it before but loving it My goals for the next 4 weeks *Drink more water - only drinking around litre a day not even close to what max is asking *Stick to the diet 100% - last 4 weeks was fairly good but not perfect still 1000 times better then what I had been eating though *More cardio - Not a big fan of cardio but iam going to head down to a boxing gym twice a week for the next 4 weeks that will cover the HIIT cardio as well Weight back up a touch after week end

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    10 Jun 2018
    2:44 PM


    Was crook yesterday so slept all day and no workout Went shopping today to sort food Week 1-4 Nutrition 75% complete Week 1-4 Training 65% complete Will be making sure Nutritian amd training is 100% for next 4 weeks I have no excuses this time just need to be organised

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    9 Jun 2018
    9:38 AM


    4 weeks down and 6.5kg lost I’m happy with the change considering I wasn’t 100% strict in the diet First 4 weeks was about getting into routine and after seeing the change I’m highly motivated to really knuckle down

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    4 Jun 2018
    10:20 PM


    Another relapse week 3 Ok during the week but went to Melbourne for the weekend Essendon v Richmond plus hot dogs pizza cakes kfc Chinese food soft drink back to my old ways Although it was enjoyable was keen to get home and make week 4 my best week I feel super fresh and ready to go again 99kg with shoes and clothes

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    29 May 2018
    10:19 PM

    Week 3 and starting to regain some strength 1st 2 weeks I was too sore I’ve never done reps of 15 in the gym before it’s a good change from back when I used to 8 reps of everything Still 99kg and everything’s going good Can’t wait untill I hit 1 month and can say I have exercised for a month straight and haven’t drank for a month last time I done this was At least 5 years ago Energy levels high Mood good Sleeping good I’m back now for sure

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    27 May 2018
    9:46 AM

    Sunday 6 Raw eggs Avocado and vegemite on toast No hang over Out of bed before lunch time 5kg lighter I love this feeeeelllliiinnngggg!!!!!

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    23 May 2018
    9:03 PM

    Done a body pump class with the missus tonight I was one of 2 blokes in a room full of shielas I done it a few times at school 15 years ago when I was half fit but in this shape was near impossible to get through, the legs were on fire!! Mean while the old ducks with more weight on then me were cruising through it Chicken and veg for tea

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    22 May 2018
    11:33 PM


    Had pre work out Never been into it I’m still wide a wake And can’t sleep I’ll give it a miss don’t need it any way and I hate it when I can’t sleep Was looking at my photos from week 1 and can start to see a small change was carrying a shit load of fat on my back and hips this was the result of 3 years of complete neclect Last time I was under 90kg was in high school 2004 hope I can get there and stay there Im under 100kg for the first time in 4 years so pumped about that

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    21 May 2018
    5:09 PM

    Couldn’t be fucked cooking eggs so downed them raw (this is the new standard) Swapped out marge on the toast for Avacardo Legs tonight

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    20 May 2018
    6:19 PM

    Bring on week 2 No training today another rest day will go hard during the week

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    19 May 2018
    7:40 PM

    Well no training or diet today Had a family Bday so bit of a relaps Back on the horse tomorrow

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    19 May 2018
    1:30 AM

    BANG!! Got all the supplements now Things are getting serious

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    17 May 2018
    7:09 PM


    On Sunday night I made enough food to last till today I bought everything hole and spent ages chopping it all up and boiling rice etc This time I’m smarter bought it all chopped up and ready to go and even the rice is good to go after 40 seconds I’m happy with that Lost another keg too 4 kegs in 4 days

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    17 May 2018
    1:26 PM

    MUD GUTS!!! Thought I’d take a pic took 3 years to get this hopefully 3 months to fuck it off

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    17 May 2018
    6:08 AM

    Dry reaching trying to get this down

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    16 May 2018
    9:38 PM


    Said rest on training program so i did complete opposite and went for a run 😂 Really surprised how full I feel after the food and already have shit loads more energy and feel heaps better Who would have thought? Dropping weight too 102 I’d say all water weight lost

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    15 May 2018
    8:14 PM

    Day 2 sore as fuck from the gym yesterday did legs stuff today which I suck at and hate Got through all the food again so much easier and quicker to eat shit

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    14 May 2018
    9:15 PM


    Was a challenge but Managed to down all the food as per meal plan Done light weights to ease into it Far too heavy on the scales goal is to crack under 90kg haven’t done this since high school

  • Daniel Ladgrove
    14 May 2018
    9:10 AM


    First meal of the challenge I hate breakfirst Tastes worse then it looks too

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