Kitchen Essentials

The kitchen will get lots of use during the Challenge. So below you'll find a list of all the essentials you need if you're going to be a wiz in the kitchen!

  1. Knives: If you haven't cooked with a good set of knives, you are seriously missing out. Make sure you've got plenty of different types and sizes, they'll all come in handy, we promise!
  2. Air Fryer: Fantastic way to cook without oil, throw in your meat, Veggies or make some chips fat free.
  3. Thermomix: This is certainly a luxury item if you have been lucky enough to cook with one, you probably can't live without it! It is absolutely brilliant and makes cooking a dream. Cooking brown rice? Done. Curry? Done. Coconut yogurt? DONE. It literally does everything! Definitly not a must, but great for the busy family doing the Challenge.
  4. Chopping Board: Now we know you can head down to K-Mart and pick up an el-cheapo plastic chopping board, but you honestly can't go past a sturdy, wooden chopping board. If you look after it, they last for years and years!
  5. A Non-stick pan: May be an obvious one but we don't know what we'd do without a non stick pan. You will cook evvvverything in these bad boys, and the clean up takes seconds. No scraping those sticky bits – yuck.
  6. Mixing Bowls: Get yourself a set of glass mixing bowls in all sorts of different sizes. Glass means they can go in the microwave, freezer, fridge without damage!
  7. Mason Jars: Is there anything cuter than a smoothie in a mason jar? Pair it with a stainless steel straw and you've got a trendy smoothie right there!
  8. Nutri Bullet: This amazing mixer will blend your shakes and smoothies so well you will wonder how you ever lived without one. Add some frozen berries to mix up a Protein Ice Cream that you want to have every day!

There you have it! 8 pieces of kitchen equipment we definitely think you should add to your kitchen!