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Follow our tailored programs to simplify your transformation

Whether your goal is to build size or get lean, we provide you with a completely structured training plan, plus all the support and guidance you’ll need to meet your goals. Whether you like to train at home, at a gym or with a personal trainer; whether you live in the city or in regional Australia; train alone or with other people, there’s no excuses! It’s all there for you!

If you are training at home we do recommend having some basic equipment to get the most out of your program. This includes: a bench (adjustable if possible), a barbell with interchangeable weights (or fixed of a few different weights), a dumbbell set with interchangeable weights (or fixed of a few different weights), a Swiss Ball/Fit Ball, and Resistance Bands (2 sizes recommended - light and medium or depending on your level).

There are 7 programs to choose from. If you are unsure which one to choose, or decide the one you have chosen isn’t right for you, don’t worry you can change at any stage during the first 4 weeks of the Challenge.

Get Lean & Ripped

Designed for men who:

  • Are currently carrying a reasonable amount of body fat
  • Enjoy using a weight training program
  • Want a lean and muscular physique
  • May have been in shape in the past and want to turn back the clock!

If you are carrying a fair amount of body fat and your goal is a lean and muscular body, then this GET LEAN & RIPPED program is for you. It is You will work hard in the gym, get heavily into fat burning cardio workouts, and change your diet around to stimulate maximum fat burning. In previous Challenges trainers on this LEAN program can typically burn off 10 – 15 kg's, and in some cases much more, while making some great muscle gains.

This Program has Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Options

Build Strength & Size

Designed for men who:

  • Want a serious weight training program
  • Are naturally ‘skinny’ with a fast metabolism
  • Are NOT currently carrying a large amount of body fat

If you are a typically skinny or naturally lean person with a fast metabolism and you want to add some muscular size and strength then this “BUILD STRENGTH & SIZE” program is for you. This program is designed to add quality muscle and size to your body over 12 weeks. The word “quality’ is key, as the plan is to build good solid muscle not fat! The object of this plan is to pack on as much size and muscle as you can during the first 6 – 8 weeks then adjust your diet and training over your final 4 weeks to lean up a little and reveal your amazing new muscular body!

This Program has Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced options

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