Variety is the spice of life

Often during the challenge or even everyday life, things get a bit mundane or boring, particularly when it comes to food.

Eating broccoli, chicken and sweet potato day in day out, can be effective to lose fat, gain muscle, but let's face it variety is the spice of life.

During this challenge it's a great opportunity to learn and research a few things for yourselves. Yes we will try and explain why we get you to do the things we do and eat the things we suggest, but no reason you can't take it a step further and learn more to help you make the right decisions well beyond these 12 weeks!

There's apps like CalorieKing and My Fitness Pal, which are great tools for knowing exactly what you're eating, and by doing so it makes food substitution a whole lot easier!

Let's just take chicken as an example, a great lean protein source. But again we like to change things up, so think of other good protein sources, eggs, whey, beef, fish, turkey....

If you were to use one of the apps and enter in chicken and it's quantity, it'll quickly tell you it's caloric value, and it's macro breakdown (fats, protein, carbs and fibre).

Once you have this value, simply enter in a preferred substitute let's say beef, again it'll give you the caloric and macro breakdown of the beef. Compare the values with your chicken, and when you find a quantity that equates to similar calories and macros, there you have it, a simple but different substitute for the same old boring chicken!

Do these enough times, and over time it'll become second nature to know what certain foods consist of. It'll help add variety to your meals easily, and it'll no longer feel like you're dieting, yet you will continue to see great results!

- John Delinac, Challenge Master Coach