Tinned Tuna Poke Bowl

I was in Hawaii a few years ago, and I remember a Hawaiian Guy telling me Poke Bowls were the local dish. He told me what was in it, and I instantly turned my nose up. I also left Hawaii not having an Acai Bowl either. But, in the last year or so, with Poke Bowls becoming a huge trend, my regret for not eating them (or Acai Bowls) in Hawaii has grown, just as much as my love for Poke Bowls. Depending on where you live, there's a growing number of Poke Bowl restaurants opening, and cafes including Poke Bowls on their menu; my personal favourite being salmon, with a brown rice base, and all the toppings.

I'm still a bit iffy about eating raw fish at home (I'll leave that to the professionals) so I made a Poke Bowl with Tinned Tuna – which is a lot cheaper, easier and a more readily available source of protein.


1 Large Tin of Tuna
100g Green Beans
½ Red Onion (finely chopped)
1 Medium Lebanese Cucumber (diced)
½ Cup Sweet Corn Kernels
1 Small Wholegrain Tortilla
Handful Cherry Tomatoes (chopped)
1 Cup Cooked Brown Rice
40g Low Fat Mayonnaise (or Greek Yoghurt)
Soy Sauce/Tamari to Serve
Pickled Ginger to Serve
Avocado to Serve

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees
Cut the tortilla into strips and baked until crunchy
In a fry pan, sauté the beans until well done
Drain the tuna and mix with mayonnaise
Meanwhile cook the rice, following packet directions
Build your bowl by placing the rice on the bottom and top with leafy green (of choice), salad mix, corn, beans, baked tortilla chips, tuna.
Serve with pickled ginger, avocado and soy sauce

Georgia Sharples
Instagram @currentlygeorgia