Nutrition Plans / What is available?

Follow our simple meal plans to complete your transformation

No matter what your dietary requirements, we provide you with a simple yet effective nutrition plan and an array of recipes to support your training and goals.

Our meal plans are structured to make things as simple as possible, There are two options for each plan. The first sets out the type of food, the quantity and the timing. The second has a recipe from the website to take the guess work out of it for you. We also have a shopping list to make your grocery shop and meal prep easier.

While we try to keep the meal plans as simple as possible, we understand some people prefer variety in their diet. So we have, and are constantly adding, a variety of recipes to cater for all plans and dietary requirements.

We understand many people have certain dietary requirements these days, either through health intolerances or personal choice, so we have gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan meal plan options available.

The Challenge plans also incorporate a range of supplements to help maximise your training and results. No matter what your goal, a high quality protein powder is the best supplement to support your whole muscle building and muscle recovery metabolism and should be the first supplement you use. There are also energy boosting supplements. Many Challengers find the extra kick from using energy boosting supplements to be of great value when they are pushing to get the best results from their workouts. Recovery supplements can give significant improvement in muscle and whole body recover after strenuous workouts. Lastly, our protein bars and cookies are a great snack during the Challenge that can curb craving the healthy way.

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