Training the Intellectual (EGO) Mind for Inner Harmony - Kate Alderman

It's wonderful to live from our heart and feelings however the Intellectual (Ego) Mind is still needed. Many of us overuse the Intellectual (Ego) Mind it has a controlling tendency and often likes to run the show. When it comes from the space of fear and survival it can make us feel pretty lousy.

An example of where the Intellectual Mind is useful is when it reminds us to drink water. Our organs are constantly working hard and they need water to function. If our organs had to let us know they needed water through triggering thirst every time they needed it, this would be a huge waste of their energy. Our organs rely on our Intellectual Mind to do this job for them. We drink even when we aren't thirsty and our organs can then ultimately function and stay happy.

We can purify the Intellectual (Ego) Mind by training it so it becomes an Ally rather than an Enemy. When faced with choices if we come from the space of Love this recharges us, motivates us and cultivates energy.

An example of this training is our choice to eat healthy food and exercise, we do it because we love ourselves and enjoy a higher state of bliss and life in a healthy body. This motivates us to take the actions needed. If we force ourselves to eat healthy food and exercise out of fear of being overweight or not good enough we feel flat and lack the energy required to follow through.

Try it for yourself and enjoy the energy upgrade from harmony between heart and mind. Love and Namaste!