Dean Plummer


Dean did the Challenge with his wife, they loved that along with their 2 children they were getting out and doing activities together as a family. Instead of spending family time eating in cafes they now go for bike rides or walks. 

Dean works in an office that consists of pressure and timelines and often would sit after work and have some drinks to wind down/de-stress,  now he loves the release and energy he receives every night after work going to the gym, it completely clears his head and for 1-1.5 hours it is 'ABOUT DEAN' No phones, no deadlines, no work just time to feel great before getting home to be great! 

The community aspect to this Challenge is amazing from not only the Coaches and Ambassadors who are amazing but the fellow Challengers who are all there to share their story, ups downs, look for help or guidance or just have a laugh about certain things that we come across. It is truly amazing what this has done for me. Dean Plummer