Tuning in to our Inner Chief

The Intellectual (Ego) Mind has its place and is certainly a valuable ally when it comes to motivation and living an ambitious life. Without this consciousness we would be quite lazy and apathetic. However, when this consciousness is running the show it can become an absolute hindrance and enemy. It too is the voice inside our heads that can be quite nasty, judgemental, critical and controlling. It can take us on ride (Ego trip) that may feel wonderful in the moment but soon this high comes to an end leaving us feeling flat, lethargic and empty and this is when it starts its cycle of criticism and nastiness. The Intellectual (Ego) Mind needs to feel needed, and this cycle of feeling good, then feeling bad, feeling good, then feeling bad continues to feed it giving it a place and making it feel worthy and needed.

So how do we stop the cycle?

It's not about disconnecting and eliminating the Intellectual (Ego) Mind because we do still need it to live an ambitious and fulfilling life, but rather building a harmonious relationship with it so we can use its energy where it's needed most, like saving us from danger and getting us moving in an instant.

I acknowledge the Intellectual (Ego) Mind as "The Tribe", the tribe of voices inside our head that speaks loudly, judging, analysing and criticizing. They all speak over the top of each other at times and we can barely think straight or clearly.

Our heart has a consciousness too and this considers only our best interests and soul intentions. The hearts consciousness is also known as our higher self or soul truth. This is the voice from within that speaks very softly and I acknowledge this as voice of "The Chief" - our Inner Chief, we all have one. When "The Tribe" complements the "Inner Chief" our lives are peaceful, tranquil and we feel grounded and centered.

The awareness of this differentiation is the first step. We are then conscious to who's in the "driver's seat" who is running the show – "The Tribe" or the "Inner Chief". We then have a choice as to whether or not we follow the direction of "The Tribe" or whether we choose to tune in a little deeper to hear the guidance offered by our "Inner Chief".

To hear the voice of our "Inner Chief" strongly and clearly we need to quiet the mind first. Activities like meditation, yoga, martial arts etc are all wonderful practises that turn down the volume of the ego mind, and just like a muscle gets stronger from training we too get stronger at returning to peace throughout the day. These ancient practises support us and resonate into every area of our lives, well worth the small amount of commitment and dedication.

Love and Namaste!
Kate Alderman