5 Reasons The Challenge App Will Help you Smash Your Challenge Goals

We are excited to announce that our NEW Challenge App is up and live in the iTunes Store and on Google Play.

Whether you are thinking about joining The Challenge or are a seasoned veteran in our Challenge community, The Challenge App makes all the goodies on our website available at your fingertips.
From cooking in your kitchen with your iPad accessing your favorite Challenge approved recipes to checking your workouts mid-sets while in the gym.

It's ALWAYS in your hot little hands!
The MAX'S Challenge App integrates your own personal 12 week experience into an easy to access, follow and use App on your Mobile. Haven't joined the thousands of successful and fit Australians who have completed The Challenge before you? Not a problem, download the App and access a one day plan of the programs nutrition and training to trial out, also access regularly updated Podcasts, Blogs and Recipes straight from the App. Now not only are all of your training sessions, daily meals and questions all answered when you join The Challenge, but you also have complete access to all that knowledge straight from your mobile.

Use us in the gym!
If you are like me when it comes to starting the challenge again for the countless time but still cannot remember the workouts when you start the challenge after a break, the App gives you direct access to your plans. Keep yourself in the know with which workout is next. Making your gym sessions fast, effective and accurate.

Access your favourite meals & podcasts
Listen to our Challenge Podcast for life changing inspiration. Each week your Challenge Podcast hosts Helen Booth and Dianne Laidler interview successful Challengers, bring you great tips and hints, and talk to some really interesting people involved with The MAX'S and Maxine's Challenge.
Both Helen and Di are former Top 10 Challengers – meaning they competed and were judged as top 10 finalists out of many thousands of Challenge entrants. Remember to favorite your most liked Podcast episodes for everyone to listen to.
Keep your meals for the week on point with ALL the amazing recipes right at your fingertips. Favorite the best and work them into your weekly schedule. All the guess work is done for you. So you can focus on sticking to the plan!

Follow up on questions & answers on the forum
The Forum is one of The Challenge's greatest wealth of knowledge. Not only for you to access and read, but ask questions, get responses and create a dialogue with others who are in the exact same boat as you. Now you can do it on the go, while you are taking public transport to work or while you are having some down time after work on the couch. Read and learn.

We will keep you updated
Make sure to turn on the Apps push notifications so we can send you updates for when it's time to upload your weeks 4, 8 and 12 pictures as well as when voting opens and closes. We will also let you know when Coach Steve posts a new article to the App or when Helen and Dianne release a new podcast. This way you can read it or see it first.

Below are all the steps you need to get yourself fully into THIS Challenge!


  • Download The MAX'S Challenge App at iTunes or Google Play
  • Move it to your Home Screen
  • Open & get familiarised with the pages below
  • Stay inspired with motivational Podcasts updated weekly
  • Browse through regularly updated recipes and articles
  • Access your Challenge information and get answers to your questions
  • Chat with other Challengers
  • Once you have downloaded your App you will be directed to login to your account. Enter your details to dive in and hunt through the MAX'S Challenge website anytime, anywhere and at your fingertips. If you are not a member of The MAX'S Challenge yet, you can still access a taste of all that's available to see if it's right for you. You can also access ALL the Podcast episodes and a select amount of Blog articles and recipes.

If you find an issue with The MAX'S Challenge App, send an email to support@maxchallenge.com.au and tell us what it is so we can fix it. Thank you!