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  • A Bit about the Programs,,,

    If you are interested in the Challenge, here is an explanation of each Program for you to consider.
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  • The January 2019 Challenge Journey

    What do you have to do during your Challenge,,,
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  • 12 Minute HIIT Work Out

    Time Poor, try this workout.
    No equipment needed and in 15 Minutes you will done!!
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  • Chocolate Honeycomb Smoothie

    You know you have got a winning smoothie combination when you combine ~ chocolate and honeycomb!
    Here is a nice and easy recipe that tastes absolutely amazing!
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  • Banana Protein Pancakes

    Great idea for a Sunday Breakfast, try these quick and easy Healthy Pancakes.
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  • Do what you've always done, get what you've always got... or will you?

    Trust in the process, try new things, or if you keep doing what you've always done, you might not get what you've always got!
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  • My challenge experience By Angela Adams

    Signing up for the challenge has been the best decision i have made it has changed my life for the better!
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  • The First Challenge Winner - Coach John Delinac

    Check out Master Coach and the first MAX'S Challenge winner, John Delinac's 5 tips to not only Challenge success but to training and fitness success.
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  • 5 reasons to avoid sugar

    By Challenge Coach - Adam Gee
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  • Herbal Tea - Varieties and Benefits By Janet Kane

    Drinking herbal tea not only cuts down on your caffeine intake, but also have some proven health benefits. Here are some of the most popular herbals teas around and what they can do for you.
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  • 5 Ways to reduce calories without trying.

    We all want to reduce our Calories, but no one likes to restrict their foods, try starting with these hints to change what you eat, without the pain of dieting!
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  • 5 Things to boost your Immune system this winter

    Five things to add to your everyday Nutrition to help stay healthy this Winter.
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  • 5 Ways to Strengthen your Core like a Gymnast.

    Try these 5 exercises after your workout to get a strong core in no time!
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  • 3 Quick facts about how Alcohol can ruin, stop or even reverse your progress!

    By John Delinac
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  • Tips and Ideas to help you on your Challenge

    Here are some tips and ideas we've put together to help you get the very best results from your challenge:
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  • A Leg Workout with little or no weights.

    No weights, No Problem!!
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  • 5 Tips for Training around injuries

    Do you have persistent pain in the lower back?

    Try doing some home care methods to relieve the pain so you won't have to ignore your crying baby for too long.
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  • 6 Exercises you can do on the Couch.

    Do you need to get up off the Couch but don’t really want to go far?
    Are you in the middle of your favourite TV show?
    This may be the work out for you!
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