The September 2020 Challenge Journey you need to take!

September 2020 Challenge Key Dates
• Registration Opens –
• Prep Week starts - Monday 31st August
• Challenge Starts – Monday 7th September
• Week 4 Check in opens - Thursday 1st October
• Week 8 Check In opens - Thursday 29th October
• Challenge Finishes – Sunday 29th November
• Winners Announced -- Friday 11th December
Once registered, Challengers will receive weekly emails to give them some hints to prepare for their journey.

Prep week is when Challengers can login and will have access to Programs to prepare for the next 12 weeks.
• Download the Shopping list and meal plan
• Familiarize themselves with the exercises on the Program
• Ask the Coaches and Ambassadors on the Forum any questions they may have once viewed the programs.

Challengers are required to take a photo holding a copy of an image we will provide on the website or holding a Newspaper dated after the 29th August 2020, they must upload the photo and set up their Profile. This only takes a few minutes. This is their start photo.
Challengers will upload progress photos at week 4 & week 8, they do not need the image or Newspaper with the week 4 & 8 photo.
Challengers will upload their Final Photo, again with an image or newspaper on Monday 30th November or Tuesday 1st December 2020. They will also be able to add up to 10 additional photos if they want. After the 12 weeks of hard work, some Challengers like to showcase their results, and some get Professional photos taken, along with a wax and spray tan, however, this is not compulsory and will not affect the judging.

Public V Private:
Challengers can choose to be a Public or private Challenger, we encourage Public as it will make them more accountable and they will be eligible for prizes, Private Challengers have a higher drop out rate and are not eligible for Prizes as the judges cannot see their photos.

All Challengers are encouraged to write in their journal to track their progress and record their thoughts. This can be saved at the end of the Challenge.

We have our Head Coach Steven Eskaf who is available throughout the day, every day on the Forum. He can answer Challengers' questions about the Training and Nutrition Plans, as well as offering advice and support along the way.
We also have a team of Ambassadors who are previous Top 10 Winners and can answer questions and share their own Challenge journey with the current Challengers.
The Forum is open 24/7 for the whole Challenge.

Challengers can form or join a group, you then also get access to a group Forum where you chat to others in your group.

There is a huge bank of Coaches articles relevant to the Challenge, hints on Training & Nutrition, Motivation and to help Challengers with their Goals. Coach Steve has a weekly topic where he educates the Challengers on a variety of subjects.

The nutrition plans change every 4 weeks with a total of 3 Plans getting slightly stricter as you move through the Challenge. The meal plan lists the food you need to eat and you are able to prepare it in any way you like, using added ingredients from the Challenge approved list or you can use the Recipes from the recipe section of the website.

The Nutrition Template gives you heaps of choice and you are able to replace any foods using the drop down menu function.
We have over 200 recipes on the Challenge website that are "Challenge Approved'.

The Training plans also change every 4 weeks with a Total of 3 Plans. You can choose from weight loss programs, fitness, or programs to help you build up by adding strength and muscle There are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels for most programs. You have until week 4 check in to change your program if you feel you have chosen incorrectly.
The training template can be easily adjusted to reflect the equipment you have available.

We have Mindset hints and tips as well as messages from Mindset Coach Craig Harper.
Craig has also provided us with some great Mindset podcasts to help the Challengers with their understanding of what they are doing and how to keep up the healthy lifestyle once the Challenge is over.
We also have some great Meditations from one of our Challenge Coaches Kate.
The Challenge Podcast is an informative podcast where Challengers can listen to past Challengers journeys or learn from our informative guests.

Social Hub:
Challengers who post on Social Media are encouraged to tag us with the Hashtags #wearechallenge #maxchallenge20 #maxineschallenge20. The Posts will then appear on our Social Hub where Challengers can see what others are doing and gain a sense of Community.
We have a FaceBook page "Max & Maxines official Challenge support Group" which is another place Challengers can find Motivation and a sense of Community.

Once Challengers have uploaded their final photo, all Challengers and the public can vote for 3 Men and 3 Women from the completed Public Challengers that they think have done a great job. The Challengers with the most votes from the Public (Top 3) will win a Supplement Prize.
The main Prizes are chosen by a Panel of Judges. They will select the top 50. Then top 10, then 1st, 2nd and 3rd placegetters who will win the main prizes.
There are also Prizes for "Community spirit" and a Prize for the best transformation in each group that has 10 or more finishers.