John Delinac's 5 Best Deadlift Secrets

One exercise many people are afraid of is the deadlift. Not only does the name sound tough and scary, done incorrectly it is one where you can easily hurt yourself..... but pound for pound, done correctly it is one of the most effective exercises for building strength and muscle gains for the entire body bar none!

What I suggest for anyone wanting to learn them properly is see a good strength coach or powerlifting coach. This lift is their bread and butter, they'll know how to teach it.

Here are some cues of you are already a good deadlifter, but want to be a better one...

  1. Push through the floor! Too many people focus on pulling the weight up, and that's where their backs pack in get hurt or they simply can't lift big weight. If you think about pushing your feet through the floor, you're now focusing on and engaging those big leg and hip muscles to do the work!
  2. Chest up high! This helps many lifters get in a better position with a neutral spine, and helps take slack out of the bar... so when you're ready to push through the floor, your upper back is already tight your arms a long and all you have to do is stand up!
  3. I touched on it in point 2, arms long! This essentially just means don't use your arms to pull up or shrug the weight as you come up. If you tense your triceps and just think of your arms staying as long as possible through the entire movement, you're less likely to strain or tear a bicep, and you make the movement more efficient because you're not lifting the bar further than you need to by using your arms.
  4. Tear the floor apart. This just means grip the floor with your feet and picture them tearing the floor apart. What this will do is engage those big hip muscles responsible for getting that weight off the floor, your glutes!
  5. Break the bar! When looking down at the bar picture yourself breaking or bending the bar with your hands towards your body. This will engage your big lat muscles and your other back muscles ensuring their tight and ready to go through the movement!

There are many more cues, but these 5 have helped my own deadlift improve by over 50kg in less than a year!

Happy lifting!