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179 cm


Lean - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

I had just had my 3rd child in September 2016, having 3 kids and working a full time rotating shift work roster (police force) with 10 and 12 hour shifts I found myself regularly skipping the gym, making poor choices when eating and believing in general I was time poor. After speaking with a past participant from work, he strongly supported getting onto the Max's challenge. So I looked it up and bit the bullet to get myself back into shape for my kids and wife, and to change my overall mindset to have a more positive outlook on life.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I found the challenge made the process of meal preparation so easy, the programs where great to follow and they left no confusion over what you should and should not be doing, Although I was not overly active in commenting on the forums all the information and questions I had throughout the challenge were easy to find there. The ambassadors and coaches along with the other challengers were always forthcoming with information which greatly assisted the process.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The hardest part of the challenge for me was having to change my routine due to the constant rotating rosters (being a shift worker) along with having 3 children the youngest being under 1. Having to drag myself out of bed at 2.30am in the morning before day shift was never easy but by the end of the challenge I was bouncing out of bed to ensure I could continue achieving the results I was obtaining. Like most I got lots of niggling injuries and soreness throughout the challenge, my biggest setback however came 3 weeks from finishing when I hurt my lower back which made me change my routine as I could not do any deadlfts/squats etc.
Oh and giving up coffee with milk.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

The challenge had a massive impact on all aspects of my life, the most notable was the mental side. I found myself having more energy and wanting to get out of my comfort zone more (like getting a rub on tan for the final photos), the physical changes were amazing as well by the end of the challenge I have lost 19kg and 20.5cm around my stomach which blew my goals out of the water.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Just do it. It is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself, If you want to challenge yourself and change your life this is the program to do it.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

The challenge helped me smash all the goals I set out for myself at the start. My personal goal was to drop 10kg (even then I was only hoping) but to end up 19 kg down and not knowing myself in the mirror has been amazing.


  • Damien Buckley
    16 Jul 2017
    2:03 PM
  • Damien Buckley
    16 Jul 2017
    2:01 PM


    8 weeks in and i can honestly say I have not broken my diet even for a cookie. My current weight it 87.10kg i came into this challenge to get back into shape and change my thought process. I can say I have definitely changed that and am reaping the rewards now. My goal was to get to 90kg but I have now had to readjust my goal. Cannot wait to see the results in 4 weeks time

  • Damien Buckley
    21 Jun 2017
    6:51 PM

    It's a bit late but my measurements were taken on the 18th, happy with how they have improved. Chest 102.5, loss of 6cm Left thigh 61.5 loss of 3.5 Right thigh 60 loss of 7 Left calf 39.5 loss of 1.5 Right calf 40 loss of .5 Waist 92, loss of 10 (very happy with this one) Backside 106.5 loss of 4.5 Left arm 34.5 loss of .5 Right arm 35.5 no change Neck 41 loss of 2 All in centimetres

  • Damien Buckley
    18 Jun 2017
    7:52 PM


    Week 4 check in. I have lost 7kg so far and have noticed a massive change mentally. I am no longer craving as much food (still missing the old KFC tho) but am really enjoying seeing the changes starting to take place

  • Damien Buckley
    12 Jun 2017
    9:40 AM

    3 weeks done. Feeling a lot more energetic, weight is now below 95kg (just) but have seen some good improvements

  • Damien Buckley
    5 Jun 2017
    12:01 PM

    Into week 3, current weight is down to 95.70kg, can't wait to see what the next 10 weeks will bring

  • Damien Buckley
    2 Jun 2017
    11:58 AM

    Nearly through the 2nd week, survived a trip away for work by packing all of my food and taking 2 days worth away with me. My beautiful wife helping me with getting through that challenge. Can't wait for week 3

  • Damien Buckley
    29 May 2017
    6:11 PM

    First week done, feeling good. Bring on the rest of week 2

  • Damien Buckley
    23 May 2017
    11:38 AM


    Did my measurements last night. Chest 108.5, left thigh 65, right thigh 67, left calf 41, right calf 40.5, waist 102.5, backside 111, left arm 35, right arm 35.5, neck 43. All in centimetres

  • Damien Buckley
    22 May 2017
    11:17 AM


    1st day of the challenge, weight is 100.3, looking forward to watching everything change from fitness to psychological changes.

  • Damien Buckley
    18 May 2017
    6:44 PM


    Photos for the start of the challenge taken, can't wait to see what the end result will be

  • Damien Buckley
    18 May 2017
    11:42 AM

    Getting excited now, supplements have arrived and shopping done. Now to get the mind ready

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