The First Challenge Winner - Coach John Delinac

The Challenge is hard. I'm not going to lie to you and say it's easy. But it will change your life, not just your body. It really is something you will thank yourself for doing, and after only 12 weeks of commitment and learning you will come out the other end with a new vigor, courage and understanding of what it takes to lead a healthy and more involved lifestyle.

For so many people it has given them a new start, a new direction and in many cases a new career in the health an fitness industry. More than that it will give you the energy and ability to enjoy what is around you, be that family, friends or the outdoors. As you round the bend into the last 5 week straight of the Challenge it's easy to get side tracked, so here are my 5 points that helped me re-focus on my goals and get through to the end of the Challenge.

My 5 tips to get you through the last 5 weeks and beyond!

1. You are what you eat.
The single most important thing you can do to see incredible changes to your bodies composition is without doubt watching what you eat. We can't always make training sessions, we often get sick, or injured or run down or don't get enough sleep... but if we eat a healthy variety of foods that are as close to Mother Nature intended and aren't altered too much by man or machine, then we are fuelling our bodies for success! So prepare your meals in advance, that way even if you don't get a chance to have all your meals during the day, at least you can get them in at the end of the day or when you can make time to do so! Good, balanced, nutritious meals in proportions prescribed during the challenge will yield better results above all else you do these last 5 weeks! So get all your meals in each day and amazing results will follow!

2. Make every single workout count.
Keeping a diary and recording ALL reps, sets and weights completed every session, and then trying to improve on them EVERY time you train, will ensure your body has to change! So be it an extra rep, or set or even 0.5kg all these small improvements encourage the body to build more muscle, increase your metabolic rate and ultimately burn more body fat!

3. Use the specified supplements.
It's been over 7 years now since I did my Max's challenge, but I've been lucky enough to still see improvements to energy, strength and muscle gain and fat loss over that time, and I put it down to daily supplementation. As much as I'd like to eat as much nutritionally dense food as I can, it's not always possible due to a busy lifestyle, but also because often I just can't eat as much as I should. So this is where shakes come in handy, and then supps like glutamine which I've used every day for as long as I can remember help me recover quicker from workouts, but also help my health and as a result I rarely ever get sick. Supplements are important, they're as their name suggests they are there to "supplement " a good diet and give you an edge by often getting more nutrients in than diet alone can and improve quality of your workouts and recovery from them!

4. Mental fortitude.
There's no doubt about it kicking old habits that got you looking and feeling the way you didn't ever want to look and feel are hard to kick! But by now you should be proud of how many good quality habits you have picked up. Habits that are not just making you look and feel better now, but are adding years to your life so that you get to hopefully spend them looking and feeling the way you deserve! I know how tough it is to push through, some of you mightn't be right where you want to be right now, we all want results yesterday. However if you trust in the process like tens of thousands have before you, know that the results are coming, although maybe not visible daily, trust me they are happening and will all shine through in no time! For the first 6 weeks I barely noticed any change physically, but I knew if I ate well, trained hard and supplemented like I should then I knew it'd all come together. Sure enough from about week 6 on changes began to happen rapidly. All of our bodies respond totally differently, so do t compare yourselves to others, but rather stay mentally strong knowing if you're doing all the right things, the results will come, I promise you!!

5. Ask questions.
We have so many diverse and amazing ambassadors and coaches all wanting to help you. We all have very individual experiences with our own challenges, so there'll be some you can relate with, or one of us will recognise one of your concerns and relate with you! So don't feel your situation is unique or too hard. Maybe things haven't worked for you in the past and maybe they feel like they're not now, but I can assure you ALL of us felt like that at one time or more during the challenge... but guess what, we all made it, and if we can you can!

So if you have anything you're still unsure of or want to know how any of us got through certain obstacles that you find might be holding you back, just ask us! We are here to listen and help, we want you to get the best results possible, so don't ever think your question or concern doesn't matter, because it does and it could be the one thing we help you with to get you over the loan and finally looking and feeling the way you deserve!!