The Top 6 Best Exercises that will get you Ripped

Getting ripped is not something that quickly happens to everyone once they start hitting the gym four or five times a week, jumping on and off a variety of machines. Instead, you need to take a targeted approach with your individual workouts and to also understand what getting ripped actually means. There are two essential components - one is burning off fat, and the other is building up muscle levels.

It has been found that resistance training is the best way to build up your muscles, whilst also helping to keep fat levels down and create a ripped physique. So, though you still want to focus on performing cardio regularly, here are six resistance exercises that will help you to start building muscle and will get you ripped.

1. The Squat

Squats are without a doubt the biggest muscle building exercise you can do. It works more muscles in your body than any other exercise and helps you to build a foundation for future muscle growth. It is worth researching squats in more detail and getting some help when you start out. There are so many variations you can perform, but proper technique is crucial for all of them.

2. Pull-ups

Pull-ups have always been, and remain to be, one of the best identifiers for your overall strength and one of the best ways to build strength in your back. It works all major muscle groups, most notably your latissimus dorsi. But, much like squats, you can easily vary the positioning of your grip in order to work certain muscle groups more.

3. The Deadlift

Deadlifts are perhaps the second best resistance exercise you can perform in order to quickly build strength and muscle. It primarily works your back, but also many other secondary muscles, notably your hamstrings and abdominals. It is also great for helping to build a strong core and lower back, which will assist in preventing future injuries.

4. Dips

Just like pull-ups, dips are another great test of your strength-to-bodyweight ratio. However, instead of working your back, they are the best exercise for working your triceps. Remember, you can vary your grip and where you position your body weight to also tackle your chest muscles as well.

5. Bench Press

No weekly workout routine would be complete without the almighty bench press. This test of strength is the best way to build up large chest muscles, as well as to improve your shoulder and tricep strength. You should use a variation of bench inclines to tackle the three main muscle groups in your chest. This means performing the decline, incline and flat bench press.

6. Military Press

Building strong deltoids is essential in helping you to build a ripped physique and also to assist with other areas of your workout. The Military Press is perhaps the best deltoid exercise as it properly isolates the entire muscle group. It is also great for working your core, as it requires you to focus on stability and form at all times throughout the movement.

Now, it's time to sit down and draw up a detailed plan of what you will be doing in your workouts for the next couple of months. You should incorporate all six of the exercises discussed above. Once you've drawn up your plan, be sure to stick with it and trust that you will start to see results. Give it a few months and, coupled with a healthy diet and good cardio plan, you will be ripped in time for summer!