4 of the best barbell exercises for results

Ok they're not musts, but if you want 4 of the best, most complete exercises using just one piece of equipment, the humble barbell.... then these are the 4 that should be in your training program in one form or another if you can perform them effectively and safely!

SQUATS: without doubt the mother of all exercises, done correctly you will train basically every muscle in your legs to a degree, as well as core and back! That's a lot of big muscle groups meaning maximum muscle stimulation, and maximum fat burning potential!

DEAD LIFTS: Well I guess if I've called squats the mother, deadlifts are the father. These bad boys done right will test your physical and mental fortitude, and all you're simply doing is picking up a weight and putting it back down. They will again hit the legs and hip muscles in a big way, core, back and arms.

BENCH PRESS: One of the best known exercise in any gym particularly on a Monday, international chest day! This basic push exercise will hit chest, shoulders, triceps even lats and core when done right, lots of the nice beach muscles right there!

BENT OVER ROW: The antagonist exercise to the bench press and one exercise overlooked by many, but done correctly will give you the amazing V shape we all want through the back as well as back thickness any silverback ape would've envious of! They'll get all your major back muscles, core and biceps/forearms working and back being your second biggest muscle group after legs, again maximum muscle stimulus and fat loss as a result!

- John Delinac, Challenge Master Coach