Holding onto Summer – Acai Bowl Recipe

With the summer months well and truly over, and warmer days slowly drifting away, I've been making an effort to embrace longer days, time at the beach, and being "warm" before winter arrives. One of my favourite treats, that are perfect for a warm summer day is an Acai Bowl.

There is an abundance of cafes around serving Acai Bowls with their own twist, but at $14 + a bowl, the price can easily add up. I discovered I can buy frozen Acai packs, and since then, I've been making my own Acai Bowls at home. Don't get me wrong, I still buy them out, but it is a lot cheaper to make them at home.

Georgia's Acai Bowl

1 pack Frozen Acai
1-2 Frozen Bananas (depending on size of banana & how big you want your bowl)
Handful Spinach
½ Frozen Zucchini
Optional: Coconut Water + Ice

Coconut Flakes
Cacao Nibs
Crushed nuts
Nut Butter

Break up the Frozen Acai, and place into a food processor/blender with banana, zucchini, spinach, ice, and a little bit of coconut water (if using)
. Scoop the mix into a bowl, and top with your favourite toppings.

– I use a food processor that allows the ingredients to blend without liquid, but if I'm using my Nutri Bullet, I'll use extra liquid.

– Only use a small amount of liquid, so you're still able to eat your Acai with a spoon

– You won't be able to taste the spinach or zucchini – it just adds volume (and any excuse for extra vegetables)

-You can also one or more of the following for a different flavour combination

– Cacao Powder

– Peanut Butter

– Hazelnut Butter


Georgia Sharples
Instagram @currentlygeorgia