Want to know the secrets all the Pro's have factored in to their diet and training plans to help achieve that ripped look? Well look no further...

1) Cut Out Food Intolerances - Knowing your body is essential to making gains and getting ripped and shredded. Food intolerances can lead to fat gain, cellular inflammation, and digestive tract damage. Foods such as dairy and gluten have high incidences of intolerance and by cutting these out it are much easier to avoid fat gain. Common food for causing intolerances are; Diary, Wheat, Pasta, Alcohol, Gluten, Breads. - That's not to say all or any of these foods will cause issues for you but trailing periods where you cut out know inflammatory foods may give you more energy and lead to greater gains!

2) Be Organised - Yeah we all know meal prep is hard word, but as the old saying goes 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail'. By preparing meals in advance you are less likely to over eat or indulge on regular cheap calorie ridden snacks. By preparing all your meals for the week on Sunday afternoon & cooking up chicken, beef, and vegetables sweet potato and all those muscle building, clean carb foods you are one step closer to achieving your ripped 6 pack abs!

3) DO NOT Cut Carbs! - Why is everyone scared of carbs? Some Woman's Weekly fad diets of yesteryear gave them a bad name and it's really not true. Every macronutrient is vital to your bodily function, especially carbs! By removing carbohydrates you will dramatically reduce the main metabolism-regulating hormone, 'Leptin' which will see your fat loss come to a halt. You need carbs but they have to be the right kinds of carbs!

4) DO NOT Cut Fats! - Again with the misinformation! Fad diets of recent state that cutting fats is a great way to lower caloric intake - which is true. However by cutting fat your body loses the building blocks for making testosterone, which will slowly decrease fat loss and increase muscle loss. To maintain high test levels you need to stick to your good fats such as fish oils, avocado, and nuts. Avoid having too many animal fats and stick to lean meats such as chicken or turkey breast & white fish.

5) Weights V Cardio - Last but definitely not the least when it comes to getting shredded! The most common myth I hear is that cardio burns more fat than weights. This couldn't be more untrue. As many of the pros know, you don't even need to factor in cardio, you can get in ripped and shredded comp condition by sticking solely to weights. Now I'm not saying ditch cardio all together, but think about adding a few more fat burning gym sessions into your routine! Steady state cardio results in a gradual slow of metabolism levels as well as consuming far more time to burn an equal number of calories as weights. A good healthy combination of both, as outlined in the plan, will burn maximum calories but weights should be the priority. As you can see the key to getting rid of that gut and revealing that ripped 6 pack is 90% diet related. So you should try stick to a regimented meal plan if you want to achieve those goals, this doesn't mean boring food, it means the right food! After all, abs are made in the kitchen!