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175 cm


Lean - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

Tick something off my list in life.... achieve a killer rig!!!! (abs, i want abs!!)

Hopefully have some decent photos i can show the kids/grand kids one day.

There's nothing more, nothing less....

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I actually enjoyed the challenge of "The Challenge" and..........The outcome of course! For some reason i seemed to find a lot of mirrors without my shirt on...... strange.

It was a well laid out training and eating plan with excellent support via informative emails on a weekly basis that seemed to cover the exact topic you required answers to that week.

I enjoyed seeing results and getting fit just makes you feel good about yourself and an overall sense of achievement at the end.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Actually, for lack of a better word "haters".
It was quite frustrating that some of those closest to me were trying to burst my bubble with negative comments about the way I was starting to look, what I was or wasn't eating and the fact I wasn't drinking booze etc, but as mentioned above the Max's email come through addressing negative comments by others at exactly the right time which put it all into perspective, water off a ducks back from then on!

Owe.... and of course the anxiety of umming & ahhing about whether you as a 35 year old man should get a spray tan for your completion 12 week pic.... because of the pending amount of shit you will cop from your mates and boys at work!

FYI, get the tan, cop the shit, you got killer ab's, they don't, and you may never be in this shape again!

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

Knowledge is power. You think you knew what you had to do to be in shape and stay fit, but really you don't.
The 12 week experience teaches you by doing, on how you should train and eat to get results you probably didn't think possible.

People have naturally assumed you will just go back and start smashing any food you crave and pull up the hand brake on training but is actually quite the opposite, those cravings are not as prevalent as before and you are aware of the impact it can have on what you have achieved so far and how hard/how much dedication was required to get to where you are and really don't want to throw it all away.

I'm only two days finished of the challenge but at this stage it has actually got me motivated to try and achieve greater goals with my body/fitness & continue on the same path, which can only be a good impact on my life.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Two simple words..... DO IT!
No bullshit excuses, it's 12 week's of your life and you only get one body and only one life so...... DO IT!!!

It's actually not that hard, it just requires one part dedication and one part preparation, that's it, everything else falls into place, the easiest program I have ever followed to get results.

And at the end you get to be a wanker with a spray tan taking pictures in your jocks, now who doesn't want to do that?!!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Did get a little tied towards the end week's 9-12, low amount of carbs in final 8 week's, as the Challenge explains and speaking to others that have done the challenge, the nutrition plan is a guide you need to listen to your body, you may need and extra meal here and there, almonds became the go to snack.

Had a couple little hiccups for a 3 week period, common cold, neck injury, exertion headaches (as diagnosed by Google of course) that kept me from completing the cardio sessions required for that period, was still able to complete all weight sessions, which goes to show how important sticking to the nutrition plan is to still achieve results and fat loss.

Father of two, kids aged 3 & 1, my training revolved around not impacting my time spent with them or at least keeping it to a minimum, which meant 4.15am wake up training before work and at times training in the evening once they were in bed, rarely got the 7-8 hours required for sleep rest recovery of a night time, but that's life!
The HIIT cardio workouts are time efficient, which made it easy to pump out a sneaky 15-20 min sesh on the occasional arvo.


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