He did it for himself - The Glenn Black Story

It was four weeks in to his health and fitness resolution that Glenn Black felt his motivation take a dive.

After keeping to a strict diet and tough training regime, he was hoping to see more results. And the thought of pushing through another two months of hard work seemed like a huge hurdle.

"I started wondering if all the training and dieting was worth the effort. I guess it was a time when the results hadn't really come through and there was still a long way to go and you start to doubt what you can achieve."

Avoiding alcohol, pizza and other enjoyable foods in favour of chicken, vegetables and water was proving tricky as he says, "old habits die hard".
"Social occasions such as dinners, parties, happy hours, work lunches and weekends away were tough times.

"Unfortunately the Australian culture doesn't look favourably upon water-sipping blokes when you're on a fishing or camping trip and there were many, many times where I got sick of saying 'no thanks' to the offer of a beer, glass of wine or slice of pizza!"

However Glenn mustered up his determination and pushed on, dropping from 101.7kg to 84.3kg over the 12 weeks of his Challenge and achieved results he thought were unattainable at his age. Prior to making the change, Glenn was appalled that he had let himself get so unhealthy through poor eating, binge drinking and lack of exercise.

"Finding out that I had high cholesterol and rising blood pressure also made me realise it was time to act. I really wanted to improve my health and get back to a point where I felt good both physically and mentally. This ignited a spark regarding my old passion for fitness and weight training and I loved the idea of having the support of a community and coaches."

His wife, a friend and his sister all encouraged him to take part, which helped him immensely when he needed extra motivation. The training program proved to be straightforward, he says, with lots of variation to prevent boredom. This also ensured muscle groups were worked in a variety of ways, which resulted in continued improvement throughout his journey.

"It has really amazed me how many people must have been thinking about their health and fitness but lacked the motivation to make changes in their lives to improve things."

Glenn says two of his friends have already lost 20kg between them after following seeing his results and getting back into regular exercise.

"It's been fantastic to receive so many positive comments, many from people I don't know. It's quite humbling to be told that you have inspired someone to work toward their own goals."

His children have also picked up positive lessons from his efforts, which he knows will help to set them up for a healthy life.

"The general support really makes it a standout. Before the challenge I had never submitted a blog in my life, never taken photos of myself and certainly never posted anything about myself publicly. I was not a social media user either. The confidence it provided through the sense of community it creates has me doing all those things now. It's built my confidence and has truly been life changing." – Glenn Black, 45

Glenn achieved some results he can really be proud about and best of all he did it for himself.

Making your health a priority at any age is important, but especially when you get past your mid to late 30's.