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It’s about You! More specifically it’s about being the best version of You.

Each week The You Project Podcast host Craig Harper will explore the stories, ideas, strategies and lessons from high performers in sport, business, science, media and health.

Craig’s conversational approach always unlocks some great insights from his guests. Learn why these people are successful, what motivates them, what habits they use to rise above the norm.

Apply these learnings to You. Making small changes over time can lead to big improvements in your mind, body and spirit.

We know you are going to enjoy The You Project, proudly brought to you by MAX’S and Maxine’s Sports Nutrition.

Episode 1

In this episode Craig chats with AFL legend Nathan Burke (4 time all-Australian, St. Kilda team of the century) about mindset, maximising potential, work ethic, why people fail, working in prisons and why (some) blokes are crap at coaching women in sport!

Episode 2

On this episode of TYP, Craig goes deep with one of Australia’s leading sports psychologists, Jacqui Louder exploring everything from mindset, motivation, re-wiring our brain and self-management to underwater hockey (it’s a thing), pushy parents and grumpy old people who play competition bridge (also a thing). Jacqui also explores some of the differences in working with male and female athletes.

Episode 3

In this episode Craig chats with recovering addict Mick Hall about his colourful life, the lessons learned from inside the 'big house’ and what it really means to be an addict. They unpack what it takes to live a life in recovery as they explore Mick's journey from homeless addict to successful CEO.

Episode 4

On this episode of TYP, Craig talks with TV money man, Jason Cunningham about understanding our relationship with money, having a strategy in life and teaching kids the value of money. They guys explore the psychology behind using cash vs credit card and why the more we make, the more we seem to spend.

Episode 5

In this episode, Craig chats with Journalist, Writer, TV Presenter and Radio Broadcaster Francis Leach about cultures of expectations, job satisfaction, what it means to be successful and Angry White Pyjamas. For three decades, Francis has worked in and around the media, successfully finding a way to merge his career and passions, thereby avoiding 'work'.

Episode 6

On this episode of TYP, Craig chats with Winter Olympian, TV Commentator, Corporate Speaker and Business Women Steph Prem about the career ending accident that nearly killed her. The guys also explore life after elite sport, the stories we tell ourselves, talent vs work ethic and the importance of self-management as a business owner.

Episode 7

In this episode of TYP, Craig chats with Keith Ellis and Paul Kirkham, the brains behind supplements powerhouse Max’s. They explore the evolution of the brand over the past 30 years and discuss the challenges faced and lessons learned in developing the organisation from kitchen project to multinational corporation.

Episode 8

This episode is a little different. This week, Craig was interviewed on ‘The Daily Talk Show’ with Tommy and Josh and it was so much fun and there were so many broadly-relevant topics covered that we’ve decided to share it here through our (You Project) platform. Instead of Craig asking the questions, this episode he is in ‘answering’ mode. *Warning: this episode is particularly swear-y. So, it won’t be suitable for everyone.

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