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"I feel fitter and healthier than I ever have before. I don't just sit around on my days off now and I have a new lease on life. I'm getting back into diving and sports and my whole family has embraced the new healthy lifestyle."



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Reason to start The Challenge

so I'm at the point in my life where my bad diet and over indulgence in beer have finally caught up with me. My 2 year old daughter asked me the other day if I have a baby in my tummy! The T shirts are now tight around my waist and my wife tells me I need to order the next pant size up for my work clothes. So it's decision time, give up buy bigger clothes and say hey that's what happens as you get older, or get up off my ass and do something about it. Up until now I've said yeah I've let myself go but you should have seen how fit I was 10 years ago. In 12 weeks time I'm gonna be saying yeah I was fit 10 years ago but you should see me now

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The meal and training plans made the program easy to follow. I'm usually pretty disorganised and I need to squeeze a lot into each day, so it was good to be able to prepare my meals in advance and know I'm eating the right foods, then when I went to bed at night I new exactly what I needed to do in the gym the next morning.
The forums were also great when I had questions about things I was unsure of and there's a real feeling of community on there.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

For me time management was my biggest challenge. I work 12 hour days plus 45 minutes travel to and from work each day so I was up each morning at 4am to get a good gym session in. Not having time to get fit has always been my excuse but I found that once I'd got into a routine I actually had more energy throughout the day. A big commitment I made was to not miss a single training session.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

It's been amazing. I feel fitter and healthier than I ever have before. I don't just sit around on my days off now and I have a new lease on life. I'm getting back into diving and sports and my whole family has embraced the new healthy lifestyle. We've been camping more and generally spending more time outdoors instead of in front of the TV.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Don't think about just do it! Commit. This challenge will change your life.12 weeks seems like a long time at the beginning but once you get started it seems to go so fast. It's not a quick fix, it's called a challenge for a reason, your gonna have to work and you only get out of it what you put in.

Stick to the plan and buy all the supplements.

It's tough but all the information and support you need are right there. If your disciplined and follow the plan you'll get the results and you'll never look back.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I think being stubborn helped me out a lot. I never strayed from the meal plan once in the 12 weeks. I took all the supps they suggested and I didn't miss a single training session (even if I did have to improvise with rocks and logs for weights out in the bush when we were camping!). They always say there's somebody out there training harder than you, I wanted to be that person.

Not drinking was a big one for me as I generally drink too much but from the start of the challenge to the end I didn't have a single beer (this included at my Dad's wedding and a Foo Fighters concert) and to be honest after three weeks of eating well and training I didn't feel like one. It just seemed like it would be undoing all my hard work.

I couldn't have done this challenge without the support of my wife Christine. She had a rough 12 weeks with her mother whom we loved dearly passing away halfway through the challenge. She is also pregnant with our third child and still managed to keep things together at home and give me the time I needed to train.


  • Damien Dwyer
    17 May 2015
    10:59 PM

    Well 12 weeks done and dusted! What a life changing experience. I've learnt so much along the way and really look forward to continuing on with this new healthy life style. It was a tough 12 weeks losing my mother in law half way through to cancer. We loved her dearly and it has been really tough on my wife. I managed to do the full 12 weeks without a single beer which even I didn't think I could do (previous best was 2 weeks). This included at my dad's wedding and a Foo Fighters concert, and I honestly don't know when I will have another one but i certainly wont be rushing into it. Up at 4am every day to hit the gym before work was different. I'd train then drive the 45 minutes to work then do a 12 hour shift and home again sometimes having to hit the gym again at night. I've never felt so awake and energetic on my way to work though and loved every session. The biggest change for me has been the diet. Up until now I have basically lived on fast food mostly due to laziness. I'd look in the fridge and somehow decide that it was too hard to cook anything so I'd just go to maccas or KFC. Now the smell of that stuff turns my stomach. The challenge is over and tonight I had chicken and veggies for dinner because that's what I like to eat now. I even like brown rice with tuna for lunch. It's funny that of all the things I want to eat now that the challenge is over I still want the same food for breakfast, but maybe a few pieces of wholemeal toast to go with it. Thanks MAX's It has been a great life changing experience and I hope I can continue on. Big thanks to my wife Teeny, I love you heaps and couldn't have got here without you. Damo

  • Damien Dwyer
    17 May 2015
    10:39 PM

    This is week 8 check in with the girls

  • Damien Dwyer
    12 May 2015
    1:21 AM

    This hill has been my nemesis the entire challenge. It just seems to go on forever. Think Its been a big part of the journey though. It's 700 metres bottom to top and you can feel every one of them!

  • Damien Dwyer
    6 May 2015
    1:56 PM

    I have to travel a bit for work and having only hand luggage I have to take just the supplements I need to get me through the few days I'm away. The first trip I put everything in plastic bags and it wasn't untill I saw the look on the room service guys face when he delivered my meal and saw my supplies on the table that I realised what it must have looked like. I half expected to have the cops kick my door in in the middle of the night! i've since found a better way to travel that looks a lot less dodgy

  • Damien Dwyer
    5 May 2015
    12:07 AM

    Me and the girls at week 4

  • Damien Dwyer
    2 May 2015
    10:01 AM

    Few update photo's. Really happy with how the results are coming along. Makes all the hard work seem worth it.

  • Damien Dwyer
    2 May 2015
    9:57 AM

    At my Dad's wedding. Feeling fit and healthy with my beautiful wife. Never thought I could go to a function like this and not have a beer but I got through it. Copped a lot of flak all night though!

  • Damien Dwyer
    2 May 2015
    9:55 AM

    Roast chicken Dinner

  • Damien Dwyer
    28 Apr 2015
    3:26 PM

    This is the first fitness test with my training partners!

  • Damien Dwyer
    28 Apr 2015
    3:05 PM

    Wish I had of started a blog from the start but better late than never. Im gonna post flat out for the rest of the challenge for motivation and to look back at the changes that have happened and the challenges I've faced. This is the starting image.was pretty embarassed to take and considered registering as private so nobody else could see it this but as they say it motivates you to improve. Glad I did now.

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