Meal Prep. By Georgia Sharples

We can probably all agree that at some point in our lives, somewhere, we have read that "I didn't have time" or "I'm too tired" is a poor excuse when it comes to diet and exercise. Well, I'm here to say, it's not! We all live busy lives, struggling to fit in work, exercise, appointments, study, and for some, raising a family (which then includes bedtime, bath time, making lunches, school drop off/pick up, appointments, sport, on top of everything else). So, "I didn't have time" is not a poor excuse, because sometimes, you just don't.

But, with this in mind, if I can offer one piece of advice, it's to meal prep, or at least ingredient prep. This way, you'll know your nutrition is on point, even if you don't get the opportunity to exercise. There is no reason to let your nutrition slip, just because you missed your workout.

Try and find a few hours at some point during the week to make your meals ahead. I find it very convenient to just heat something up when I come home from work. Not only do I know exactly what I'm eating, I know it is a much better option than grabbing some takeaway on the way home, and it saves a lot of money.

If you don't like freezing and reheating food, then ingredient prepping might be for you.

I often do this, because you can change up your meals a little bit, without the hassle of cooking. An example of something I would do, is cook a batch of rice (or even just use the microwave bags) and roast vegetables at the beginning of the week. Each night, I would add spinach to a bowl, then top with some rice, roast vegetables, and then just cook a piece of chicken, eggs, or even just crumble some feta on top.

So now that dinner and lunch is sorted, what about breakfast? Some days, when I'm lucky enough to be home for breakfast, other days, I take it to work with me – but either way, I never skip it.

Here are some quick, healthy and delicious breakfast options to help with busy mornings:

* Overnight Oats (Simply mix Oats, Greek Yoghurt, Vanilla Protein Powder (optional) in a container, and top with frozen berries and a serve of nut butter)

* Mini Frittatas (Recipe also on this page)

* Boil Eggs the night before, just smash onto some toast with avocado

* Breakfast Wraps – E.g. a wrap with avocado, eggs, ham, tomato and spinach (again, make the night before)

I hope some of these ideas helped and I would love to see some of you giving them a go this week!

Georgia Sharples
Instagram @currentlygeorgia