Do what you've always done, get what you've always got... or will you?

I often see many people stick to old habits that have served them well in the past, be it for muscle gain or fat loss. This is totally understandable, if you saw great muscle gains following a certain training routine, or you lost weight by eating some soup fad diet, then I totally get why you'd want to go back to it and think you'll get the same results....

The truth is our bodies are far smarter than us and doing what you've done before, won't always get you the same results you had previously. The body adapts fairly quickly to different stimulus be it training or eating, so it easily defaults back to what it's familiar with in terms of knowing how to deal with the stress you're about to put it through... However without necessarily going back to losing the same amount of fat, or gaining the same amount of muscle it did previously.

The reason is the body is all about survival. If it were to lose 10kg every time you ran that same soup diet, soon enough it'd run out of a variety of nutrients and die. If it packed on 10kg of muscle doing the same routine every time it'd make your heart and vital organs work way too hard to keep that extra mass and you'd again eventually kick the bucket.

Ultimately what I'm getting at is, although some of you may look at the Challenge training and eating plans and think oh this is too easy.... The truth is your body is clever, but hitting it with something different be it even less than you've done before, it could just be enough of a change to get results you hadn't seen before!

Trust in the process, try new things, or if you keep doing what you've always done, you might not get what you've always got!