Challenge Podcast Episode 2 - MASTER Coach John Delinac Talks All Things Challenge

Welcome to episode 2 of the Challenge Podcast.

Episode two opens up the story behind MASTER Coach John Delinac about his beginnings and where The Challenge has taken him. Helen talks to John about how The Challenge has helped him in the past few years.


Intro: [00:00:08] Hello and welcome to the challenge podcast brought to you by Max's and Maxine's challenge with your host Helen Booth, past challenger and now Platinum manager.

Helen: [00:00:19] Hey everyone welcome to our first episode of the challenge podcast. Here with me Helen Booth. Today we're speaking to John Delinac, Master Coach. He was also the winner of our very first Max challenge in 2011. Well maybe it's time to find out about this bloke.

Dianne: [00:00:40] All your inner secrets are going to be revealed today.

Coach John: [00:00:45] That is kind of the gist of it. We're just gonna be chatting like this. I'll listen to what you want.

Helen: [00:00:48] I reckon we need to.

Helen: [00:00:52] This is our very first podcast. You should be privileged to be asked to come in and do the first one.

Coach John: [00:00:57] I'm daunted. Yeah. I'm excited but I'm scared of the questions you're going to ask

Helen: [00:01:03] Don't be scared. We think we know enough about you anyway.

Coach John: [00:01:06] I know. That's why I'm surprised I'm here. Who wants to hear my story again?

Helen: [00:01:11] So today we're going to talk to Coach John. Master coach, are you enjoying it?

Coach John: [00:01:17] I'm loving it! Yes, it's fantastic, big privilege.

Helen: [00:01:21] Now, what a lot of listeners don't know about John is that he was the very first winner of our Max's challenge way back in 2011.

Dianne: [00:01:30] Is that the best thing that has ever happened to you?

Coach John: [00:01:32] It's actually, not much else happened to my life. It's easily the best thing that's happened. That's not just for saying that, it has changed my life in a big way. As you guys know, it has changed my career. I've been lucky enough to work with Max's now for the whole eight years. For me, it was a big life changer. That was a good thing, the best thing.

Dianne: [00:01:54] Tell us about your job history, training qualifications, all that sort of stuff.

Coach John: [00:02:00] So originally after school, which was a long long time. I became a tradie in the audio visual field so we used to install like sound systems, projectors, and all that sort of stuff for high-end companies. I did that for almost fifteen years and loved the job. The conditions were great. The guys I worked with were fantastic. All that sort of stuff was great. It was a job that I couldn't fault, but the passion wasn't there. I was sort of getting over it. When that challenge came up I jumped on board, and jumped trains from there like I jumped onto P.T. because so many people came to me after the challenge wanting to know how I did it and all that sort of stuff. They wanted to know about it. I'd always had a big interest in health and fitness, but I didn't think I could make a career out of doing something like that.

Helen: [00:02:53] Where did you find the challenge?

Coach John: [00:02:55] It was on Facebook. It kept popping up on Facebook.

Dianne: [00:03:05] Facebook back in 2011. I didn't think they had it then.

Coach John: [00:03:09] Yeah I think I was one of the first people.

Helen: [00:03:13] Now we can't live without it, can we? It's a part of our lives now, isn't it?

Coach John: [00:03:18] Yeah.

Helen: [00:03:19] Sorry, go on.

Coach John: [00:03:20] That's where the career change started like after the challenge. I had long service owing because like I said I've been there for 15 years. I thought the smartest way for me to do this is take my long service leave, and then try and transition over into personal training because I've got thirteen weeks of long service leave. If it doesn't work, I go straight back to being a tradie. If it works if I get enough clients ,and I can say I can make a living out of it, I'd jump ships. And by the end of thirteen weeks, I had a full book of clients. It was an amzing life. I was like this is the best thing ever. I can't believe that I'm getting paid to make people feel good and count reps and it's a no brainer.

Helen: [00:04:03] So you're not one of those PTs that can't count too?

Coach John: [00:04:05] I'm an intuitive counter that's what I always tell my clients. I just count the reps that count. That's all that matters.

Helen: [00:04:13] I don't think any PT can count properly. Anyway, so you went to start PTying and one more rep?

Coach John: [00:04:22] Yeah. A year into it. I teamed up with a friend of mine at that time, and we decided to open up a training studio in Port Melbourne. There was one available. They're called One More Rep which is a company name that I'd had for years. Actually, a lot of people thought I'd stolen it off. I think those other supplement companies and whatever else called One More Rep. I registered that back in 2002 when I was still a tradie because we did some other work there. I kept that name. Started up a studio and ran a studio quite successfully for the three years or four years. But it was just too consuming like running a business, looking after PT's, studio and paying all the bills and all that sort of stuff. All your clients just became a bit too much, and I was starting to sort of not enjoy the PTying as much because I couldn't put all my effort into the personal training. It was more so you know trying to run a business and I wasn't good at that. I sold it last year, and now I'm back to just looking after my clients PTying. I rent the studio now I just pay my weekly rent to the new owner and it's so much better less stress and it's better for my clients.

Helen: [00:05:35] When you signed up to the challenge, I suppose it was a bit of relief it signed up and then you go what now? Waiting for the challenge to start. When I signed up for my challenge I sort of went "Oh my God, what am I in for? This is just going to be pretty scary? Daunting?" How do you feel?

Coach John: [00:05:54] I didn't feel scared or daunted like I hated putting up that before picture.

Dianne: [00:05:59] It was horrible, weren't it?

Coach John: [00:06:01] That is out there now because this is before I like taking selfies and stuff. It was like the worst looking possible picture of myself. I was like I don't know if I want everyone seeing that.

Dianne: [00:06:12] Thousands of people have seen that picture now.

Coach John: [00:06:14] Yeah. I know. Lots and lots of people.

Helen: [00:06:17] It still floats around the office, you know.

Coach John: [00:06:20] So yeah for me it wasn't scary. It was just that I didn't enjoy having that image. But at the same time that was the biggest motivator that I had because I was like if I'm going to put that picture out there, I don't want to look anything like that in twelve weeks time. So that was a big kick up the [***]. I was like I'm going to work my [***] off these next twelve weeks so people can go, wow that's not the same person.

Helen: [00:06:42] I did exactly the same thing.

Coach John: [00:06:43] That was the thing that motivates me.

Helen: [00:06:44] Yeah. I definitely wasn't going to put my photo up there looking exactly the same again.

Coach John: [00:06:48] Yes. And I said I was scared of it.

Helen: [00:06:52] Did you find..sorry Di...

Dianne: [00:06:53] I was going to say did you feel competitive when you put it up like I really want to do well and I want to try and win, or were you just like I just want to improve?

Coach John: [00:07:00] I'm generally a very very competitive person with everything, but when it came to this challenge it was more about challenging myself and being competitive with myself. I didn't know who would enter. I didn't know how many people would enter or anything like that. And that's the furthest thing from my mind. I didn't even watch what other people were doing because I knew it would just derail me a little bit. So I just thought, just do what you can do. Whatever your body does, it does. I knew if I'm going to eat better, if I'm going to train better then results are going to come. There's no doubt about it. This is consistency and patience. I just did that and trusted in the process and it worked.

Helen: [00:07:36] It certainly did. I found that as welll. I didn't really know anybody. I wasn't on social media. I used to read the social media but I never used to comment. I think I commented on the forum twice over the whole twelve weeks. I was worried some would think that I was a bit of an idiot, you know.

Coach John: [00:07:56] Yeah, the same thing.

Helen: [00:07:57] I think maybe if you post on Facebook, and I think towards the end of my challenge just to post a bit more. But I used my journal a lot too. Do you use journal?

Helen: [00:08:08] Or you a boy? Boys don't journals a lot. My only journal is my training diary really. People would see me walk in and out of the gym with that every single time. Who is this boy carrying that book all the time? It was the only way and you could improve.

Helen: [00:08:23] Did you find it easy?

Coach John: [00:08:25] The challenge?

Helen: [00:08:26] Yeah.

Coach John: [00:08:28] You know what? I did. Just because I enjoyed it so much. Yeah, it was fun. It was fun being motivated and being accountable for once. Prior to that, I was just doing stuff for the sake of doing it like getting bigger biceps whatever. This time was like. You've got a goal now like it's fun. Like yeah I wanted to see what I'd look like. I had no idea what twelve weeks would do to my body so I was like just give it everything. Let's see what happens.

Helen: [00:08:55] Are you happy in the end?

Coach John: [00:08:58] Yes. Yeah, definitely.

Helen: [00:08:59] Happy with your achievements.

Coach John: [00:09:00] Yeah yeah. To win was just mind blowing. I never set out to win, but yes definitely happy. But you know it's like anything you always say, what if I didn't have that cheeseburger? What if this? What if that? But ultimately, I was really happy. It was the best shape I've ever been in at that stage of my life.

Helen: [00:09:21] Did you train alone? Or did you have a gym buddy?

Coach John: [00:09:24] I tried to rope a mate into it at the start because I was like I don't want to be the only idiot doing this. I want another mate doing it as well. Not that it was a stupid thing or anything, but you know I thought if I'm going to put my picture up, I want my mate do it as well so that we can both do it. The week before I signed up, he broke his arm riding a motorbike.

Dianne: [00:09:46] That was convenient for him. He got out of it.

Coach John: [00:09:58] So I trained on my own.

Helen: [00:09:59] That's good. Did you take any supplements?

Coach John: [00:10:04] Yes. I Iived on Superwhey and glutamine. And I think that's why I've gotten sick. So you'll have to excuse my nasily voice. It's worse than it normally is. But yeah i took everything. Creatine, the glutamine.. what else is there? I can't remember. That was a long time ago now. But yeah I stuck to the supplements definitely.

Helen: [00:10:25] Do you still take them now?

Coach John: [00:10:26] Yes, everyday. I've never stopped.

Helen: [00:10:30] A big part of it, isn't it?

Coach John: [00:10:30] Yeah, big time.

Helen: [00:10:32] Slops you getting sick and did you have any major setbacks or injuries while you're training?

Coach John: [00:10:37] Nah. I was pretty lucky. I just cruised right through. Body felt good all the time. Training was on track. Yeah, I was one of the lucky ones that was able to just stick at it and yeah it was fine. The whole twelve weeks.

Dianne: [00:10:51] Why are you laughing?

Helen: [00:10:57] There is dead silence. So no injuries or anything like that? Once you got to like the halfway mark, what were you thinking? Were you sort of thinking that you maybe had a chance to get into the Top 10 or Top 50 maybe?

Coach John: [00:11:18] I honestly never thought about that at all. The whole time I remember not thinking about winning, placing, or anything like that. It was just about go out there and just kick [***]. It's like, don't look like that before photo. That's my motivator the whole time. It was me versus me. And I think that's what most challengers should do. It's like you can't compare yourself to other people. It will do your head in. There's so many newbies that are going to respond so much better than someone that's had training experience before because that person has got heaps of training experience has to work twice as hard to try and get those minimal results whereas someone that's quite new. Any adaptations that they make, any changes they make to the diet to their training and all that sort of stuff, they get results pretty quickly. And if you're going to compare yourself to every person that you look at, it's just going to throw you off big time. So no I don't compare myself to anyone. I was just like going and doing my thing and I didn't focus on winning or losing. And again it's a subjective thing too. I didn't know what the judges would be looking for. So it's just a matter of if I can present something good hopefully it stands out and that's what I really wanted. I just wanted the transformation that would stand out.

Helen: [00:12:29] So, no donuts?

Coach John: [00:12:30] I don't think I had a donut drink during that time.

Helen: [00:12:34] Mum's meals? She is a pretty good cook.

Coach John: [00:12:38] Mum's is a great cook. She'll always cook what I like. I always give plenty of notice before I'm coming over. Give her some time to prepare food.

Helen: [00:12:47] It's a whole table full of food.

Coach John: [00:12:48] Yeah. I'm not going to lie. I had one or two cheat meals during that time. But it was so strict. There's always a cheeseburger. For some reason I just crave cheeseburgers and that was like my little treat.

Helen: [00:13:04] McDonalds?

Coach John: [00:13:04] Yes.

Helen: [00:13:05] Really? A little tiny cheeseburger.

Coach John: [00:13:07] It was just enough. I'll just have one cheeseburger. That was it.

Helen: [00:13:12] Hey, you just stop at one. You're so good.

Coach John: [00:13:20] The thing about that was that it would motivate me. I would get a little bit of guilt after it and I was like next training session I'd go even harder. So it was kind of like is it kind of worked for me. I'm not condoning the people who have cheeseburger. If you give yourself a little treat here and there, I don't have a problem with it. If it's not a massive calorie dense sort of rubbishy meal where it's fifty cheeseburgers. It's a little treat here and there. I mean it does motivate you to work harder again the next day. It did for me.

Helen: [00:13:52] And you love to help your challengers? What if I have a cheat meal?

Coach John: [00:14:00] I don't.

Helen: [00:14:00] Do they tell you?

Coach John: [00:14:01] I don't grill them for it. With my platinum members, I'd tell them to be totally transparent with me. If I don't know what they're doing every single week, and I'd see the numbers not move like they should then I'm thinking well I know the programs work. I know that eating plans work. Why isn't it happening? So if they're leaving some little details out like they accidentally had fifteen cheeseburgers. It's going to explain a lot why they didn't get the result that week and whatever else. And again people are people. We're all human. We have slip ups and stuff like that. So there's no point grilling over it. Learn from it, move on, and just focus on why you started this challenge again. Let's get back on track and let's try and nail the remaining weeks that you have left.

Helen: [00:14:51] Yeah. What's your favorite part of your job? The best part of your job. Not just as a master coach but as a PT as well.

Coach John: [00:15:00] Just helping people and seeing how much positivity you can bring into someone's life. Just by bettering their health, educating them a bit on how to be healthier, how to live their life a little bit better, and all those sort of stuff. It's so rewarding like that. That was one of the things that really caught me in those first 12 weeks that I was talking about when I made the transition into PT was just how good it felt to make other people feel good. That was unbelievable. And I was like, I'm getting paid for this. They make me feel amazing and I'm getting paid for it. That's the biggest thing, changing people's lives.

Helen: [00:15:37] So you've brought powerlifting into your life now.

Coach John: [00:15:43] I live and breathe it.

Helen: [00:15:44] Tell us about it.

Coach John: [00:15:49] It goes back to ages ago. I always had a sore back for like fifteen years. I'd seen so many specialists about it. I had so many differing opinions on what it was. I'd saw Chiros, osteos. I'd saw everyone. They'd all give me different opinions on what caused my sore back. It wasn't till I saw a really good physio. Fifteen years after having back pain pretty much every day of my life to seeing her and she had it worked out that it was it it stemmed from my hips. And with that we saw a hip specialist and this was when it was just three or four years into my personal training and I was going to give up personal training because I couldn't bend over to pick up weights for clients and all that sort of stuff. It was really debilitating really bad. And it is quite depressing for a bit. I can't move. I move like an 80 year old man. It was bad. Anyway, I went and saw a hip specialist. They saw that I have got two dodgy hips. They both need replacing. They've got osteoarthritis and all this sort of stuff.

Helen: [00:16:56] Really?

[00:16:56] They're just junky hips. They're probably the worst hips you can be born with. They're just rubbish. With that he is like "When do you want to chop him out?" And I'm like "Do we have to? Isn't there another option?" I got a cortisone injection in my right hip which was the worst one. From the moment I had that to the minute I walked out of the surgery, I felt amazing straight away. I was feeling relief in my lower back. Everything was doing better and the whole time I realized now is because I wasn't able to hinge from my hips properly. I was always bending from my back because my hips weren't working properly so my back was always taking the load and that's why it was getting strained and sore all the time. And then once I could move again, I was like I want to start squatting again. I want to start deadlifting. I've never deadlifted prior to that because I couldn't. And I could squat but it was limited because of again the hip soreness and my backs' soreness. I'd watch the few power lifters on Instagram and some in real life. I remember going to a powerlifting comp. I never watched the powerlifting comp before. I didn't know [***] about it to be quite honest. But I remember watching people struggling to lift things and you couldn't help but like start screaming. Go! Go! Go! Lift! Lift! Lift!. All that sort of stuff and I was like, this is awesome.

Helen: [00:18:17] You sort of hold your breath while they're doing it.

Coach John: [00:18:18] Yeah. And they get really excited for a moment. They do lift it. They're wrapped in and you're wrapped in and I was like, wow this is awesome! This is really cool! So that's what kind of drew me to it. When I saw people giving it their all and then getting the rewards from that. It's you against you again. It's one of those things where you are competing against other people your weight and all that sort of stuff, but at the end of the day it's like you're just doing the best you can do that day. If it's better than the other people, so be it. You win or whatever but that's what drew me to it. I saw that and I loved it. I was like, this is so good and it was such a supportive community. Everyone wants everyone to do their best on the day. No one's like, oh I hope you fall under that squat bar and it crushes you to death.

Helen: [00:19:05] I remember when I came and watched yours. It's like when you're squatting and you're holding your breath. And I'd be like holding my breath as well. It's like you've got to push. It's totally different, isn't it?

Coach John: [00:19:21] Yes.

Helen: [00:19:22] Go and watch somebody actually do it, you'll feel like you're really a big part of it. I think it's really good. I really enjoyed watching it. It was good.

Coach John: [00:19:31] It is nice that people there like not many people know much about sport and it's quite boring to watch because if you don't know much about it. Once you're in amongst that, it's so much fun. I love it.

Helen: [00:19:42] That's good. You going to keep continuing on with it?

Coach John: [00:19:44] Yeah.

Helen: [00:19:46] The hips are fine now?

Coach John: [00:19:46] I'm going to keep going until I break.

Dianne: [00:19:47] You going to go and get those new one's?

Coach John: [00:19:50] Exactly. I'm due for them eventually. So I'm like here's these broken ones. Now fix them.

Helen: [00:19:55] I've seen on social media there's a lot more girls in the studio now. Training girls with powerlifting.

Coach John: [00:20:01] Yeah one thing that I found big time is it's so empowering for females to realize how strong they actually are. For me that's the big thing that I've noticed a lot. When I get into powerlifting, I started changing the ways I'd program my training for clients and females in particular as well. And once you show a female how strong they actually can be, it's so empowering for them because a lot of girls are generally intimidated to go to the gym and all that sort of stuff because it is mainly known by males and stuff like that. I've had some females that are crazy strong, and they just fall in love with it. They love it more than I do. It's like, can we go heavier?

Helen: [00:20:44] It can be seen on social media. It's amazing what those tiny little girls can lift.

Coach John: [00:20:53] Yes. I had a little girl, Maria. She's fifty-odd kilos and she can squat double her body weight. Deadlift more than double of her body weight and all that sort of stuff.

Helen: [00:21:02] It's amazing, isnt it?

Coach John: [00:21:02] Yeah.

Helen: [00:21:03] It's just having the right technique.

Coach John: [00:21:05] Totally.

Helen: [00:21:05] ..and a good set of hips.

Coach John: [00:21:07] Yes and a good programming too.

Helen: [00:21:09] Oh yes. Sorry..

Coach John: [00:21:13] You're not going to chuck a big weight on someone's back right from the start and all that sort of stuff.

Helen: [00:21:18] Go back to your master coaching. Just when you don't hear from the challengers, what do you do? How do you get them back on board?

Coach John: [00:21:26] With our Platinum members, we've got the beauty now that we do ring them more often. We're on the phone to the platinum guys a lot more often. If we don't hear from them for a week or so, we'll get onto it. That's where we have the beauty of you two guys. I mean they're far more accountable now. They have all of us on their back. We're not there to hammer them and make them feel guilty if they don't check in, or if we don't hear from them or whatever. We all genuinely want them to succeed and get the most out of it because we've all seen the benefits of it. That's what we want to pass on to them and that's the beauty of being a platinum member. You do get that personalised approach. We know so much more about you than the general challengers because we're seeing feedback from you every week. We're speaking to you. We're doing all that, and you form a bit of a bond. You want to see them do exceptionally well because they are your personal clients and your friends.

Helen: [00:22:32] Oh, your brothers. Tell us about your brothers. We hear lots of bits and pieces about your brothers.

Dianne: [00:22:38] Family? Growing up?

Coach John: [00:22:39] Yeah. Well they were the initial guys that motivated me and inspired me to sort of get into training and all that sort of stuff. My brothers are nine and eleven years older than me. When I was five or six years old they had started getting into bodybuilding. They were only fourteen, fifteen, sixteen or whatever. They're flexing in front of mirrors in their jocks.

Helen: [00:23:06] That's where you got it from is it?

Coach John: [00:23:06] I guess it's ingrained in you with that. Yeah when you're a little kid you're very impressionable obviously and seeing my big brothers posing and getting muscles and all that sort of stuff when I was quite rare back in those days for guys to be doing bodybuilding. It was just something that was ingrained in me from a very young age. My dad made us weights in the backyard out of concrete. Bits of bar that was lying around and all that stuff. We did not have proper weight sets or anything. Trash can lids and all that sort of stuff . We made 20-kilo plates and whatever. My brothers used to chuck those around in the backyard and I use to join in with them. We didn't know if it's good or bad for a kid to do it, but I was doing it with them and whatever else it was fun. That was how it started. Watching them guys.

Helen: [00:23:55] And what do they do now? Are they still into weights and gym?

Coach John: [00:23:59] One brother is my oldest brother Steve. He got into bodybuilding quite bit after that, competed a couple of times, and did really well. I think he got Mr. Melbourne or Mr. Victoria or something a while ago and then went on to Mr. Australia and came third or something like that. He's quite good at bodybuilding. And then he became a judge for IMBA and now he's a PT as well.

Helen: [00:24:24] Good. You don't work together?

Coach John: [00:24:27] No, we've only ever trained together once. Believe it or not.

Helen: [00:24:31] When that photo was taken?

Coach John: [00:24:31] Yeah. That one photo. Yeah that's the one time we've ever trained together. It's a shame. He's on the other side of town.I'm in Port Melbourne. He's in the northern suburbs but I know it's not an excuse but I guess I'm just sort of....

Helen: [00:24:46] Busy lives?

Coach John: [00:24:46] Yeah.

Dianne: [00:24:49] What do you reckon the future holds. More P.Ting?.

Coach John: [00:24:52] For me?

Dianne: [00:24:54] Yup.

Coach John: [00:24:54] Yeah. I'd love to PT as long as I can. I still love getting up every morning to train my clients, and all that sort of stuff. I'm thinking I do want to do a lot of a lot more strength coaching and stuff like that. Powerlifting and all that sort of thing is my niche that I really like and in particular for females like I was talking about before. I do think it's great to get more females into it, and realize how strong they are. Girls think powerlifting it's heavy weight it's all that sort of stuff it's low reps you're just going to get big bulky all that sort of stuff. Whereas it's quite the opposite. I've had a couple clients have tremendous transformations just from lifting heavier and doing powerlifting style training because the volume, the intensity just works for them. Obviously nailing their nutrition as well helps like anything. It doesn't make iyou bigger, bulkier or anything like that unless you want it to. Yes. I really want to probably focus on that more so going you know further down the track is more strength training. More a strength and conditioning coach and focusing more on powerlifting because that's that's where my real passion is now. That's what I love. That;s for the immediate future anyway.

Helen: [00:26:06] Getting back to the challenge, what would you say to anyone that was thinking of joining up the challenge?

Coach John: [00:26:13] You have to give it a go. Yeah. I mean everything is there for you now and just seeing how much it's evolved over the eight years that I've been involved is just incredible. Like our training programs, there's so many to choose from. They're so good. Not that because I wrote some of them and all that sort of thing, but the information that we've accumulated over these years. We've seen what does and doesn't work. It's just bullet proof for a person to sort of join now. Everything is there. The forums are unbelievable. You guys are amazing. The ambassadors are incredible and they're all the people who have been there done that so they can relate to everything that you're going through, you're experiencing, or things that you haven't even experienced yet. They can help you with that sort of thing.

Helen: [00:27:03] The support is there.

Coach John: [00:27:05] The support is incredible. It's incredible. I learned so much like reading the forums and things like that. The ambassadors teach me things like everyone's got their own perspective on things. Everyone can add something to the challenge and I just think we have accumulated so much good knowledge in there now over the last eight years. IIt's incredible! Everything. Nutrition and training, it's all that supplementation. Like what to do what not to do. We've seen thousands of people transform their lives for the better. It's there for you. It's proven it works. It's just a no brainer. If you wanted to get into training and if you want to learn anything about nutrition, the challenge is the way to go.

Dianne: [00:27:48] The support is good too especially the ambassadors. They're jusy people that you might walk past on the street. They're not any one particular famous person. They're just someone who's been there done that and wanting to help others through a challenge.

Coach John: [00:28:05] Yeah totally. And that's the thing everyone's so approachable. like you know Joanna Cain is like one of those kind of famous people that you talk about actually. She's Incredible in the industry but she'll answer questions for absolutely anyone and everyone. It's great. Getting information from people with that wealth of knowledge is this..

Helen: [00:28:24] She's got so much knowledge and in her head. It's Incredible. Amazing.

Coach John: [00:28:29] We've got a lot of people like that on board which is really good.

Helen: [00:28:32] It's good also that the plans change. Nutrition will change one round and then the next one, the training changes. It's good. It keeps it all interesting. Everybody is interested in it.

Helen: [00:28:41] You do want to give your business a plug.

Coach John: [00:28:44] Oh people can check out "One More Rep" on Instagram. That's pretty much where I'm always throwing my crap now. But for me at the moment it's more like just a training blog. It's kind of like where I can watch my own progress. I haven't focused on promoting my business as such on there. It's more so for me. I just look at it as a training journal for myself and then obviously when I see some clients kicking (***) and doing things I put them up there as well and try and make it entertaining and what not.

Helen: [00:29:21] At least we all know what you like to eat.

Coach John: [00:29:24] What's that?

Helen: [00:29:24] Donuts and cakes, pancakes.

Coach John: [00:29:30] I am trying to eat better now.

Helen: [00:29:31] And that's good. Your favorite food?

Coach John: [00:29:34] I think you just nailed them all there. I think ice cream is definitely up there. It was even my nick name for a couple of years. I've got a very sweet tooth. I wish I didn't.

Helen: [00:29:47] We've just got a flip through your photos and we see that. d.

Coach John: [00:29:49] It's annoying that I do because it's probably the least best thing I could do for my body composition and all that sort of stuff.

Helen: [00:29:56] What do you drive?

Coach John: [00:29:59] My pride and joy. My big Jeep. It's a pig.

Helen: [00:30:03] It's a pig alright.

Coach John: [00:30:04] I pretty much drive from service station to service station. That's what it's good for. Just filling up petrol.

Helen: [00:30:11] What pees you off?

Coach John: [00:30:12] Negative people I think. People that are just (***) online and stuff like that. People that troll people and things like that. Yeah. I'm not saying that I get it but I see a lot with people on social media and all that sort of stuff I just don't understand why people need to be negative and put someone else down. Like if someone's doing something and they enjoy doing it. Let them do it. As long as it's not hurting someone else or annoying anyone else. Let people be people. That's the thing. I hate when people are (***) to other people for no reason.

Helen: [00:30:49] What's your dream day involve? Powerlifting?

Coach John: [00:30:54] Donuts for breakfast...Being overseas somewhere probably by a pool or something like waking up you know somewhere in a tropical getaway I think would be a great, great thing. I'm dying for a holiday. I've been stuck at work for a while now and a few other projects going at the moment. I'm kind of stuck in Melbourne and this winter and this cold right now is kind of making me think that a beach holiday would be an ideal day for me. And not having to train unless I could hit some PBs that day or something. Otherwise, I'd rather just relax by the pool.

Dianne: [00:31:33] Really? I would go to the gym first and then relax by the pool.

Coach John: [00:31:36] Yep like I said. Unless I was having a good training day, I don't know if I would train that day.

Helen: [00:31:39] Music?

Coach John: [00:31:43] Open to everything. I could listen to Justin Bieber believe it or not. Like Metallica. Metallica is probably my go to for when I'm powerlifting. It just sort of amps you. It makes you feel tougher. The power lifter. Justin Bieber doesn't cut cut it when you're trying to lift 300kgs. It doesn't work.

Helen: [00:32:11] And I also also noticed doing some online coaching now.

Coach John: [00:32:14] Yeah. I'm trying to give that a bit of a crack. I've got a few clients on actually that have started. They're loving it. It's one of those things I've really enjoyed since I've started powerlifting I've learnt a lot about programming and how to better program. That's what I'm really enjoying is like programming things that are specific to people's goals and what they want to achieve. I've just learned so much about fatigue management when it comes to training, intensities that people should train at, deload weeks and all that sort of thing. All these things that I sort of took for granted and sort of brushed over in the last few years of PTing and now really becoming apparent with these powerlifting training that I'm doing is how much more my programming has improved and that's what I'm trying to share with people. Because I'm getting so many benefits from it that I'm really wanting to push that along with other people. And things that I've learnt with nutrition and all that sort of stuff too and my apps pretty easy to use so you know a lot of people want to use apps because it's simple and blah blah blah. So yeah it's one of those things I'm trying to do. Is no conflict of interest with Max's. I'm only doing it with a handful of people to sort of look after. It's kind of like looking after my platinum members I really enjoy that.

Helen: [00:33:40] It's the way of the future isn't it?

Coach John: [00:33:41] I want to do the same thing with online coaching. It's one of those things. Not everyone can afford to get to a PT and see you once a week and all that sort of thing. It is a luxury for a lot of people. And people are time poor for whatever reason. They run businesses they do their own thing.

Helen: [00:33:56] Having it online would be easier.

Coach John: [00:33:57] Having it online , being able to train when you can train and eat when you can eat. It's a lot easier. It's just another way I'm trying to help people I guess.

Helen: [00:34:08] Thank you very much John. That's the end of our podcast No 1

Coach John: [00:34:15] Thank you. It was fun.